Review: How to Teach It!

I’ve recently been very lucky to be able to review a super-fantastic class on my favorite learning platform, Craftsy.


I met Gwen when I was filming Knit to Flatter. We shared a car to the set together, we gushed over Danica’s incredible makeup skills, and we even had dinner at a super incredible place one night. She’s a lovely, knowledgeable, and charming person. So when the chance came to review her class, I jumped at it!

True to what you’d expect from the instructor of a class called How to Teach It, Gwen is just an excellent teacher. She’s clear, she’s concise, she’s prepared with fantastic class materials, and shares all of her knowledge with both humor and kindness.


The class includes everything you need to know if you’re looking at teaching for the first time. My phrasing there is intentional–the course is relevant to so many more fields than knitting! Really, whatever your field, this stuff is invaluable to know before getting up in front of those students for the first time.

There’s also plenty for teachers who are more seasoned. I’ve been teaching across the country for a few years now, and I still found lots of valuable tips and strategies here. (And, I must say, a thing or two that I learned the hard way? Clearly laid out in the course. If only I’d known!)

How to Teach It can be watched all at once, in a fantastic and intensive single setting (while I was traveling one weekend, I treated myself to the experience of sharing the classroom with Gwen for a few hours straight). Or, you can break it up step by step, developing a new nugget for a class idea along the way. The lessons cover topics spanning the whole course cycle:

  • The business of teaching–including contracts, fee structures, and all of those things you may not have thought of when you got excited about sharing your knowledge
  • Class and project development–what makes a great class, and how to go from your core idea to a lesson plan and everything that comes along with it
  • How to present your ideas in the best possible way, be it to your very first local shop or a national convention
  • Tons of tips and advice borne of extensive experience
  • There’s even a super-valuable entire lesson devoted to the shop owner, filled with tons of great ideas for making your shop’s classes a smashing success.

There are examples for everything. From proper dress to a sample contract to best practices for every situation, Gwen has you covered.


Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or a prospective one, whatever your field, this class is worth your time. And lucky you, I have a discount code for you! Use this link to get 50% off the course price:

How to Teach It

The class included everything I wish I’d known before I started teaching. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

3 thoughts on “Review: How to Teach It!

  1. I’m taking this class now and it is fantastic. I’m still building my class catalogue and experience so it’s been very,very helpful.

  2. Hi Amy, I went to your blog to create a link for our yarn giveaway, and got ADD’d right into buying this class….so far it’s great, thanks for the review! Ok, back to work….

  3. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to review my class! I loved meeting you in Denver and think your class is AWESOME too!

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