Go, team!

I tend to think of myself as a fairly cautious, reserved person, in general. I like to observe, think, consider, and weigh options before I act. This summer, when I left my day job, I was taking an exceedingly rash plunge (at least for me). All through the whirlwind of the fall, through the insane launching of (essentially) a tech startup, and the post-launch shrinking of that startup to the teeny-tiniest of teams, and all of the trade shows and classes and CustomFit LYS launches, I subconsciously but steadfastly refused to think about what was actually going on: I was starting a business.

A very very small business, to be sure. But here we are, in 2014, coming up on 6 months since I last sat down at a corporate office desk. And while things are definitely still fledgling and fragile, I’m firmly planning to stay. And, hearing myself say that out loud, it seems past time to officially introduce you to the rest of the AHD team. You’ll be hearing a lot from them – in email, newsletters, here on the blog, in various other places. I want you to know a little more about their awesomeness.


Jackie: When I first started “getting serious” about this, Jackie had her own small business consulting practice. We met one other through knitting. I knew that before her current gig, she’d worked in big places like Andersen and Bain. So when I started thinking about maybe sort of kind of trying to devote my life to this field, I talked to her first.

I’m so glad I did. Not only is Jackie heart-and-soul instrumental for making all of this actually happen, working with her has given me a whole new perspective on our craft. Her craft experience – so different than mine – has taught me how “modern” knitters learn and explore their craft, what’s out there in terms of resources (and what’s not), what it’s like to decide you want to make things… …and then to go about learning how, with none of the resources I took for granted. Her observations on refining our craft are some of the things I’m most looking forward to sharing with you.


Lauren: First and foremost, Lauren is a dedicated sweater knitter. She’s knit tons of them, diving into modification-land with enthusiasm and skill. She also has an infectious laugh, social media and customer support experience, and a history of working within her passions, including running. (I wish I’d known myself half as well when I was in her place in life!) If you’re writing us with a question, chatting us up on Facebook or Twitter, or (heaven forbid) having a problem, you’ll likely talk with Lauren first.

She’s inquisitive, bright, and enthusiastic. She’s so enthusiastic about our craft, so enthusiastic about knitters, and is such a pleasure to work with. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Lauren – and her fabulous sweaters – either in person at events, or electronically. So please, reach out and say hello! (And look forward to a bunch of fabulous sweaters from Lauren in the year to come.)


Andromeda: I’ve known Andromeda since college, and have always been impressed by the breadth and depth of her curiosity. From classics to chemistry to her current passion of library science, Andromeda is interested in everything. I knew she’d recently taken up programming again and was considering consulting, so when we needed a top-notch developer to help us get CustomFit off the ground, and then continue to work with us on a much less intense basis, she was a natural choice. It’s tremendously fun to work with her. Though she won’t be as visibly present here, if something awesome is happening in CustomFit there’s a decent chance it’s because of her excellent work.

So, there’s our team–finally, belatedly introduced. As our fledgeling group grows, we’ll be sure to make proper introductions. And whether here or elsewhere, you’ll be hearing a lot more from all of them. We’re honored that you include us in your own craft journey, and can’t wait to see what the coming year has in store.

6 thoughts on “Go, team!

  1. I think you have a lot of courage to dive in entrepreneurship. Having a corporate job (as I have and waiting for baby #1 to arrive) is such a great security. I’m so happy for you that it is going and still going amazingly well! Keep up the good work!

  2. I’ve had the privilege of meeting you and Jackie. Looking forward to meeting Lauren some day. So, Andromeda is the Custom Fit elf? I’m not at all surprised, Amy, that you have surrounded yourself with a top notch team.

  3. I’m certainly *a* CustomFit elf 🙂 I’m not the only person who’s worked on code for the site (and in particular I am not the expert on the pattern-making code), but I’m one of the most consistent.

  4. I noticed that CustomFit has a booth at Stitches West — how exciting!! Will some or all of you be there?

    1. Yes! Amy, Jackie and I will be! More info on this to come ASAP!

      1. Any plans to come to Stitches Midwest in the fall?

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