Space in Time

Housekeeping notes to start us off: Alight will be available for individual sale tomorrow, Friday November 16 for $7.00. I’m also teaching again at Fibre Space on Dec 8-9. This time I’ll be teaching my usual Fit to Flatter classes and a new offering focused on getting step-by-step help with specific pattern mods for a pattern that you bring. For more details, please see the website. Thanks!

I’ve just returned from the most amazing weekend away at the annual Knitters Review Retreat, where I had the privilege of teaching. It was such a magnificent weekend, full of wonderful people and the warmest, most inviting and intimate atmosphere I’ve ever felt at such an event.

The weekend started out pretty well:

And then it got better and better and better.

I got to teach two installments of what I’m now calling “Knit to Flatter” (since that’s the title of the book), and it was just the most amazing experience.

Not only do I get to teach some of the best students I’ve ever had, but we then get to spend a whole weekend noodling about yarn, and sweaters, and what everyone does when they’re not knitting, and sweaters, and sweaters, and sweaters. (I might be a bit of a broken record on that one.) It was such a completely special experience, I’m already pining for next year.

(The book sweaters are already getting rave reviews, by the way.)

3 thoughts on “Space in Time

  1. It was the best time! All the sweaters were amazing. The book sweaters are gorgeous. The book is ordered, but it will be hard to wait for release.

  2. I’m not sure how your designs managed to escape my radar for so long. I spent an afternoon favorite-ing sweater patterns on Ravelry the other afternoon, and I swear, every other pattern I clicked belonged to you! I just started knitting the February Fitted Pullover and plan to knit bunches more of your patterns when I finish. I’m so eager to see your latest creations in your new book!

  3. I have just seen Kittiwake on winter Knitty. Genius.

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