CustomFit and Rhinebeck

My Saturday Rhinebeck sweater this year comes to you courtesy of CustomFit, which is now open to everyone. (Please, come! Set up an account and if you’re going to the festival, spend your time dreaming about the yarn you love instead of worrying about what pattern you’ll use to knit it.)

So I wanted to spend a little time today talking about sweaters. And namely some of the surprises I had when knitting my very own CustomFit sweater. WHICH I LOVE.


Pattern: CustomFit, average fit, V-neck pullover with neck shaping beginning at armhole, long sleeves, low-hip length. 1×1 rib trims.
Yarn: Quince and Co. Owl, in Tawny and (I think) cilantro. Purchased at the incredible Knit Wit.
Size: Mine. Everywhere.

Now, let’s talk about that last part a little bit. Because I’m definitely no stranger to great sweaters.

amy-custom-fit-1-5 amy-custom-fit-1-1 amy-custom-fit-1-3

I have a closet with ~40 handknit sweaters in “my size”. The funny thing is, I don’t wear them super-often. (It was one of the most shocking things to Jackie, actually, when we started working together more closely.) They look great, but most of my day-to-days? Are about comfort and style mixed, not style over comfort. And I wouldn’t say that very many of my hand knit sweaters are really comfortable. They’re not uncomfortable, exactly, but… well, I knit the samples to fit Ms. Average most of the time. (This means that the sweater in the picture is the exact one you’ll produce if you follow the instructions, which is good!)

So when I wear them, I’m either tugging on the sleeves, or pushing up the body, or pulling down the neck, or something. I fidget with them, when I wear them. They look great as long as I’m mindful of my body, but they’re not the kind of thing I roll around on the floor with the kids in. Does the difference make sense?

And so when I knit my own CustomFit sweater, about a half-dozen things were ever so slightly different than the sweaters I usually wear in the pictures you see.

  • The sleeves are the perfect length. I’m neither pushing them up nor tugging them down.
  • The waist is located at my actual waist, instead of just an inch too low.
  • The neckline is just where I want it.
  • And, of course, the shoulders / bust / waist / hip measurements are perfect.

And when all of those really minor things are together, I’m left with a sweater I want to wear all. the. time.


It’s kind of revelatory, actually. I never want to take it off! I’m not just proud of this sweater. It doesn’t just look good. It feels good, and I don’t want to take it off.


Want to see it in person this weekend? I’ll be wearing it on Saturday at Rhinebeck, and we’ll be having some special CustomFit meet-ups at the festival.

  • First, Jackie and I will be all over the festival with CustomFit buttons and postcards; seek us out!
  • I’ll be signing books at the book tent from 12 – 2:30 on both days, with a little mini-talk at 1pm both days.
  • At 3pm both days, we’ll be holding an informal CustomFit meet-up at the hill where the Rav gathering takes place. Bring your CustomFit sweaters, if you’ve got ’em! Get your picture taken, admire the other sweaters, and we’ll even be doing measurements for those who are interested.

Rhinebeck is the ultimate sweater location, and this year I’ve got my most favorite one ever. And that’s saying something.

24 thoughts on “CustomFit and Rhinebeck


  2. It’s lovely! I can’t wait to finish my first CustomFit sweater. Have fun in Rhinebeck!

  3. Love the green stripes on just one sleeve – fun feature!

  4. Amy, I did not know CustomFit would be free! I was planning on paying for it. This is brilliant. I cannot wait to try it!

    1. Oops I get it. Pay for the custom pattern. Super awesome!

  5. I hope to see you Saturday!

  6. Getting measured Saturday!! Yay!

  7. Really, really, really! go get measured, make one of these sweaters! I did beta testing and have knit for over 50 years…..I have N E V E R knitted a sweater like this… is like autumn skin…..that’s how comfortable it is. WOW! Amy has done an amazing thing for knitters everywhere

  8. So lovely, Amy. I am currently working on my very own Custom Fit sweater and am so excited for the finished product. Will share soon!

  9. Won’t be at Rhinebeck but I’m working on my Customfit sweater and I hope to be at Rhinebeck next year wearing it!

  10. It looks amazing. Congratulations on the launch, and good luck on everything at Rhinebeck.

  11. Congratulations on the launch! So excited that I have such current measurements, taken by you no less, to punch into the website. As soon as I get a second I’m gonna get my very own pattern and knit it up! Wish I was coming to Rhinebeck, Have fun!

  12. I can’t wait to make my first custom fit sweater! I’m doing a cardigan for myself

  13. Congratulations on the launch! The sweater is fantastic! I just generated my first Custom Fit pattern, based on the measurements we took last weekend. Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  14. Amy, it makes me a little sad to hear that you always knit the “Ms. average” sweaters for yourself while you teach us so much about fitting!
    I don’t know – maybe we wouldn’t mind if your waist sits an inch higher on your version, than the pattern produces 😉 You could maybe just mention that in the patterns?

    I love your custom fit sweater and hope you can knit sweaters that really fit YOU in the future too! I mean, this is crazy – we might all be walking around in gorgeous fitting sweaters but you, the guru of all, don’t! 🙂

  15. I signed up for my account. Not sure when I’ll take the plunge and start my own sweater but I think it will be soon!

  16. Great sweater! Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  17. Sighing with envy at those who can attend Rhinebeck! Should be a great weekend and I’ll look forward to photos. In the meantime, I’ll be working on my first Custom Fit sweater, as well as sewing the buttons on my Chimera (which is drop dead gorgeous and as far as I can tell without the buttons, fits me perfectly – a FIRST for my hand knit sweaters).

  18. Love your sweater! Love the Custom Fit website!

    I already created my first pattern. I love how simple it was, and how detailed the pattern is. I don’t have the yarn yet for that sweater. I’ll be at Rhinebeck Saturday, so I plan on finding some sweater yarn there – and then I can create my second pattern. I’m so excited!!!

    Thank you to you & to the elves for such a wonderful idea and website.

  19. Your sweater is perfect! I’m still dithering over yarn, the swatch and the actually pattern, but I can’t wait to take the jump!

  20. I didn’t even finish reading this entry before I went to sign up. 😀 Hope you make a million bucks!
    Your last picture cracked me up.

  21. Working on my cardigan. I can’t wait until its finished so I can wear it. Come on winter 🙂

  22. Amy, the Custom Fit recipe option is a GREAT idea. I’ve been really enthusiastic about CustomFit and am looking forward to my first cast on, but have been curious about how published patterns may come into play with it. Thank you.

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