Let the giveaways begin!

I’m so excited about the number of lovely, generous companies who donated yarn to be given away as part of the book release. There will be 4 sweaters’ worth of yarn at the in-person release, and 3 more here next week. Can you believe it?

I’ll share photos of everything then, but I wanted to start off the holiday weekend with a little pre-release giveaway, too.


This is Berroco Vintage, in color “Black Currant”. (The color is a little darker than shown in this picture because I wanted everyone to be able to see the yarn.) This is the yarn used for the Dorica Hoodie:


(The hoodie is in a different color, just to be clear.) I have 7 hanks that I’d love to give away along with a copy of the book. To enter to win, leave a comment describing your favorite sweater. It can be store bought or hand-made. Tell us what you really, really love about it.

The contest will be open until the big day: April 2nd, at 5pm EST, at which time I’ll pick a winner randomly from the comments. Check back Tuesday night to see who won, and what their favorite sweater is!

282 thoughts on “Let the giveaways begin!

  1. My favorite sweater is a short sleeved tee that I knit from soy silk with various textures that change across the body of the sweater, mymown design. The sweater I wear most though is a fine cotton V neck pullover from Costco; I would never knit that finely.

  2. My favorite sweater is duster length, cabled Aran style, not too bulky, made from fine Merino. It is store bought…the stitches are fine and a coat/sweater that length at that gauge would have taken me three years to knit. (But is on my bucket list so I’d best get started.)

  3. My current favorite sweater is one I found in a thrift store a few years ago. Even though it’s a man’s sweater (and just a little too big for me), it’s my favorite shade of charcoal gray. Simple ribbing, v-neck, super soft merino, what’s not to love for a whopping price tag of $4.00!?!? Goes great with jeans and t-shirts… totally a dress-down kind of girl! Can’t wait to get back to knitting sweaters for myself though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have several favorite cardigans. I didn’t make any of them. I bought them all. I’ve yet to complete my first knit sweater. They are 100% wool and cabled all over. I wear them all the time. I have blue, green, white and purple. A couple in each color. When I found them on sale I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t even buy the yarn for the price I got the sweaters. I hope to finish my first sweater this year.

  5. I currently have 2 favorite sweaters – both were knit by me in the past year. the 1st is a hooded vest with a zipper that I made out of merino yarn that I dyed it in golden rod and walnut after finishing. And the second is a thick llama/wool blend cardigan that I finished recently. I made a couple of mistakes while knitting but it has been worn almost every day since I finished it. I am already planning my next sweater. I would love your book so I could learn more about fit and the berroco yarn would help me on my way to another finished sweater.

  6. My favorite sweater is my February Fitted Pullover. (I am not trying to be a suck up — really!) I’ve only made a handful of sweaters, and some of them were made before I found Amy and Fit to Flatter. What I love about my February Fitted is how it fits me. As far as I’m concerned, it’s perfect! I get compliments on it whenever I wear it. The deep scoop neckline and the amount of ease (or lack thereof) is absolutely spot on for me. I feel so good when I wear this sweater! Thank you, Amy!

    And congrats again on writing your first book.

  7. My favorite sweater is a dead-plain Elizabeth Zimmermann EPS pullover made of charcoal black Lite Lopi. I probably wear it three or four times a week. It’s probably ten years old and has been washed numerous times and so is insanely soft, which I wouldn’t have believed when I was first knitting it. I keep wanting to make interesting sweaters, but somehow gravitate toward wearing a very plain sweater. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere.

  8. Oh, that yarn! That’s a gorgeous color. But you asked about favorite sweater, not favorite yarn, so I’ll have to say I’m still working on figuring that out, but I made a plain black cardigan that’s pretty close.

  9. Surprisingly, my absolute fave sweater is a black, acrylic and oversized thing from H&M! It’s something I would never ever knit myself, but I love the thing to death!

  10. My favorite sweater is a cardigan. It has a slightly draped neckline, no buttons, 3/4 length sleeves and is the perfect length for wearing with either a skirt or trousers. It is a fine gauge so it isn’t too hot. The thing I love about it is it is soft, comfortable and drapey, but yet it is not baggy and sloppy. The color is beautiful too – – dark teal with a slight amount of sparkle. I hope to find a way to knit another one because this one will be worn out too soon!

  11. My favorite sweater is the Scoop Pullover from Interweave, Fall 2009. I love how it fits me. The ribbing really makes the sweater look great on just about anybody. It’s fitted without being tight. Super comfy!

  12. I’m not sure I have a favorite sweater but I can tell you my ideal, imaginary favorite that I haven’t found/knit yet but someday I will! I want a cardigan because often in pullovers I get hot and take it off and then get cold. Cardigan to unbutton is perfect. I want long sleeves. Extra long so I can cuff them or unroll them so they can cover to my knuckles. And I love cable patterns. Perhaps in green or plum. I have green eyes and those are flattering colors for me. And the body has to be long. I have a long torso and lots of stuff leaves my belly bare if I lift my arms. I want this sweaters to hit right at my hip bones.

  13. My favorite is an LLBean cotton cardigan that I gave my mother many years ago. It was a go-to sweater for her and needed a couple of patches over the years. When she passed away 3 years ago, I inherited it. I don’t wear it very much, but I love having it in my closet.

  14. I’ve lately started to knit sweaters from handpainted yarns like wollmeise, malabrigo, madelinetosh and manos del uruguay and so far every single one of those sweaters has been a favorite. I used to knit sweaters from cheepest yarns and I thought that I cannot wear wool against my sensitive skin but I was totally wrong! Material counts and oh all those vibrant colours not to mention the outcome!

  15. I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite, but I love the Classic Pullover in Bijou Bliss!

  16. My favorite sweater is lightweight, figure skimming. The sleeves are long enough to come down over part of my hands.

  17. Yay, I’m so looking forward for this book.

    My favorite sweater, that’s a difficult question. At the moment the one I wear most is a store bought cotton cardigan, light but warm, something that I can’t knit because cotton kills my hands. That’s a favorite. Other one is my Acer cardigan that’s made from cascade 220. I made extra long sleeves to it and I just love them.

  18. Well, last year I would have said my Everyday Cardigan that I made from Peace Fleece. It’s simple and the color goes with everything and I love it. Now, though, it’s way too big and I don’t have a favorite sweater any more. Your book is coming out at just the right time for me!

  19. My favorite sweater is my Featherweight Cardigan, because it’s so lightweight and easy to wear. I knit it out of jojoland Melody which has long slow color changes and I love the way the colors look.

  20. My current fav sweater is a zip up cardigan…black. Goes with everything and I wear it ALL the time!

  21. Sadly I don’t have a favorite sweater — hence my entry, I’m trying to knit one!!

  22. My favorite at the moment is my Rocky Coast cardigan. I love the cables and the fit. It is knit in Knit Picks wool of the Andes.

  23. Yes, please! That yarn looks delish (as does the pattern, natch).

    My favorite sweater is a cardigan my grandmother made for herself. It’s in a very mid-century rose-ish color (that I would never choose for myself), knit on tiny needles (which I would never choose for an adult sweater) — but my grandmother was a voracious knitter, she was proud of the fact that I was a knitter, too, and after she died my mother asked the four granddaughters if anybody would want to have it. ME! I shouted. And I wear it every spring, thinking of my grandma.

  24. My favorite sweater is a cardigan with little lace details on the cuffs and by the button bands. It’s soft and snuggly, but most importantly (to me, at least), I knit it to celebrate my freedom after taking the Bar Exam. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I think my current favorite sweater is my Shades of Grey cardigan from the “Knit, Swirl” book. The construction of the sweater involves a bit of a leap of faith in terms of how the sweater will fit–unlike what I envision will be the case with your book!–but the result is beautiful and flattering. It’s one of those “show-stopper” sweaters that gets lots of compliments and that always makes me feel good.

  26. A black cardigan from Chico’s that I picked up at a clothing exchange. It has a shawl collar and no buttons but stays put instead of falling to the side. It has elbow length sleeves with a substantial cuff that look good with sleeveless, half sleeve or long sleeve tops. It’s a little shorter than I normally wear (or make!). There’s a little bit of sparkle in the yarn, and it has multiple stitch patterns in different directions. It goes with everything! I’m a little bottom heavy, close to proportionate, so I suspect the shorter length (high hip) is a good thing for me!

  27. The sweater I wear quite often (people have even said I do!) is my Derry Raglan (from New England Knits) knit from a black tweed wool/silk blend. It fits SO great, which is the reason it gets a lot of use. The style is a classic pullover that goes with everything, and it’s lightweight but cozy warm. Because I’m short I need to adjust patterns, so for this I reset the waist shaping & sleeve length to suit me. Amy-like fit to flatter!

  28. My favorite sweater is a v-neck long sleeved heathered navy sweater I bought at American Eagle about a million years ago. I don’t shop there myself, but I was in with a friend of mine and tried it on to busy myself while she was trying on clothes. It’s a really fine gauge, with the perfect v neck, and when I put it on I feel several inches taller and look 10 pounds thinner. It’s had much love over the years, and now I have to save it for special occasions only because I’m wearing the poor thing out.

  29. My favorite sweater is the Vivian I finished knitting right before Christmas. It’s super comfy, the yarn is gorgeous, and I modified it to fit pretty much perfectly.

  30. My favorite sweater is comfy, and goes with everything from jeans to black pants or a skirt. Warm. Cashmere content is a bonus!

  31. Congratulations on the imminent release of your book!

    My fave knit top is vintage Shetland, which I bought secondhand about 15 years ago and well before I knew how to knit. I love it because of the Fair Isle detail on the yoke. I didn’t even know it was Shetland until I looked at the label this year! It’s keeping well. The only sign of wear is a slight fraying on the left sleeve.

  32. Congratulations on your book! I think it will end up being a ‘must have’ for anyone who wants to knit sweaters! My favorite sweater is, unfortunately, a store-bought cardigan (although I’m knitting on a handful that may out-compete it eventually!). It’s a beautiful deep rust color with a knit pattern/texture that I have never seen before on the front and back panels…with a rib along the sides that makes it fit perfectly. The sleeves are stockinette with a panel on the edge in the same mystery stitch as the rest of the sweater. It’s the perfect sweater for my personality and body type.

  33. My favorite sweater is the one I am wearing now. It is a black merino sweater hand-me-down, so the fit is not that great, sleeves are way too long for me, but it is so practical that I love it. My previous experiences with wool sweaters were with Alpaca sweaters that were itchy like nobody’s business, and way to warm for life near the equator. This is the first sweater I’ve had that is like a hug instead of an oven where dreams go to die. I’m starting to plan my first knit sweater, and signed up for the Craftsy class to get my bearings. Next winter, I’ll be warm and stylish.

  34. My favorite sweater is a 3/4 sleeve V neck I have had a few over the years. They really are all the same shape just different colors, textures and weights. I really want to try something more ambitious maybe something with cables that wont make me look more busty and bulky like sleeve cables or something.

  35. My favorite sweater is an oatmeal colored pullover that I wish I could replicate in all my favorite yarns!

  36. My favorite sweater is a cardigan that with a cabled front that zips and is fairly short, hitting just below my waist. It’s probably not the best length for me but it’s so comfortable and is red, which always makes me feel better when I wear it. I’ve made many baby, toddler, and kid sweaters but I’m looking forward to making my first sweater for me in decades that I’m considering the first, since the others were failures. I’ve learned a lot since then. I have the yarn and the pattern but have lost a fair amount of weight since I bought it, so I’m looking forward to getting your book so I can make it perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. It’s hard to pick, because I have a lot of sweaters I love, but I think my favorite is the Maxfield cardigan I knit. It’s interesting-looking, and fits me really well. The sleeves and body are both exactly the right length for me. It’s open in the front, so I never feel like I’m pulling at it, as I do with buttoned cardigans. It makes me feel just a little cool and funky in a handknit way. The only problem is that I wear it so much, it’s getting pretty pilly ๐Ÿ™

  38. Didn’t think I’d be able to pick one, but then…! It’s a pale grey angora,wool,acrylic blend that I bought for $10 at TJMaxx some years ago. I usually can’t wear angora and certainly can’t knit with it, yet it somehow works in this sweater. It has cables and lace and long ribbed cuffs and a beautiful collar that can be worn up or down and it’s the only sweater so far that has been able to replace my fleece in the warmth department (100% alpaca handknit Francis comes close.)Even better, those who know I knit always ask me if I made it. Makes me proud that they think I could…and someday soon I WILL make one like it!

  39. My favorite sweater is a cardigan that I knit that fits right, is totally comfortable, and yet still looks flattering. Also even though I knit it years ago the yarn has held up so it still looks good. It wasn’t the priciest yarn either, but a good workhorse yarn that is not too itchy. Can’t wait to get my hands on your book!

  40. My favorite sweater is a cotton cardigan that buttons up and has pockets. Probably a worsted to Aran weight, very comfortable and a bit ratty now!

  41. My favorite sweater was a raglan pullover I knit years ago in navy Cascade 220. I wore it until it was threadbare and I miss it terribly on cold days.

  42. My favorite sweater is a dark brown cardigan I got at Target years ago. It fits perfectly, doesn’t pill, is machine washable, isn’t too light and isn’t too heavy. It’s a cardigan (I adore cardigans) and it can be dressed up and dressed down. And it’s brown. I love brown– it’s a terribly underrated color.

  43. My favorite sweater is my Irish fishermen’s sweater, partially because it’s my first knitting project. It’s big and cozy and if you look, you can easily see that I didn’t really know what I was doing. But I love it and it’s the perfect thing to wear on a lot of damp, chilly Oregon days.

  44. What a wonderful giveaway. I haven’t knitted myself a sweater recently, but when I do it will be one of your designs – I love them all! My favourite used to be a green v-neck that kept me warm all around England in the winter.

  45. My favorite sweater is my Calligraphy cardigan. I wear it almost everyday! It’s big and comfy and cozy, and it probably doesn’t fall under the “flattering” category, but it’s still my favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. My favorite sweater is a lightweight swing jacket. It took forever to knit, but it was worth every stitch!

  47. My favorite sweater is a Market Jacket. It’s a boxy jacket, but I used the F2F method to calculate back, waist, and hip shaping and the outcome fit perfectly.

  48. My favorite sweater is a faded, brown pullover with a shawl collar I bought from Eddie Bauer. I should probably retire it, but it’s like a second skin and I can’t bring myself to.

  49. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway, Amy! My favorite sweater is one that no longer fits but has major sentimental value! It is a fisherman knit in off-white acrylic (yep, acrylic) that I knit about 40 years ago when I was a (THIN) teenager! I had never knit a sweater before. I decided on this fisherman sweater pattern. No one told me it was a hard pattern! So, I just worked it, and finished it! I wore it for years and years until I put on weight. I still have it and it still looks great. It is proof-positive that you should never tell someone that something is “hard”! There is not a single mistake in the whole sweater (other than using acrylic, of course, but that was what was “new” and “easy care” in that time).

  50. I have a long sweater that is mostly ivory with flecks of every color in the rainbow in it. It is a cotton blend and store bought. I love it because it fits perfectly, it the softest sweater I own and goes great with jeans.

  51. My favorite sweater only lives in my memory…a dark green wool tunic with a cream Nordic yoke that I wore everywhere in the 90s and my darling hubby washed and dried into felted submission. I still miss it.

  52. My favorite sweater is my Calligraphy Cardigan that I just completed. I t is in a lovely shade of blue. However, it is too big for me. So I am waiting to read your book before I knit any other sweaters.

  53. My favorite sweater is one I made nearly 30 years ago out of yarn my parents gave me for my birthday. It is a raspberry color shetland type base, with a fair isle yoke and 3-button placket. One of the reasons it’s my favorite (aside from the yarn source, color, feel, and pattern) is that when I made it, I followed the pattern religiously and ended up with a midriff-length sweater with a beautiful fair isle yoke. I knew that I could keep it that way and never wear it, or I could rip back all the fair isle work and the body down to where it split for the armholes and add on about another 6 inches to the body. That’s what I chose to do, and I’m still really pleased with the sweater and wear it pretty regularly. It taught me a lesson the hard way – keep checking the fit!

  54. I love my cabled hoodie. It was the first I knit for myself. I wore it so much there’s a hole in the elbow. ๐Ÿ™

  55. I am awfully partial to the last sweater I knit, which is a short sleeved cardi that I made with handspun (the first sweater-quantity handspun I’ve ever made). Otherwise, I love fitted commercial sweaters because they are flattering.

    I’m loving your Craftsy class and can’t wait to see the book!

  56. My Gwendolyn – the first sweater I knit that fits perfectly, goes with everything and has the “you made that??” Wow factor.

  57. My favorite sweater is one I bought years ago, before I knew how to knit. It is a cotton V-necked, long-sleeved sweater in a nice chocolate brown with a cream and fuscia argyle pattern on the front and matching stripes around the cuffs. It was made by Esprit, has stood up to many, many rounds in the washer and dryer with very little visible wear, and is still fantastically comfortable; not too warm, but a perfect extra layer when it starts getting chilly. I’d love to duplicate it someday, when it eventually gives up the ghost. =)

  58. My favorite sweater is my Drifting (by Cecily Glowik Macdonald). I got the yarn way cheap. It’s a charcoal grey, fingering weight open front cardigan that I wear all the time!

  59. Well, I’ve not yet knit a sweater (though I’d like to), so my favorite is store-bought. It’s one I picked up at Goodwill about 15 years ago, and I’m pretty sure it’s from the fifties or sixties. It’s a dark reddish cardigan knit in candle-flame stitch, but worn with the purl side on the reverse. It’s cozy, pretty, and will probably last longer than I do!

  60. My favorite (at the moment) sweater is my Hanne Falkenburg DaCapo sweater. I like it because the pattern is really dramatic (diagonal stripes), the sweater fits very well, and it looks way more complicated than it really is. Plus it’s knit up in one piece, eliminating the need for too much sewing at the end.

  61. my favorite sweater has detailed cable mix ribbing at the cuffs and the bottom ribbing.

  62. My favorite sweater is the one I will knit in the future based on the fit tips in your new book!

    But for sweaters I have now, I like my lopi diagonal rib cardigan, and a guernsey pullover I got from a thrift shop. I have high hopes for a recently knitted fugl cardigan. It needs steeking, and that’ll be a new thing for me to do.

  63. My favorite sweater is a fisherman knit cardigan that my mom knit about 40 years ago. It was knit with something she called “raw wool” (I wasn’t into knitting back then, but that’s how I remember it) and it looks like it could have been knit last week. And it’s been washed and dried many times. Mom’s been gone 20 years now and that sweater is like a hug from her.

  64. My favorite sweater is a cardigan I made a couple years ago in a knit-along with Spud and Chloe. it’s a top-down raglan that fits really well in a bronze gold color. Love it!

  65. I favorite sweater bit the dust a few years ago. It was a loose gauge mohair pullover sweater. It was black with a nine patch design on the front to releive the intensity of all black. Warm but not to heavy. Looked great with a turtleneck underneath. And … It fit because it was a petite sweater.

    I think it’s part of why I decided to try knitting.

  66. My favorite sweater is an Icelandic cardigan from a thrift store. The first upgrade was adding pewter buttons (from a 10cent yard sale sweater). The most recent upgrade was adding a grosgrain ribbon (tan with white dots) to the back sides of the button band.

  67. I haven’t yet found a favorite sweater, but I know what it would be. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s the one I’d throw on anytime I felt a bit chilly, so it’s a cardigan. It’s in a basic color so it goes with everything, and it’s washable and dryable so care is very easy. It closes in the front (no shrugs, then) and might even have a hood for a windy day. Now I just need to find the perfect one!

  68. My favorite sweater is an Aran cardigan my Aunt Emily made for me the year I graduated from high school – a mere forty(mumble) years ago! It is still lovely, although not worn much in the past twenty years as I’ve exceeded my high school weight and I can’t even convince myself that an “open front” works!

    Id love to have the yarn and book, as being a larger, curvier size, it can be difficult to get all the parts right when you are knitting.

  69. Congratulations on your book! My favorite sweater is one that I knit more than forty years ago. It’s a pink heathery wool cardigan with a Fair Isle yoke. I think it came in a kit with some heather-y wool fabric to match, and I remember making an a-line skirt. I guess I love it because it was the first sweater I made that really turned out well, and I still get compliments when I wear it. I did notice the last time I put it on that it needs a little repair under the arms, but I wish I still looked as good as I did forty years ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. My favorite sweater would probably by the Custom Raglan that I knit for my husband years ago. It was my first top-down raglan and my first sweater for my husband. He chose black yarn. Black. I knit a black sport-weight sweater for a 6’2″ man. It took forever. I forgot to account for some positive ease so it fit him like a second skin. He wore it twice. So you’d think I would have hated it, but I adopted that sweater and it was the first sweater that ever fit me (because I’m 6′ tall). I used the measurements of that happy accident to knit several other sweaters that fit me just how I like them ๐Ÿ™‚ And I still wear that black sweater to this day.

  71. My very favorite sweater is my Central Park Hoodie, which, strangely enough, was the very first adult-sized sweater. I made some newbie finishing mistakes, but I love love love it and wear it a ton each year. The yarn — Waverly Wool (or Shepherd’s Shades) from Brown Sheep — shows off the cables beautifully, drapes great, and wears like iron.

  72. My favorite sweater is the Tangles Yoke that I made. It was the first sweater that I had made that really worked in terms of fit and feel and comfort. I wore it so much that my mother asked if this was the only sweater I had!

  73. My favorite casual sweater is a cardigan I purchased several years ago, long before the knitting bug hit me. It has a zip front, just the right shaping, and is in a self striping brown yarn with about an inch of simple lace detail down the outside of the sleeve and either side of the front opening.

    My favorite thing that I wear to work is my Sebasco. Seriously. Its the only sweater- type thing I’ve knitted for myself, but over the last two autumn-winter-spring’s I’ve worn it nearly every day! I lengthened it by about 2 inches after reading your tutorials, and it’s perfect! Since then, I’ve started another sweater for myself, but i lost momentum after restarting about 3 times and the weather warming up. Maybe I should dig it out again this southern hemisphere winter!

    Your work has been incredibly helpful for me and the way I think about clothes, so I will be getting a copy of your book someway or another!! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. I have a toss up for favorite sweaters…my favorite pullover is my February Fitted Pullover, one of the first sweater I knit myself after taking your fit to flatter class Amy! My favorite cardigan changes between a striped version of the Shapely Boyfriend sweater and the Vodka Gimlet pattern by BabyCocktails. Regardless of the sweater I wear, I feel best in sweaters that I’ve made to fit me!!

  75. My favourite sweater is my version of the Cambridge Jacket from Interweave Knits. I made it out of Cascade EcoWool in a dark mossy green, and heavily modified the pattern. I knit it top down and in one piece, but kept it as close to the pattern as I could otherwise. I really love how it fits and looks on me and it is really comfortable and warm.

  76. Thanks for the chance to win!
    My favourite sweater is my Autumnal Cardi, a Hannah Fettig pattern. I love that it’s long, and I love the yarn that I used, a locally spun 100% wool. I even know the name of the sheep it came from!

  77. I have a grey cabled zipped izod cardigan, I’ve worn holes in the elbows and I keep repairing it

  78. Ah, my favorite sweater is a store-bought, orange, v-neck. It looks great over a button down and, because it’s a tiny rib, it holds its shape beautifully.

  79. My favorite sweater is a thick, hip-length cardigan I knit from a Rowan yarn I found on clearance. It is my favorite sweater because it is thick, comforting, warm and so cozy. I have gotten a few compliments when I have worn it, but I would wear it regardless because it feels like a big wooly hug on cold days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. I can’t wait for the book release! Congratulations!

    My favorite sweater is a hoodie cardigan that I knit a few years ago. It has a front zipper and is knit with a double strand of fingering weight wool that I purchased from the Isager store in Arhus Denmark.

  81. My favorite sweater is a raglan sleeve cowl neck striped sweater in black and grey with a high front waistline and a low back one in cashmere. It’s store bought and I’d never have thought I’d like this style if I hadn’t tried it on and fallen in love with it. It has 3/4 length sleeves and very nicely fits Amy’s recommendations for a flattering sweater for my shape. Now I’m on the hunt for a pattern that mimics it!

  82. Beautiful! Thanks for this!

    Hm. I think my favourite knit sweater is the only sweater I’ve knit. Haha. Aidez – it’s perfect! Not too much for spring, but I can also layer and it’s warm enough for autumn as well.

    After that it’s a thin wool cardi I got from Gap. I wasn’t expecting to like it so much, but I love it. I wear it all the time. I’m a sucker for cardis.

  83. My favorite sweater is my first cardigan, which was also my first sweater with heavy modifications. I made the mistake of knitting it with a singles yarn, so it has not weathered as well as it could have. But it is beautiful, cozy, flattering and absolutely one of a kind.

  84. My favorite sweater is one from the Gap (horrors!) It has been around longer than I’ve been knitting. It is two row stripes with about 20 colors, and 100% wool. I love it!

  85. My favorite sweater is my Comfy Cardi, pattern by Pam Allen. It has 3/4 length sleeves – and I knit it way too big, so it’s perfect for layering and lounging around the house. I love it.

  86. I love my “Velvet Leaf” coloured Katharine Hepburn Cardigan that I knitted out of Colinette Jitterbug. I planned a mainly stockinette cardigan to show of the lovely colour variations, and then used the lace instructions from the pattern for a wide shawl collar/buttonband and sleeves.

    It’s the perfect amount of warmth for air-conditioned offices, goes with practically everything I own, and its long, vertical lines are soooo flattering!

  87. My fav is a zippered hoodie. It looks HIDEOUS but it’s the one I always dig out of the pile when my husband turns the heat down. It’s so comfortable, and really the only reason it looks so awful is that it’s a wee bit too small.

  88. I am pretty excited about the first sweater I finished this year – Lavundula from the most recent winter Twist Collective. I’m very happy with the mods I did and how the final garment fit ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for all the wonderful advise you’ve made available for us!

  89. My favorite sweater? It is a sweater made by my Grandma in 1969 as a gift for my Mom. My Grandma knit beautifully, but didn’t knit often. Her hand knits were coveted gifts. When I was in high school, I was constantly borrowing this bright blue cardigan. It was in my drawer when my Mom lost her battle with cancer. My Mom has been gone for almost 30 years and my Grandma for 8. It’s wonderful that and old acrylic sweater still can make me feel a connection to them both.

  90. My favourite cardigan is one I got from my work a few years ago. It’s long sleeved with a cabled front and sleeves in a fine gauge merino with a zip closure and is fitted.

  91. My favorite sweater is store bought. It is a beautiful gray cashmere sweater I bought about 10 years ago. I wear it frequently every winter and it still looks beautiful. It has a v-neck and it is just classic.

  92. My favorite sweater is a store bought cardigan that I would never knit because it’s probably size 0 needles… cashmere… so warm, yet so light. I love that I can take it “just in case” I need an extra layer, stick it in my bag, since it’s so light. And I love its neutral grey color and the overall fit of it. It is the one that taught me that perhaps a cropped style is actually right for my body shape — which was counter-intuitive.

  93. My favorite sweater is an adaptation of the Mrs. Darcy pattern. It’s a deep vneck with extra long sleeves and a slight puff where they connect to the shoulders, and twisted ribbing for shaping at the waist and on the cuffs. Plus I gave it black velvet buttons so it feels fantastically old timey.

  94. I got a couple of lightweight sweaters from Old Navy last year. They fit well and they seem to go with a lot of items in my wardrobe. They have quickly become my favorites.

    Thank you for the giveaway, can’t wait to see your book.

  95. I have 2 favourite sweaters at the moment. One is nearly 20 years old and was knit for me ( I still wouldn’t have the nerve for that amount of colour work). It is from an old Rowan book ( you might have already guessed from my spelling that I’m English) and is called Henri in Pennsylvania with shapes like Henri Matisse cut-outs against a ‘patchwork’ background. I think the designers were J & J Seaton who now run Toast. It is thick cotton, super comfy and hardly showing signs of wear. My other favourite is just blocking as I type. it’s a Folly Cove in dark green Malabrigo designed by Julia Farwell-Clay. I’m excited to wear it as my new Easter sweater tomorrow and its also the first in my ‘up my sweater skills’ project. I’ve been knitting for about 40 years but when I started it was all boxy shapes and one cast on, cast off etc. so I’m excited to be learning about how to adjust sweaters for fit and other new techniques ( well, new to me). can’t wait for the copy of your book to wing its way across the pond from Amazon, com.

  96. My favorite sweater is a store bought cardigan, which is blue and has a deep v neck. It’s just so versatile!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! The book looks really great!

  97. My favorite sweater is one I knit a few years ago. It’s a quite simple ribbed cardigan with a few cable details, and a lovely cabled collar. Both the model and the color fits me perfectly and I use it a lot during the cold part of the year.

  98. Vivian by Ysolda! It’s shapely and flattering. Beautiful and super cosy. i wish I could have afforded to make mine in Fyberspates Scrumptious then it would really just be heaven in a sweater!

  99. My favorite sweater? Honestly? It is storebought. Was not expensive and is not of natural material at all. No wool. no cotton, nothing. It is comfortable, with a zipper, has two side pockets (also with zipper), a hood and the zipper closes right up to my chin. The sleeves are long with thumbholes, which I do not use, but I like wearing my sleeves very long. When they are in my way, I can fold them easily and they stay tugged up to my elbows as well. For working, letยดs say, in the kitchen. The sweater is rather light but still very warm and so perfect for wearing in our very cold house. It is a good outdoors garment, too, when the weather is warmer, and so I grab it yearround. Sadly, it wonยดt be long until it will start to fall to pieces and I have been planning to copy it with something handknit for a very long time. I guess it is high time, now that I know how to determine my proper size. Thanks to you, Amy.

  100. My favorite sweater is Chicknit’s Cassidy cardigan knit in Cascade 220 worsted tweed. Why is it my favorite? Because it fits!

  101. My favorite sweater is plain black cardigan that I bought at a thrift shop at least 10 years ago. I think it was from JCrew. It seems like a fine Shetland type of wool. It is actually part of a twin set but I only ever wear the cardigan. It has shrunk quite a bit over time (I am not nearly as careful about washing it as I am with my hand knits) so it works nicely with dresses as well as jeans. I never knit sweater for myself in that proportion but due to the tiny stitches and shruken style, it works.

  102. My favorite sweater is plain black cardigan that I bought at a thrift shop at least 10 years ago. I think it was from JCrew. It seems like a fine Shetland type of wool. It is actually part of a twin set but I only ever wear the cardigan. It has shrunk quite a bit over time (I am not nearly as careful about washing it as I am with my hand knits) so it works nicely with dresses as well as jeans. I never knit sweater for myself in that proportion but due to the tiny stitches and shruken style, it works.

  103. I guess I can’t think of a favorite sweater which is why I am so excited to use your new book and Craftsy class to create my own! I like the look of the hoodie in this post and am anxious to receive my book this week to see the other patterns!!

  104. My favorite sweater is an open front waffle stitch cardigan I picked up from Old Navy 2 years ago. I wear it 2-3x a week and it’s starting to show! I’ve been mending holes left & right! I love it because it’s loose & comfy, just the right weight and it’s my favorite color: grey! I can wear it open with the long fronts hanging down or wrap it around me like a cocoon. The back is shorter than the front with a little peplum. I am so mad at myself for not buying 2 or 3! I’ve found similar styles since then, but nothing exactly the same as the original.

    My favorite handknit is a cap-sleeved February Lady Sweater in Dream in Color Classy “In Vino Veritas.” My friend knit it for me and I love wearing it over long sleeved t-shirts.

  105. Unfortunately I haven’t knit anything if call my favorite sweater yet. It my favorite store bought is a black silk cardigan that I bought years ago. The style is really classic and timeless. It holds its shape well, perfect length at hip and sleeve and has a tiny bit of waist shaping. Looks great open or closed.

  106. Well since taking your Fit to Flatter class I have been much more sucessful in making sweaters that fit well and that I can wear proudly. I find that simple sweaters with a lot of waist shaping are my favorites. To that end, I have made a couple of Hourglass inspired sweaters I wear quite a lot and my other favorite is the Jasmine top by Kim Hargreaves. It fits really well. Excited about the new book. I have pre-ordered it already, but should I win, I’ll share the extra copy with my mom who is also an avid knitter. Congratulations, Amy, you have created something truly wonderful here. I don’t know how you manage to work and have kids on top of writing a book and designing. You are remarkable!

  107. My favourite sweater is actually one I made for someone else. I believe it’s even one of your designs,but I am not sure. Twinings, from the Twist Collective. The crossover neckline, the shaping, and the cables are perfect. It was made out of a merino/cashmere blend that was a treat to knit with. That neckline is very flattering, and is complimented by the shaping. The giftee looks fabulous in it.

  108. My favorite sweater is Miss BB. Two reasons…it’s knit with Vintage which is so soft and warm and my initials used to be BB before I got married! haha Thanks for the give away…can’t WAIT to get your book!!

  109. My favorite sweater was my father’s, and I remember him wearing it for church and fancy occasions. I also remember stealing it to wear in high school in the late 80’s to wear as an outer layer, which probably drove him nuts. It’s squeezy and big, has cables and texture throughout and buttons with anchors on them. It is huge, has pilled, and doesn’t even have the dad smell anymore, but I love it just the same. It just so happens that I have the Dorica hoodie on the needles right now and love the new book. It’s given me hope for my knitting.

  110. I’m wearing my favourite cardigan right now, and I’ve been wearing it every day since I finished it a week ago. It’s Georgie by Sarah Dallas. The all-over cabling makes it fit snugly on my arms without being too tight, and turns the 4-ply knit into a dense, structured fabric. It is acrylic (don’t shoot me!) but it’s vintage acrylic; I can’t find crepe yarn anymore, and it wears so very very well, I love it. No pilling at all. I was given this as part of a huge bag of vintage crepe 4-ply; an old lady’s stash,unused. It’s also my first experiment in quick and simple fitting: I knitted a size smaller than my bust size, so that it would fit across the shoulders and in the waist. It’s perfect, and the first garment I’ve made that fits so well.

  111. My current favorite sweater is a cotton pullover with lots of cables in a fun salmon color. I just made a pair of wool socks to match it! Thanks for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. I love & live in turtlenecks and my favorite one is bulky with lots of room!

  113. My favorite sweater is a light weight one with a doily motif in the back and swing styling in the front.

  114. My favorite sweater right now is my Aidez sweater that I made. It is so easy to just throw on over a long sleeve tee on a cold day. I have a feeling as soon as I finish my Irish Coffee that it might give the Aidez a run for its’ money.

  115. My current favorite sweater is a Greenwood Bohus that I just finished. It’s incredibly warm, which is wonderful since I run cold. It’s many shades of green and blue, which complement my hair and complexion well. The gauge is super fine (about 8.25 stitches/inch) and I love, love, love it!

  116. My favorite sweater is a store-bought cardigan with shaping similar to a February Lady Sweater. I have yet to knit a favorite sweater though. I am so excited about using the book, together with the Craftsy class, to learn how to modify all the amazing patterns out there so they fit MY body. Thank you, Amy.

  117. Before I started knitting, I had a thing for JCrew sweaters. They’re good stuff. My favorite is a 3/4 sleeve cardigan with a fat ribbed neckline that has one button. I love that it goes with everything and that the sleeves stay out of my way. I recently knit a replacement and I love it too!

  118. Dorica Hoodie just might be a favorite, I love the yarn, the color, and that pattern. I haven’t ever won anything in my life. I hope I win this!!

  119. I have a favorite sweater that I would love to replicate. It is a very plain sweater, without cables or spectacular designs. The color is a light green,similar to the color of fresh, new grass. It always makes me feel good wearing it.

    It is lightweight weave, so it can be worn almost through three seasons which I love. It has a loose cowl neck and raglan sleeves. It is not form fitting, but the waist is ribbed, so it does hug my hips.

    My extent of knitting includes numerous hats, scarves, and a few mittens.

  120. My favorite sweater was a lovely, simple, soft black v-neck ragland sweater. I wore that sweater out till it was unwearable. Eventually I had to throw it out. I think that was one of the saddest days. It was store bought but I found it at a thrift store.

  121. My favorite sweater is store bought. I just haven’t like the sweaters I’ve made much, but I’ve just signed up for your new Craftsy class and hope to be making some better ones soon!

  122. I recently made the Central Park Hoodie, and it has become my favorite. I decided to use a yarn that I recycled from a previous project (a sad, ill-filling sweater that sat in the drawer unworn) and it turned out to be a perfect fit for the project, except…I ran out of yarn. The yarn had since been discontinued by the manufacturer, so it was very challenging to find more. Now that I have finally finished it, it is my favorite because of all the effort that went into it and the kind donations from Ravelers who happend to have some of the same yarn in their stashes. It isn’t the best fit (the sleeves are too tight, and too long!), but I hope to take your master class in April to learn how to prevent this from happening in the future!

  123. My favourite sweater is versatile enough to be worn at home or at work, and light enough to keep me warm nearly all year long. I have not found it yet, but I hope to be able to knit it with your book, I got it last week ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Easter and thanks for your wonderful book, it is really inspirational!

  124. My favorite sweater is a red cardigan knit by my grandmother, who made it for my mother when she was in college. It helps me to remember my grandmother, who passed away in 1991. Good wool garments can last forever if they are well cared for.

  125. My favorite of the ones I have knit is the Vitamin D. I’m looking forward to making a new favorite using your book though. %)

  126. My favorite sweater is a black zip-up cardigan with three-quarter length sleeves. I’ve had it for at least seven years, and it’s gone everywhere with me. Being black, it goes with almost everything and the weight/sleeve length allow it to be comfortable year-around. It’s quite raggedy now and has become my bum-around-the-house sweater because it’s not fit to be seen in public anymore.

  127. I knit a Rowan cardigan with a v neck and put a lace pattern on the front edge myself.

  128. I’m a jeans and a t-shirt kind of gal. I haven’t found my “perfect” sweater because if it fits in the shoulders/back/underarms, it’s too small in the front. But … my ideal sweater would be a relaxed fitting v-neck cardigan with set in sleeves; tunic length; charcoal color; comfy like a sweatshirt. Thanks to Amy’s Fit to Flatter series, and her kindness in answering a few questions via e-mail, I’ve found a nice basic pattern I am modifying to make my sweater dream a reality. (And, I’m definitely getting the book).

  129. my favorite sweater…is one I haven’t knit yet! I’ve knit several sweaters, and while they have parts that I like (shawl collar on one, lots of cables on another, pockets on a third) none of them are the “perfect” sweater, the one I want in three colors, that I wear until it is nothing but sweater molecules.

  130. My current favorite sweater is called the Lace Pat Cardigan by Lisa Hoffman that is found in Vogue Knitting, early Fall 2011. I knitted it in a purply-blue tonal Koigu KPM and it’s my go to cardi. The fit is perfect and the lace pattern kept up my interest and isn’t too fussy. Although I rarely knit the same pattern twice, I’m tempted to make this again. I can’t wait for your book to become available. I know it will help me a lot in making more thoughtful pattern choices and/ or give me the confidence to tweek a pattern I really like so it will be more flattering. Thanks for your generous give away and wishing you the best of luck with the book.

  131. Right now I have 2 favorite sweaters – one store bought and one made by me. The store bought one is (stops to calculate)almost 20 years old and was bought on a trip to Australia. I refused to believe I’d need a heavy sweater in July! It’s a hunter green cabled pullover that is oversized and comfy. The one I made was an adaptation of Ann Weaver’s Tempest from Knitty which I made with mostly leftover sock yarn. It’s a million 4 row stripes of every color (oh the ends to weave in) with a nice negative ease fit. I didn’t really pay any attention to who the designer was, and wore my newly finished sweater to a color theory class to show it off… and halfway through the class realized it was designed by the teacher. My red face was a lovely complement to the heavily green sweater.

    Congrats on the new book and I’m looking forward to getting my own copy.

  132. I love a simple, basic cardigan with nice buttons and whose buttonholes don’t stretched and warp! I’d love to knit one for myself but I haven’t got there yet. If I knitted it, it wouldn’t be in 100% acrylic and it might not be black, black or black! ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. I have two favorite sweaters right now and they are both store bought. One is a hoodie with a zipper in the front, very soft and cozy and the other is a pullover with cables and a large collar. I keep knitting sweaters hoping I will get one that works. I am really excited about your new book and look forward to trying your methods. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  134. My favorite sweater was a gold cardigan knit by my mother for my father. After he’d worn it for a few years I appropriated it for my own use. It was warm and snuggly and made with love. It had buttons, pockets and a shawl collar. I wish I still had it but my mom took it back when I left for college and now it is long gone.

  135. my favorite sweater is the first one I made for my friends son Luke. It was for his 1st birthday and I had never made a knit sweater before. My Friend died in a car accident a month prior and I wanted him to have a handmade comfy item. One of our last conversations was about a sweater she wanted to make for him, so I did it for her.It was acrylic, ombre white to royal blue and it was almost too small. His Dad cried, I cried and Luke wore it till it was too small. His teddy wore it thereafter.

  136. I don’t have a favorite sweater yet – I have been searching and searching Ravelry to try to find the perfect pattern, but have not found it yet. Currently, I have a short sleeve, tunic length sweater that I wear when I am cold in the house (most of the time!), but I would really like a cardigan that is pretty, fairly chunky, fitted without being TOO fitted and covers my upper chest (I get very cold there – I wear a lot of turtlenecks in the winter) so no v-necks. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful!

  137. My fave sweater is one I found at a consignment shop in Folsom, CA. It’s black cashmere with 3/4 length sleeves with a nice button accent and has a boat collar. Not only is it sinfully luxe to wear, it goes great with jeans!

  138. My favorite sweater is my Central Park Hoodie knit from Donegal Tweed. It’s warm, snuggly, fits, & it’s filled will one of my favorite elements – cables! It’s perfect for fall, winter, spring, & summer in Alaska.

  139. My favorite sweater still in use is a long, skinny, vee-necked oatmeal colored cotton/acrylic blend ribbed cardigan. It’s DKNY sweater from about 25 years ago which I bought at Marshall’s at a deep discount. WIthout a doubt the best price to wearing ratio of anything I own. Love it for its pure comfort and its weight which is just right for many seasons and for the fact that it is very flattering. Love it because it is machine washable and because it has a history. I love this sweater so much that when the buttons got chipped I replaced them–with lots better buttons;) I also had a red turtleneck wool sweater that I wore about at least four times a week in college, but that one is long gone, alas. Great color, though!

  140. Last year, I challenged myself to complete 12 sweaters (11 of which were for me), so I really got to know why I like and don’t about knitting sweaters for myself. I think my favourite is my version of Tenney Park from Knitty, where I basically used the pattern for the entrelac panel, and then made my own pattern up to knit the rest of the sweater. I love that it’s a lightweight sweater so it isn’t too bulky or warm, that it fits me so well, and that it’s so easy to wear either to work or on a casual day.

  141. For the longest time my favorite sweater was one I found in a Good Will. It looked like someone had knit squares using a variety of yarns held together, lightly fulled them, and then sewn them together to make a big cozy box. At the time I had never knit a sweater and so I thought it was one of the neatest items I had ever seen. It warmed me through many winters holed up in the college library. Not the most stylish sweater in the world, but it was nice and cozy.

  142. I’ve a store-bought cardi (Land Ends, I believe) from years ago.
    Still my Fav
    Background of black with a Kaffee Facsett-like design in a multitude of bright KF-like colors

    My plans are to chart out this design so I can knit my own TO FIT

    Sound familiar?

    Love your Craftsy class


  143. My go to cozy sweater is my “playmate” sweater by Wendy Bernard. I made it from ultra alpaca and it is really cozy. I can wear it open or with its knit belt or if I want it dressed up a little, with a nice wide leather belt. I like that it has some shaping so I don’t look like a box and the ribbed cuffs that I made extra long. I can never find shirts or sweaters that have long enough sleeves unless they are too big everywhere else.
    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m really looking forward to the book and taking your craftsy class!!

  144. A shop one I got from a charity shop. My favourite brand but just a few pounds! It’s a very thin cotton one, with a gorgeous neckline and drape, very simple but works perfectly.

  145. My favorite is probably Vivian. The shaping was perfect (with very little adjustment) and the sweater is the perfect weight to wear early spring through late fall. Plus the cable design totally flatters the back AND the boobs!

  146. My favorite sweater would be a buttonless (or onr button) cardigan that closes with a beltwith

  147. I love my cotton cardigan sweater made by Willow. It fits; it’s flattering; and it has big, happy buttons!

  148. I think my favorite sweater so far is a Shiri Mor colorwork sweater from Vogue 2007, in which I’ve replaced some of the designer patterns with my own, that are physics-related, like one of the basic equations of the quantum mechanics (I am a physicist). This is such a kick to see the moment some of my colleague notice it!

  149. I absolutely adore the sweater I just finished. It is the Chic Basic Hoodie in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It feels so nice and warm to wear. I’m thankful that we are still having cool days so that I can wear it. This is the first sweater I have knitted and I’m so glad that it fits!

  150. My current favorite sweater is my February Fitted Pullover! It’s the first adult sweater I’ve knit since having children. (My eldest is 5 1/2, so it’s been a long while!) And it fits me wonderfully — I’ve never knit a fitted sweater before. The scoop neck and negative ease make me feel elegant!

    Plus, it’s in my favorite color — deep, dark purple — and it’s in Sundara Aran Silky Merino, so it’s soooo soft.

  151. My favorite sweater is one that my husband bought for me in Ireland, and i subsequently wore ALL THE TIME until I got a hole in the elbow. Black wool with a zip and some pockets. Very simple BUT AWESOME! Thanks for a chance to win such an awesome prize! Best of luck!

  152. My favorite sweater is, of course, a cardigan, a teal cardigan that I just purchased. I thin it’s my favorite because it’s not a color I typically wear and it fits well.

  153. My very fav sweater is this bulky, part wool, part mystery fiber turtleneck that I bought so long ago that the tag has worn off. The sleeves were slim through the arm but then a bit long over the top of my hand. The turtleneck was a bit wide around making it not too clingy on my neck, but Exactly Right for tucking my head down into like a turtle on a cold walk. The length was exactly to my jeans pocket and the body was pretty boxy and shapeless. Oh and a raglan sleeve. I keep meaning to reverse engineer it for myself but never seem to have the time!

  154. I had this sweater once that was perfect. V-neck, ribbed over the whole body, flared sleeves. The best part of the sweater was the ribbing along the bottom was diagonal on each side, making upside down V’s along the hips. If I ever see a similar pattern to knit, I will knit it in a minute, in spite of so much ribbing.

  155. My favorite sweater is a grey handknit cardi from a pattern that I modified madly both for fit and aesthetics. I used a lovely, soft, lofty merino that was sheer joy to knit with. Fifteen seconds after I put it on it started pilling and has not stopped since. But I love it–it fits, it’s soft, it’s comfy, and it has an asymmetrical zip that I think makes me look intelligent and mysterious.

  156. I have not knit a sweater but I want to knit one. I have an old ragtag sweater that I bought a while ago and it has seen better days. It is so soft and comfy.

  157. My favorite sweater was a gift when I was going to college. It was a tunic that went down to my thighs, and it was a lovely night blue and it had a wide round collar that seemed to frame my neck and face perfectly.

  158. My favorite sweater is a creamy color and goes with everything. It is a v-neck that’s not too shallow and not too deep. It has a ribbed texture. This ribbing is interrupted to create an inverted v at an empire waistline height. (I hope that makes sense. The length is a little below the waist so that if I bend at the waist, no skin is exposed. The only problem – I’ve been bed bound for 3 years and have gained weight – so it doesn’t fit! I actually hadn’t thought of knitting it to fit! Light bulb moment if I’ve ever had one. OMB!
    Betsy in the sunny Seattle suburbs

  159. My favorite is a green wool pullover that I bought in Scotland about ten year ago. The front has been darned and the cuffs are kind of shredded at this point, but it’s just the perfect weight and shade of green!

  160. My favorite sweater is a fitted pullover with a huge cowl neck that I bought from the GAP on sale. I hope to be able to knit a similar one after taking your Craftsy class ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. My favorite sweater is a green cashmere hoodie with a zipper. It was a Christmas present from my mom. I don’t wear it often its a little small. I have two v neck pullovers from Old Navy and those are the sweaters I wear the most. One is charcoal grey and one is green and off white stripes. They are a little big and long. I am almost finished knitting my first sweater since I was a teenager. It’s the Tea Leaves Cardigan. I love the pattern. Its easy to follow and no sewing required. I am hoping when it’s finished it will be new favorite sweater. I would love to win the yarn and jump right into another sweater project. I’m looking forward to the new book. Congratulations!

  162. My favorite sweater is an old Lacoste golf sweater my Grandfather always wore. It’s ratty and….not so pretty. But I love it because its the only thing I have of his ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. My favorite sweater is my Aidez; I wear it all the time. It is great for this time of year in still chilly Maine.

  164. My favorite sweater is the very first sweater I knit. I wanted to make Rogue so badly and I was just a couple of years into knitting. I didn’t feel that I had the experience to knit it and it had 20+ pages in the pattern. A couple of friends in my knitting group convinced me that I could do it and 6 months later, I had a Rogue hoodie! TheGirlFromAuntie, who designed Rogue has a great way with words and explaining everything! I don’t wear that sweater often, but it is definitely my favorite!

  165. It’s a tossup between the first piece of clothing I ever chose, and paid for, without input from my mom (red wool with blue and green stripes) and eventually wore in my high school senior yearbook photo, and a gray ragg wool sweater that had been my grandfather’s.

  166. Ny husband’s grey cashmere v-necked. I’m going to use it for sizing and knit myself a copy.

  167. my favorite sweater is my Aidez cardigan. It fits so perfect and the yarn is a perfect rustic kind of casual. Love. maybaby23 on rav

  168. If “favourite sweater” means the one I wear most it would be the kimono-style cardigan I bought from the maker on a market several years ago. I love its deep wine-red colour and the fact that it’s made from wool. Heck, it’s the only sweater that would keep me really warm this winter. However, what I don’t like about it is the lack of waist-shaping. If it had some, it would be a lot more flattering.
    The sweater that makes me feel looking my best right now is a store-bought pullover made of T-shirt material (I guess you call that a long-sleeved T-shirt?). There are several things I love about it: it’s fitted, it’s long enough for my tall self both in the body and the arms, it’s mustard yellow, and it’s got an awesome waterfall neckline (not sure if that’s the perfect translation…)
    I would love to have a sweater that combines the characteristics of both garments, but have shied away from knitting sweaters until now (with the exception of a very simple one) – I’m simply afraid I won’t get it right. So your book would be a wonderful step in this direction!
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!
    Juliane (Llule on ravelry)

  169. My favorite sweater was a hand-me-down from my mother. It was navy and white striped with a boat-neck and 3 quarter sleeves. It hung perfectly. One day I’d love to re-create that one!

  170. My current favorite sweater is one I made – Wisteria from Twist Collectives first issue. Part of what I love about it is the yarn – it is an organic wool-mohair blend from Green Mountain Spinnery. I also love Aidez but I made the mistake of putting it in the washer to spin out the water and even though it is a front loader and I used the lowest spin speed it felted. So although I still love it, it isn’t quite as light and well-fitted as it had been…

  171. I don’t know if vests count, but my favorite sweater has been the Angostura I knit from Ysolda Teague’s book. It has almost stopped me from losing weight, because when I finished it, it fit me so perfectly. I’ve lost about 10 lbs since then. It still fits me well, but not as well as it used to.

    Between your tutorial and Ysolda Teague’s book, I’ve been so inspired about good fit in sweaters that I’ve learnt to sew, so I can make good looking clothes that fit well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  172. My favorite sweater is a cardigan is Mendocino. I tried on the sweater at a trunk show, and loved it. I bought the yarn and book as a birthday gift to myself. I love it because I can wear it with jeans or a fancy outfit.

  173. My favorite sweater is the one I made for myself last year. Charcoal grey cardigan with black ceramic buttons I also made. After years of knitting for others this was the first big item I knit for myself and I absolutely love it!

  174. So looking forward to the arrival of this book. My favorite sweater I my Grayling. It is a garter stitch cardigan and it is so cozy and comfortable

  175. My favorite sweater was a v-neck pullover knitted as a sample for a shop; I’ve never made a sweater for my own use. Clearly I am in desperate need of learning to “look acceptingly” at my own figure. Having a large bust and rounded tummy equals my current dressing style of baggy clothes. After all, everyone knows that this will fool others into believing that underneath it all is a perfectly proportioned woman. ๐Ÿ™‚

    After looking at some of your designs, I’m thinking that your Arm Candy sweater just might be the first sweater that I would ever knit for myself.

  176. My book has shipped from Amazon and is due to arrive Tuesday. I have only knit one sweater that is wearable so far. And another that is far too large.

    I love sweaters that are long enough in my arms (I have long arms) and long enough to skim my hips because I feel it’s more flattering for my body type. I don’t want them so heavy that I get over-heated, but I like sweaters with some design elements like cables. And yes, probably look better in sweaters that are a bit more simple. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t wait to get your book!

  177. My favorite is a A line sweater with long sleeves that fit over my hands . I’ve not knit one of these yet but have purchased one. I love it to zip and extra special with a hoodie.
    Thank you

  178. I just made my favorite sweater, the Abigail cardi. It’s fingering weight, which is perfect for where I live, and I can easily wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, or a pretty dress.

  179. My favorite is the Poets Pullover. It was my first knitting project that was bigger than a hat or a scarf and I loved it so much I gave it to my Mom for Christmas that year. I love that she wore it to my Grandmother’s birthday party, and to this day the picture of her wearing it is my contact photo of her on my phone.

  180. My current favorite I bought at a thrift store. It’s an empire waist with 3/4 length sleeves.

  181. My favorite is a red merino wool . . store bought, it is lightweight, but oh so warm!

  182. Button up the front, ends at waist.

  183. My favorite sweater is a Ralph Lauren-style sweater I knitted about 30 yrs ago which was inspired by Navajo rugs. It’s intarsia knitting in colorful Tahki Donegal Tweed, easily the most insanely complex pattern I’ve ever knitted. It and I were different sizes for a while, so it’s lasted a long time.

  184. My favorite sweater is a basic v-neck pullover I knit for myself with Cascade 220. I didn’t expect to get a lot of wear out of the sweater when I finished it–I’m not crazy about the color and I used the project mostly as a way to experiment with some different shaping techniques–but I’ve been wearing it constantly. It’s cozy and it fits well, but I think I mostly wear it because I’m working on my dissertation and, for whatever reason, it makes me feel more like a writer!

  185. My favorite sweater is handknit, in a blackberry-purple color, and it’s a super simple raglan with a lace panel in the front. It fits really well, and it’s cozy and snuggly and soft but not too sloppy looking.

  186. Favorite sweater is my is vest knit from my own handspun. Totally relieved after taking craftsy class that it suits me too! It’s ribbed at the bottom, plain sticking net up top and a nice low scoop neck. Done in wonderful jewel toned blues, purples and gold. Fiber by enchanted knoll.
    Wish I could attend premier party but do have book on way for Tuesday delivery!!

  187. My fave is a hooded cardy. Zip up. Princess line. Fitted hood. None of it tight but all of it just skimming. Oh, and pockets

  188. My ffavorite sweater is a Cowichan type cardi in a purple and teal snowflake design. it has a wonderfully sleepy smell and feel. Even though the climate doesn’t allow me to wear it often
    I love to wrap up in it and sit in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and relax.

  189. My favorite sweater is a Cowichan type cardi in a purple and teal snowflake design. it has a wonderfully sheepy smell and feel. Even though the climate doesn’t allow me to wear it often
    I love to wrap up in it and sit in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and relax.

  190. My favorite sweater is “Leaflet” by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. I knit it with a few mods and I love wearing it. It is comfortable, soft and I like the way it looks on me. That’s everything! I would wear it every day if I could. I hope everyone has a sweater they love that much.

  191. My favorite sweater will have a hood, pocket in the front and a lace detail at the welts. In the summer I’ll wear it at the beach at night to watch the fireworks. In the fall I’ll wear it to the winery’s open house. In the winter I’ll wear it curled up by the fire knitting away. In the Spring I’ll wear it in the yard playing with the kids. That is as soon as I find the perfect purple yarn to make it with ๐Ÿ™‚

  192. My all time favorite sweater was made about 40 years ago by my mom. The pattern was out of n English woman’s magazine and the wool was a blue grey tweed, probably bulky. The sweater is slightly oversized, incredibly warm and absolutely beautiful. Orginally it was a turtleneck. When she offered the sweater to my husband years ago I said he wouldn’t wear a turtleneck so she reknitted the neck shaping to a crew neck. He never wears it because it is so warm but I love it. Always compliments but no one ever guesses this Aran’s sweater’s true age.

  193. My favorite store bought sweater is a cashmere black hoody.
    My favorite sweater that I knit is a lacy cardigan. A beautiful icy blue,
    and it fits perfectly!

  194. First I love Berroco! Second my favorite sweater is a simple grey crew neck cable knit. It’s store bought, but so simple that I am inspired to try to recreate it myself.

  195. My most worn sweater this winter is Wintry-Mix. I further like warterfall cardigans and sweaters with a V-neck.

  196. My favorite sweater is an old store-bought sweater. I think it was my mum’s. It is a simple v-neck pullover. It is pink, but the pink has a little black in it. It is like old pink or dried rose pink. It is a couple of sizes bigger than my size, so it creates a beautiful oversized look and it is perfect for these cold and sad days of the winter.

  197. My favorite sweater is a giant cabled cardigan I got on sale from Boden. I couldn’t buy the yarn for what I paid for it, and it is warm and cuddly.

  198. My favorite sweater is a black “cotton cashmere” (I think it’s 95% cotton, 5% cashmere?) v-neck sweater from Liz Claiborne. It has the perfect V, the perfect amount of ease, the perfect length (hip-bone), the perfect shove-up-able sleeves. It’s my go-to – I can toss it over jeans and look completely pulled together, or I can wear it with a nice skirt and pearls and look even MORE pulled together!

  199. Four years ago, my youngest daughter and I traveled through Ireland on a hunt for our own aran sweaters … and while it is a tad large and a tad boxy, it is my favorite sweater for the memories of the time we were able to spend together laughing, enjoying each others’ company, meeting the Irish people and experiencing their lovely land. Every single time I put it on, my mind flies back to Ireland and the time spent with Claire. She tells me she has the same experience every time she wears her sweater.

  200. My favorite sweater is a long cardigan I bought last year at Eddie Bauer. I love the color, which is a warm pumpkin color. But I also love it because it is soft and I always feel great when I wear it.

  201. My favorite sweater is really a sweatshirt with a wide cowl neck that I bought at retail earlier this year – it looks almost identical to your WINTRY MIX design in this book, Amy!

    Thanks for taking on this topic so thoroughly and in a way that makes it not-so-intimidating. Can’t wait to get the book, whether I win it or buy it!

  202. My favorite is a commercial sweater with a small cowl neck and interesting texture. I love the shaping of it, and it is now completely pilled and stained, but I love it!

  203. My favorite is a Darcy by Kim Hargreaves. Amazing

  204. My favorite sweater is store-bought, but it has the most lovely heron embroidery on the back. I always get compliments, even years later!

  205. My favorite sweater is one made by my sister-in-law. It has a simple body with lace detail on the sleeves and a gorgeous neckline – I love it!

  206. My favorite sweater is one I knitted. Its construction is like a hooded sweatshirt. I wear it everywhere!

  207. My favorite sweater is a store bought grey pullover, with a hood. The color is so easy to wear, and the shape tapers just right, showing off that I do have a waist. And it is so comfy!

  208. My favorite sweater is a silk shell I bought that drapes wonderfully and fits me perfectly. It has a square neckline and the straps are wide enough to cover bra straps but not make you look dowdy when wearing it. I have been waiting for your book to arrive so that I can reverse engineer it. I have taken 2 of your classes and learned so much about myself from them while having a lot of fun as well.

    Congrats on your new book.

  209. My current favorite sweater is one I knit – Aidez – in a natural/oatmeal color. I love the different cable designs, but it’s my favorite because it is one of the first sweaters I made that fit without having to rip out and reknit. It’s perfect for a rainy April day!

  210. My favorite sweater is the first sweater I knit for myself (the first FO I made after I started knitting). By a stroke of luck it fits perfectly – it’s a bottom-up raglan, with cables along the decreases. It inspired me to be careful to knit the right measurements in other garment’s I’ve made – I can’t count on being so lucky again! The raglan cables also make my shoulders look wider (almost as wide as my hips) which in turn makes my waist look tiny. It’s the best top I own!

  211. My favorite sweater was made after taking the Fit to Flatter workshop. My knits were always a little bit ‘off’ in shape, but I made do by blocking them into submission. I chose the Ayana pattern because it was easy to modify and simple enough that I could concentrate on getting the shape right – and it has made all the difference. I usually get compliments on my sweaters, which is nice… but my Ayana feels as good as it looks.

  212. My favourite sweater is one my grand mother knit me. It’s a navy-blue cardigan with gold buttons. It is large and long. I love the shape of it. It’s in pure wool really delicate. I usually wear it with a pretty pin.

  213. What beautiful yarn! One of my very favourite colours. I have a lot of handknit sweaters, and I’m not sure I can name a favourite, but the sweater I wear most is probably a very simple handknit raglan-sleeve cardigan in a colour much like the colour of the Vintage you featured here ๐Ÿ™‚

  214. My favorite sweater is the Gooseberry sweater I made several years ago. It was and still is my first cardigan. It fits perfectly-dumb luck. Now I’m looking forward to using what I’ve learned from your Craftsy class and the book I’m anxiously awaiting to make another.

  215. My favorite sweater is the Gooseberry sweater I knit several years ago. It was my first and only cardigan. It fits perfectly -dumb luck. I’m so looking forward to knitting my next incorporating what I learned from your Craftsy course and the book.

  216. congrats on your new book…
    I have been a huge fan for years and can’t thank you enough for teaching me that there is a difference between knitting to pattern directions and knitting a garment to fit!
    My favourite sweater – is everyone that I have made since I read your fit and flatter blog posts. With your guidance, I now make sweaters that have bust shaping vs correct back measurements and most importantly correct armhole depth. Tape measures ARE actually a girl’s best friend!

  217. my favourite sweater is a cardigan that fits and flatters. it goes with everything. it’s has a classic style and light weight.

  218. The black currant color is great! My favorite sweater is my Hourglass Pullover. I made it out of Cash Iroha and it is deliciously warm and soft. I had to redo the neckline a couple of times to make it high enough for my tastes, and it was a little too saggy off the needles, but 30 minutes in the dryer made it fit perfectly. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking forward to seeing the book in person!

  219. My favorite sweater is a pieced pullover, in a beautiful heathered purple, with set in sleeves and a gorgeous shawl collar that I knit years ago. I wear it so often and it fits well. If I were to make it again, though, knowing what I know now, there would be some changes. And even though I’m tempted now to knit from the top-down in one piece because it’s “easier”, I know that seamed pieces hold up better and fit better for me.

  220. My favorite sweater is a store bought long black cashmere duster. It can be dressed up or down but sadly I have worn a hole in the elbow. I refuse to get rid of it and try to convince myself that with the sleeves pushed up nobody will notice. Of course I ignore the fact that the sleeves fall down.

  221. My favorite sweater ever was store-bought, and I wore it into the ground. My plan is to try to recreate a handmade version with help from the book.

    It was a lightweight, body-hugging alpaca blend with a big cowl neck, and in a gorgeous deep rusty orange that looked great with my red hair. (And no, I’m not an Amy H. imposter: I’m another redheaded mid-30s Amy). Oh, I miss that sweater!

  222. My favorite sweater is Making Waves. It was the first sweater that I knit “post Amy”. I learned so many thing about fit and flatter, that make this my first successful sweater. I am thinking about repurposing a lot of yarn from “pre Amy” sweater that I now look at, and cant believe I thought that would look good. Thanks for opening my eyes to the actual me!! Carol

  223. My favorite sweater is a short sleeve cardigan that I bought years ago. It’s black and has a narrow lace insert on both fronts. It always looks so classic dressed up or down.

  224. my favorite sweater is my tangled yoke made from local alpaca. it’s the perfect natural brown. so warm and soft and lightweight. i love it.

  225. This is a difficult question. The sweater that I wear ALL THE TIME is a grey cardigan I knit a few years ago with grey Cascade Eco. The color goes with everything; the yarn is sturdy and retains its shape, so I never need to be careful when handling, washing, storing or wearing it; It is easy to pull on and take off.
    My prettiest sweater that I adore but don’t wear much is a gorgeous, rich pinkish, purplish turtleneck with elaborate cables down the front. It fits me perfectly and looks amazing, but I it is too warm to wear indoors and I am too lazy to take off a turtleneck when I walk inside buildings.

  226. My favorite sweater is the tweedy aran cardigan by Norah Gaughan. I made it a long time ago, but I love it for the flattering shape. Thanks for the chance to win. Can’t wait for the book to get here. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ravelry: lyeng11

  227. I can’t wait to see your book! My favourite sweater actually went to a better life recently. It was waaaaay too stretched out and way too pilled and really, shouldn’t see the light of day anymore. It has one almost ready to take its place but I haven’t had time to finish the hood on the new one and in light of friends having babies and boyfriend birthday gifts being too short and needing to be lengthened (despite already doing it 1 fully inch longer than the pattern but without having measured his armpit length so as not to give it away), my hoodie isn’t getting finished very fast. So many sweaters in my head! So few hours in the day!

  228. My mother knit a cardigan for me about 30 years ago. It was quite simple, with some lace details, in an oatmeal colour. I wore it to death, and I don’t think I’ve had a sweater of any kind since that I’ve loved as much. I’m currently knitting an Anne Hanson design (Caissa) which I hope will be a favourite.

  229. My favourite sweater is an ancient wool and alpaca basket-weave roll-neck, which is so very warm and cosy.
    I bought it in an Oxfam shop for a couple of pounds years ago and I have quite literally worn it to pieces.
    I don’t know what I’ll do when it cant be mended any more ๐Ÿ™

  230. My current favorite sweater is a basic pullover. I made it out of the lovely Mountain Mohair from the Green Mountain Spinnery. The yarn is light as air. I am looking forward to getting your book – per Amazon it will be in my hands tomorrow. Congrats on it sure success!

  231. My current favorite sweater is a dark purple cowl neck with cables for the arm seams. It was a gift from my aunt. I love the color of it and the cowl neck keeps me warm without making me feel confined.

  232. My favorite sweaters (I bought 5 different colors of it!) are these fine gauge, simple v-neck sweaters from at least 5 years ago. They are perfect alone, but are great layered over a simple tee or dressed up over a button down shirt. They are the perfect proportion in all areas.

  233. I recently knit a wrap cardigan which is made with possum/wool and alpaca. It is the warmest, lightest garment ever and I love to wrap the long fronts around myself for extra warmth. It is so good, I’m planning to knit another with the same fibres.

  234. Well my all-time favourite sweater is now in it’s second edition :-D. It is a ridiculously fluffy, bright red thing which probably contains no natural fibres at all. Tight fitting with a turtleneck and the โ€œfluffyโ€ strings about 7 or 8 cm long. I bought the original one when I was in my early twenties and wore it until it fell off me. Luckily my mom offered to recreate it and I found a similar yarn in a local shop. So along came the second edition. Now in my mid-thirties I donโ€™t dare to wear it anymore. However, anytime I clean out my closet I find it impossible to part with it. To many fond memories and a symbol of a motherโ€™s care. Just started to knight my first ever cardigan, so fingers crossed this might become the new favourite. But nothing will ever replace โ€œred fluffyโ€.
    Congrats on your first book, Amy!

  235. My favorite sweater is a 100% fine cotton from Old Navy. I love how it hugs my arms and has a V-neck when I button just the middle button. However, after watching the Knit to Flatter Craftsy class, I realize I have been buying and knitting my sweaters too big.
    Loved the class and can’t wait to receive my book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  236. My favorite sweater right now is store bought. I’ve never worn this style before. It’s longer than I’d usually buy so it covers my tum better and has deeper ribbing at the bottom than I’ve worn before. I love it.

    Just got my book today and am SO looking forward to knitting several of the patterns! Just have to decide which to make first :).

  237. My favorite sweater is a long-ago purchased cotton cardigan from Lands’ End that is the perfect weight to wear in the house. It has four buttons (that I never button!), just covers my rear end, skims my body so even if I “feel fat”, it’s covered up! I’m frequently too hot, but when I need another layer at home, it’s perfect.

  238. My favorite is a wrap sweater. It has a big ruffle all around and was knit with a cozy wool alpaca blend. So soft and so comforting.

  239. I am in search of a new favorite sweater. I have lost a lot of weight and my old favorite sweater is now way to big. But I liked it because is was warm, had buttons all the way down, but used to only buttoned the top 2 and had 2 pockets. It was a store bought one with many colors in it.

  240. My favourite sweater is my Cassis by Thea Coleman (aka Baby Cocktails) knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It turned out exactly like I had envisioned and it fit too!! Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  241. My favorite sweater right now is my Chickadee that I knit from the Ysolda pattern. It has colorwork birds along the yoke. I’ve recently started doing fair isle, and love it! I’m excited to try your class to learn more about making my sweaters fit better, and choosing or altering patterns to flatter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  242. My favorite sweater is the Triip sweater by Suvi Simola that I knit out of Elsebeth Lavold Classic Al. The sadly discontined yarn – a blend of merino and alpaca – has great structure but drapes beautifully. The design has some great details: striped sleeves, a little folk art embellishment and a short zipper. Sounds strange but it all works. And after beginning your Craftsy class I have a better understanding of why it is flattering to my body type.

  243. My favorite sweater right now is a Coldwater Creek knit sweater. It has a cable running up the front middle into a v-neck, where the cable splits two ways to frame the v-part of the neck and comes together in the back. It’s machine knit, very thin, I would love to knit myself one like it in a sock yarn or so.
    It’s purple of course, my favorite color of all time.
    It’s kind of a Dunedin, Twinings and Ayana, all mixed into one.

  244. My favorite sweater is my Current cardigan, a top-down knit with an interesting cabled rib edge. The dark blue-green color makes my eyes look brighter, and the merino/cashmere/nylon blend is soft and warm without being too heavy.

  245. Fine yarn, cables, ultra soft, and the perfect length.

  246. My favourite sweater is black, 100% cashmere with a hood and zipper. I love it because it is lightweight, super warm and can be worn under a jacket. I only wish I’d bought 2-3 more as I’ve worn it to death!

  247. My favorite sweater, now almost 20 years old, is the first one I knit for myself using Elizabeth Zimmermann’s percentage system. The yarn used was wool, which is quite itchy next to the skin, but it has lasted so many years and I’m still very proud of this first effort.

  248. My favorite sweater is a v-neck brown cashmere sweater that is a wonderful layering piece that goes great with my coloring and my winter wardrobe

  249. My favorite sweater is my February Ladies sweater knit in a yummy Brown Sheep red with the help of a knitting buddy. I found the perfect buttons for it on a trip to NYC at Knitty City ๐Ÿ™‚

  250. My favorite sweater is my Entalac Jacket, made 10+ years ago! This is a well worn, much loved sweater. I have repaired it more times than I remember. Simply said, “It takes a licking but keeps on ticking”! (but it really needs to be replaced)

  251. My favorite sweater is the one that fits, makes me feel slim, gets tons of compliments, and feels like a well loved friend. That means my favorite sweater changes a my weight changes! Being bottom heavy (I started the Fit to Flatter class today) I will be more vigilant on pattern selection.

  252. My favorite sweater is one I got at a thrift store. It is stranded colorwork, traditional fitting, and soft grey with white and maroon snowflakes. 5 dollars and with the tag still on!

  253. My favorite sweater is the Elizabeth Zimmermann Fair Isle yoke cardigan I made. I keep it at my desk and wear it almost every day. The sizing is perfect, it’s comfortable, and I can put it on over just about anything and it looks fine.

  254. My favorite sweater is Chic Knits Mondo Cable Cardi which I knit from dark green 50-50 merino/alpaca. I love it because it’s really a classic and it fits me! I spent some time knitting a swatch and calculating alterations and it sure paid off. That sweater has become my fitting baseline for anything I knit. I just got your new book and can’t wait to work my way through it. I’ve been waiting for such a book for a very long time. Thank you!

  255. My favorite sweater is the one I’m knitting right now because after three not so beautiful sweaters, I hope I’ve finally got the fit issues right.

  256. My current favorite sweater was a complete impulse purchase at Old Navy a few months back. It has set in sleeves, ribbing at the cuffs and hem and a wide deep scoop neck. The real kicker though is the color. Its bright orange. Once upon a time I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing orange, and now one of my favorite sweaters is orange. If I were to knit the sweater, I’d make a few modifications, but not many as I love the length and the sleeves are the perfect length (which rarely happens in my case!)

  257. My favourite sweater is dark, bright pink. It’s store bought, scoop neck, with a little bit of gathering detail along the sides – but mostly I love it because of the colour.

  258. Right now, my favorite sweater is the one I just finished knitting. It’s a cardigan made with a silk/wool lend. It’s blocked but I haven’t sewn the buttons on yet, so I haven’t worn it. All anticipation, no disappointment!

  259. Congratulations on the book coming out!!

    My favorite sweater right now is my Calligraphy Cardigan – it’s the closest I’ve come to knitting a sweater that fits just right. It’s not perfect, but it’s close. It fits well at the shoulders and bust, and hits my hips right where I like my sweaters to hit. I love that it turned out as well as it did, and it’s encouraged me to make more sweaters.

  260. At this point, my Vitamin D (designed by Heidi Kirrmaier) is my favorite sweater. It was a pleasure to knit and is fun to wear.

  261. My favorite handknit sweater is Emelie by Elin Berglund, I have it knit in a cashemere blend from Three Irish Girls and it is my favorite thing that I have ever knit.

    For bumming around the house though, my go to is a fleece zip up cardigan, it’s toasty warm.

  262. This is probably not the answer you were looking for but my favorite sweater is the very first one I knit, out of Nature Spun worsted, held double. It is an allover rib with giant 13-stitch cables on the front. It is the most hideous thing ever and I will never in my life wear it outside of the house, but it is the coziest, most comforting piece of clothing I own and I wear it pretty much every day of the winter!

  263. My favorite sweater is not handmade, but it is made of cachemire. It is light and warm, and makes me feel at ease but still quite sexy.
    I found it in a second-hand shop. Its softness made me love it at first sight ! It had holes but its shape was so perfect ! Simple, with raglans, just an everyday pullover !
    Another thing about it : it’s pink. I never wear pink, as for a long time i didn’t like this colour. And now I love the colours i can wear with it, from black, to grey with a hint of blue in it, or mustard, or even a deep purple !
    I’ve had it for 2 or 3 years already, but I know it’ll be hard to let it go when it will have too many holes in it….I’m thinking of knitting myself the same one, as i juste started knitting !

  264. I love the sweater I just finished, because it has super long sleeves to cover my ape arms.

  265. My favorite sweater is my green cotton cardigan. I love it because it is soft and comfortable but also pretty.

  266. I just listened to your conversation with Nicole at Stash and Burn and I’m very inspired! Yeah! Congratulations on your new book and Craftsy class.
    My favorite sweater is getting really tattered and needs to be replaced. It’s a purchased cotton v-neck cardi with 3/4 sleeves. It’s very fitted and a little short but it’s great in the spring with a little tank top underneath.

  267. My favorite sweaters is one that I found at a thrift store years ago. It’s huge and acrylic, but I love the stitch pattern, it seems hand made, and it’s great for lounging around the house when it’s cold.

    I treat all my hand knit wool sweaters like babies, and don’t really lounge around in them. Maybe one of these days I’ll have so many hand knit sweaters that they won’t all feel so precious.

  268. My favourite sweater is a store bought sweater that fits perfectly. I have yet to knit a sweater with the perfect fit but I’m hoping to someday.

  269. My favourite sweater is my Cassis (by Thea Coleman). It was my first attempt at knitting a sweater and it turned out even better than I had imagined. Congratulations on the book and thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  270. My current favourite sweater is one that I made this winter. I just started knitting again last year after about a 15 year break. I was discouraged about knitting sweaters, since they never seemed to fit. They were too big usually with really long sleeves. I am short, so when I followed the pattern instructions they were always too long. I have been following your blog for about 6 months, and the concept of knitting a sweater that actually fits is starting to hit me. I broke away from the pattern and made the body and sleeves the length that fit me and did some waist shaping, and not what they pattern told me. I am so thrilled. When people have commented on the sweater, I always show them that the sleeves fit!

  271. My favorite sweater was knit for my by a friend as a swap. I made her a knitting bag and she knit me a sweater in exchange. It’s a subtle purple/brown color depending on the light and has a boat neck and vents at the cuffs and hem at the sides (Margot pattern from Knitty). It’s comfortable and soft and I never knew how nice a boat neckline looked on me until I got it.

  272. My favorite sweater is a green hand knit sweater that I made this winter. It is a bulky weight, comfy sweater with lots and lots of cables. It’s incredibly warm.

    Rav: gracegoose

  273. Hi, Amy …

    My favorite sweater was one I got as a college student. My sister and I took a trip to Ireland and we both bought sweaters. Not quite the traditional Irish Fisherman/Aran style, as they were cardigans and mainly stockinette, but it was in the traditional creamy wool. They were wonderfully made and warm, with a zip up front and wide collar done in a fancier stitch. I wore it instead of a coat alot. I couldn’t fit in it now, and don’t know where it ended up, but as a knitter, would love to examine the construction and craftsmanship with new eyes.

    Congrats on the book!

  274. My mother knit me a cardigan around 30 years ago. It was a plain oatmeal yarn, and the cardigan had a lacey motif around the yoke and cuffs. I wore it tip it fell apart, virtually. I’m currently knitting an Anne Hanson design, Caissa, which I hope I will love half as much! (I made this comment yesterday, but it doesn’t seem to have appeared, so I’m trying again, in case the gremlins got hold of it…)

  275. I have yet to knit my first sweater, but I would love to someday make one like a hooded cable sweater I got from, believe it or not, the Gap. It’s probably about 5 years old and has held up well even though I throw in it in the washer. It has great cabling work on the sleeves and the front of the sweater. It would probably take me a year to make, but I love that it is cozy yet the cables make it a bit fancier.

  276. My favorite sweater to wear is a cheap one I bought at Target. It’s brown & has what looks like 1/2 staghorn cables running up the front. So, it has the look of a cable sweater, but it doesn’t pull in.

    Congratulations on the new book!

  277. My favorite sweater is my Audrey in Unst that I finished last year. Love, love, love it!

  278. My favourite sweater was a 80s classic from Rowan with flowers on the bottom and then textured stitching for the rest of the body. It was a massive tent, but I loved it enough to bring it the uk when I immigrated despite no longer liking to wear it.

  279. My favorite sweater is Carol Feller’s Portulaca because it is the first sweater fit to my measurements. I am most excited about your new class and new book. I have both and blogged about it today. I have even started my own journey of 365 self portraits after hearing what happened to you when you did it. Thank you so much, Amy!

  280. […] just need that little extra help! I am pretty excited about a new Craftsy Class I signed up for by Amy Herzog. ย It is calledย Knit to Flatter and it coincides with her new book under the same name, Knit to […]

  281. My husband (then boyfriend) picked out a United Colors of Benneton sweater for my birthday at the mall. It was the late 1980s — if you can’t imagine what an intarsia Benneton sweater would have looked like back then, tune in an old “Cosby” episode. Anyway, he braved potential scorn from a few women shoppers with the (dubious! suspicious!) line that they were the same height/weight/body type as his girlfriend, and could they tell him what size *they* wore? And what styles worked for their (my) shape? A former theater teckie, he knew more about clothes (and sewing!) than I did, but I have never persuaded him to learn knitting…

  282. My favorite sweater is a Kaffe Fassett Peplum Jacket that I knitted for my sister many years ago in Jack’s Back pattern. The colour flow made me think of views across mountain ranges on a cool morning and I remember the whole making of it with delight.

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