Squee! (I’m on Maker Monday!)

I was surprised and super happy to see myself featured on the Craftsy blog’s “Maker Monday” series. I think that the Craftsy team did such a wonderful job on this interview–they took what was, at heart, just a fun conversation about how we can make our clothing work for us, and turned it into something completely lovely and eloquent.

Check it out here.

I’d love to know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Squee! (I’m on Maker Monday!)

  1. You are certainly both lovely and eloquent in that piece, though I’d argue that the credit for that ought not go entirely to the Craftsy team.

  2. Just watched the video. It was amazing! You were very natural and eloquent! Nice job! Can’t wait for my book to arrive! Class is on my wish list at Craftsy. Waiting for the book so I can have it while I take the class!

  3. I used to sew a lot and took pattern alteration classes. Your book, class, ravelry forum, etc. are just what I need.

    Book on order, check.
    Craftsy class purchased, check.

    Next steps:
    Pick pattern
    Figure out mods

    Ready to start on my 1st EVER sweater with your guidance.

    Anxious, you bet. But, I know I can do it.

  4. What a fantastic piece Amy!

  5. What a great video. As a 64-year old who has been knitting sweaters that are baggy and too big for most of my life, I am thrilled to be taking your Craftsy class and benefitting from your design and math skills. I am buying your book for sure.

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