CustomFit at Stitches West – Get Measured!

Amy, Jackie, and I are so excited to be going to Stitches West in just two weeks!

It’s special to each of us for different reasons — Stitches West was the first knitting show Amy ever went to, more than 10 years ago now; Jackie’s never been to a West Coast show before; and I love getting to show off how awesome the West Coast is to people from back east.

We’re excited to meet ALL of you, and chat about CustomFit. Don’t know about it? Have heard about it, but have questions? Just want the CustomFit team to walk you through things in person? Please come by – our booth is #1433/1435.

photo 1
Come see our happy sweater faces!

We’re really happy to be offering a few services in our booth that we can’t offer to everyone directly through the computer (though we wish we could!).

One of the most common things we hear from first-time CustomFit users is that it’s tough to know what choices you should make, that first time through the custom sweater wizard. (Sound familiar?) If you’re wondering what sweater choices you should make in CustomFit, or have been wanting to ask if a certain sweater might look good on you, or what changes you should make to it, Stitches West is your chance to do just that!

With the purchase of a CustomFit pattern code bundle (see below), you’ll also receive a personal consultation with Amy. She’ll talk with you about body shape, recommendations for which choices in CustomFit will flatter your figure, and pattern / recipe recommendations based on your shape & style.

The bundle sizes are:

  • Buy 4, get 1 free (5 pattern codes total) for $39.96
  • Buy 7, get 3 free (10 pattern codes total) for $69.93

It has been pretty fantastic having Amy as a resource in the past few months to sanity-check my own sweater choices. I think these personal consultations are a very cool way to offer that same “awesome knitter friend” help we all wished we had.

But as cool as that is, here’s the part I’m most excited about – measurement services! If you want to get started with CustomFit but you’re a little nervous about measuring yourself, or if your first CustomFit sweater didn’t turn out as well as you’d hoped and you suspect your measurements might be the cause, this is perfect for you. Having great measurements has given me much more confidence that my CustomFit sweaters would turn out perfectly. And they have! I recommend the experience above all else.

An upcoming sweater (it’s off the needles now).

We are offering measurement appointments for $20. These will all be scheduled for a specific time slot, to avoid the looooooong line that often accompanies our offering measurements. 


We sold out our original offering of 20 spots very quickly! After offering an additional 20 spots, we’re now closed for registration until Stitches. Don’t worry! We still have plenty of times available — to ensure you get one, come see us Thursday or Friday at Stitches.

And because we love you, and appreciate that you’re as passionate about sweaters as we are, we’re also giving away 3 measurement slots in advance to you, our lovely readers and followers.

We gave away the first slot to @Dataknitter on Twitter! Congrats Pat!

The winner in our Ravelry group was JeanneM! Congrats Jeanne!

Our final giveaway is taking place now on Instagram! Take a look at our photo here — it has all the details. Enter by Wednesday, February 19th at noon EST — take a photo and tag us @makewearlove so we can see it!

Can’t wait to see you in sunny Santa Clara. Who’s excited?

7 thoughts on “CustomFit at Stitches West – Get Measured!

  1. I made a mistake on my time requests. I need to choose Thurs. instead of Sat.

    1. Hey Ray,
      Go ahead and fill out the form again, would you? I want to make sure we have the correct records!


  2. I really want to schedule this, just a quick question. Can I assume that buying a bundle does not include the $20 for the pre-scheduled time?
    It seems that’s correct but just want to make sure 🙂 I’ll fill out the form either way


    1. oh and I guess how do i order the bundle? I’m definitely interested in getting one!

    2. Hey Britt, you can buy a bundle in person at Stitches! And you are correct; a pattern bundle does not include measurements. We know some folks are interested in buying either/or, so we split them up this time!

      Look forward to meeting you!

  3. Oooo! Filled out the form! Fingers crossed I can get in!!! I definitely need help, and my husband just doesn’t understand. See you in a couple of weeks! (I’m just a little excited…can you tell?)

  4. Ooooh. So excited!

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