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I had some travel for work scheduled around a pair of Fit to Flatter classes at the lovely Fibre Space, so I decided to spend today resting in a hotel in between work and Alexandria instead of flying home to Boston and then back again in the same day. I’ve gotten almost as much knitting done as a day when I travel, but I must say it’s been substantially more enjoyable.

I’ve been meaning to do a round-up of my upcoming Fit to Flatter classes, I have another pattern ready to release and some fun ideas for Knit-A-Longs, and I definitely wanted to share a few details about my newest Twist Collective pattern. So today, a slightly disorganized post!

I’ve got a number of classes coming up this fall, most particularly my first visit to the Chicago area. Please contact the store and/or festival to sign up. Here’s a list:

  • September 9: Black Sheep Knitting, Needham MA, 1-4pm. Black Sheep is one of my favorite local places to teach, and it’s been ages since I’ve been to the shop. Hope to see you there!
  • September 29-30: Le Mouton Rouge, outside Chicago, 2 3-hour classes on Saturday, a lecture Saturday night, and one 6-hour class on Sunday. I’m so excited to be traveling to the Chicago area, and LMR looks like a fantastic place. Kelly and I have been working out the details for a little while, and I’m so excited to be going. Yay, Chicago! This is probably going to be my only trip to the area for awhile, so I hope you see you there!
  • October 6: Hub Mills Yarn Store, Billerica MA, 10-4. I had such a blast teaching at Hub Mills the last time they ran this workshop–the 6 hour classes are my favorite ones to do since we have so much freedom to really get everyone’s questions answered and discussed on top of the “regular” class material.
  • October 20: I’ll be teaching 2 F2F classes on Saturday at the New York Sheep & Wool festival, a.k.a. “Rhinebeck”. These were a blast last year! There are still just a couple of spots open in the morning class, so if you’re coming to Rhinebeck and you’d like to sign up act fast!
  • November 8-11: Knitter’s Review Retreat. Signups for this are already full, but there is a waiting list and I’m so stinking excited about it that I wanted to mention.
  • December 8: Fibre Space, Alexandria VA. I think we’re going to mix things up a bit for this offering–more details as we get them. If you’ve taken F2F at Fibre Space before and would be interested in a follow-on class, please let either me or Danielle know what you’d like to see!

My schedule is quite full for some time for “away” classes since I try to limit them to one per month, but I’m also trying to work out dates for a workshop in the Seattle area. I’m also looking into the possibility of a slightly modified class available online, hopefully either before or around the time the book comes out.

(Part of me still can’t believe the book is real, despite the third round of editing proofs waiting for me when I get home for this trip. Pinch me!)


My 5th pattern with Twist Collective, Sapwood, was released this past week. I always love working with Twist Collective–it’s a thrill to see my sweaters featured in such a special magazine, and I wholeheartedly admire and appreciate a magazine that really cares about being financially sustainable not only for the publisher, but for the designers as well. Kate and the whole Twist Collective crew are amazing. This time, I contributed an updated Henley pullover with simple lace touches:

I am planning on doing a fuller write-up on Sapwood when my own version is complete and I have more photos to share with you, but for now let me just say that this is the kind of sweater I wear the crap out of. Nice enough to go out to dinner, comfy enough to hike through the woods or play ball with the kids. The yarn is hard-wearing, soft, and comes in a beautiful array of colors. I couldn’t be more pleased with this design, and can’t wait to share more of my design process when my own version is finished!


Finally, I am just about ready to release my next self-published pattern, which will be called “Trimmings”. I’m excited to share it with you now that cooler weather is on the horizon! This is another “choose your own adventure” type, with plenty of neckline, sleeve, and hem options. Look for this one on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Since it’s so customizable, I’m planning on hosting a “Mod-A-Long” in my Ravelry Group, using Fit to Flatter principles to help each knitter make their own version of Trimmings, perfect for them. I’ll answer questions, help with math, and participants can share ideas. Once a week, I’ll post a little snippet from the MAL to the blog, be it a swatch photo in progress, questions/answers, or anything else that seems right.

Bring it on, fall!

4 thoughts on “Teaching and Twist

  1. I’ve just started your Petrea, which I love, and as I prefer cardigans I hope there’s a cardi option in your new pattern?? If not, I might just cardiganise it!!

  2. Perfect! 😉 Love the idea of a mod a long.

  3. A Trimmings mal sounds fun. I will be taking your fit to flatter class at Rhinbeck this fall and I would love to wear my finished sweater for you to see it in person!

  4. Hi,

    I would love to take one of your classes but the geography doesn’t work out. I’m really looking forward to your book and the MAL! Thank you for your wonderful designs and sharing your own mods.

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