Wednesday is the new Monday

Did I say I’d be back on Monday with details on how I modified Triangled? Hah hah, that’s so funny. Obviously, erm, I must have meant today.

(Sorry about that.)

When last we left off, you were leaving wonderful comments that I think I’ve now responded to on my Fashion Friday post. In which I contrasted my Squared cardigan sample with the version I knit for myself:


I used the recommended yarn, Socks that Rock Heavyweight, in the color “Porcini”. I knit the size 40 (ish) for a relaxed fit.

But as mentioned on Friday, I did make a few modifications:

  • Lengthened sleeves! Cast-ons, etc. were as described in the pattern, but I worked shaping rows every 12 rows instead of every 6 and sleeves were made 17.5” to the cap shaping. (In retrospect, 18.5” would have been just a tad more perfect.)
  • Body was lengthened to 16”, 8” to waist by starting waist decreases 1” later than specified.
  • Bust darts added as per the instructions in the pattern file, since the ones in the sample worked for me.
  • The big change: I gave it a V neckline, starting 1.5” below the armholes. Decreased at the neck every 3 rows 25 times.

And there you have it! My own recipe for a perfect sweater. I hope you find it helpful in your knitting journey, too.

Knitting has been plugging along fairly quickly around here, thanks new a new book obsession. (I just started reading A Game of Thrones–I know, I know. Last person in the universe, right?) It’s a pretty and simple little number, just right for fall:


Started this weekend, already at the back neck shaping. Which should give you a teensy bit of an inkling about how engaging this book is!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday is the new Monday

  1. Look! A vee neck!

  2. Definitely not the last to start the series! I am on book four and I think I have convinced my hubby to read them too! They are so good!
    Thanks for your info! It inspires me to try to make my sweaters fit better!!

  3. Triangled will probably make it into my sweater wardrobe where Squared probably wouldn’t. Square necklines mimic my square face, and I avoid them. Thanks for outlining your mods!

  4. Thanks for the info on sweater creating.

  5. Reading or listening?? How do you hold the book and knit??

  6. In one of your posts you had a stack of either sweaters or swatches that you were working on. One of them was a gold color. Is this gold from Harrisville, it is beautiful and my birthday is coming up so I am thinking about hinting for some yarn, as if I need anymore yarn.

  7. I have weeks like that were monday does become wednesday….. and sometimes even friday becomes monday go figure:)

  8. I cannot tell you how helpful and how much impact your photos have! A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. I wish I knew my body mathematics as well as you! Your V-neck is amazingly flattering on you! As are ALL your designs 🙂

  9. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for posting your mods for a V-neck. I like the look of a square neck but it doesn’t work for me. I really look forward to your posts and advice. Your permission, or rather encouragement, to change your designs to suit my body type is SO revolutionary(?). Reminds me of a bit of EZ.

  10. Amy, you have taken what seems complex to some of us
    And have simplified it

    That gives me courage to be more ‘adventurous’ in my sweater knitting

    Use a designer’s pattern as a guide rather than strict directions

    I truly appreciate your generous knitting friendship


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