Updates for all!

The last sun-splashed days of summer are slipping by here in New England, complete with leaves falling and chilly nights. I’m soaking up knitting on the patio as often as humanly possible, which makes for good knitting progress but pretty mediocre updates here. So I have a bunch of updates to share with you today! To make the inevitable list less boring, read through to the end to get a chance to win some yummy yarn!

The first updates are to our Maker plans.

We got lots of great feedback right off the bat about the new Maker plans — thank you so much for all of your honest and thoughtful comments, and your patience as we worked to make these plans better match what you want from CustomFit. Thanks to your feedback, the plans have now changed!

Maker-ScreenShot-3 Maker-ScreenShot-2 Maker-ScreenShot-1

(From left to right: Screenshots of Maker Central, the recipes page, and the designs page.)

We definitely heard that people were interested both in:

  • Allowing everyone to knit all of the designs we build into the site, and
  • The Maker plans being a way to purchase patterns at a discount.

So, here are the new details for the maker plans:

  • All Makers will still get exclusive access to Maker Central
  • All Makers will still get free access to (all) AHD recipes

And the pattern details are now:

  • At $4.99/month, Makers now get 8 patterns per year (placed automatically in your account on the original Maker Plus dates), plus one free sweater credit at sign-up
  • At $7.99/month, those at the Maker Plus level will now enjoy unlimited patterns. (Please note that this is intended for personal and individual knitter use only.)

Everyone at any level (Basic, Maker, and Maker Plus) will have access both to the currently-featured designs and the full design archive. See the ever-growing list of sweaters that are built into the site on our designs page.

We hope you like the new Maker terms! We’re all really, really excited about CustomFit, the changes we have planned, and are definitely working very hard to make the site even better. Please also know that we’re also a tech startup in our first year, and CustomFit (at this point) is pretty far from being able to pay for itself. This means two things, really: First, thanks for your continued patience and support, and for inviting us along on your sweater journeys. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Second, the best way you can help all of the fun CustomFit improvements happen is to tell others about the site, and become a Maker yourself if you’re so inclined.


Second on the update front: Where’s Amy going to be this fall?

If I’m distracted from updates in general, I’m downright lousy about letting you all know where I’ll be, and when! Here’s a quick list of where I’ll be over the next couple of months:


Third and finally, on the update front: My SSKAL sweater.

Despite plenty of knitting this summer, my poor SSKAL tank has languished!


In fact… even though I’m still really excited about the concept (relaxed fit, casual silk tank with a mesh front), I’m clearly running out of hot, summer days on which to implement this whole wardrobe plan. So I’ve been thinking:

What if I added some sleeves?

I have the yarn, they’ll be quick to whip up in Stockinette, and will give me a piece I can wear further into the coming season. On the other hand, they change my original vision. So I thought I should ask you!

Should I keep the tank as originally envisioned, or make it into a sweater with sleeves? Which would you wear more?

Please leave a comment letting me know which option you’re more excited to see by Thursday August 28. On Friday, August 29, we’ll draw a random number out of a hat and send someone a fall sweater sampler pack:


This is just a collection of one hank each of a number of different sweater yarns, to play around with. They range from fingering to bulky, include a variety of fibers and constructions, and should offer lots of fun sweater daydreams. Swatch them up and see what you think! Included are one hank each of: Rowan Felted Tweed Aran, Harrisville Designs WATERshed, Shibui linen, Blue Sky Alpacas Techno, Quince and Co Tern, and Green Mountain Spinnery Alpaca Elegance.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on what I should do with my sweater – and stay tuned later this week to see who won, and my first fall design release!

172 thoughts on “Updates for all!

  1. I say yes to sleeves. You could do short sleeves if you want to wear it while it’s still warm.

  2. I say keep it as originally planned. You may not be able to wear it now, but what a pleasant surprise when warm spring days come along, and you have a new sweater to wear. It’s like finding a 20$ bill in a jacket come winter

  3. Definitely leave it as originally planned. There’s always next summer! πŸ™‚ For me, I’d add sleeves, as I never wear tanks, but that’s just me. LOL!

  4. Leave it as planned, summer comes every year.

  5. I say add sleeves, but that’s just me; I’m usually chilly (and the climate here is rarely warm enough for sleeveless tops). I think it would be gorgeous either way!

  6. I think some elbow or 3/4 length sleeves would be perfect. you could wear it in spring, early and late summer, and fall. It would be a great garment for layering in winter too! Sounds like the perfect New England sweater to me!

  7. I would add sleeves, but then I don’t really do sleeveless. Especially if you already have enough yarn.

  8. Great news all around! And yes to the sleeves. Otherwise you’d be unlikely to wear it until next year. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. I would suggest adding sleeves as it would make the garment more versatile. And I say that because I am more of a sweater girl…. πŸ™‚

  10. Definitely no sleeves, wait til next year. You have other sweaters with sleeves, right? πŸ˜‰

  11. I say keep it as a tank. Think how nice it will be to have something new next summer.

  12. No sleeves, and wear a cute jacket over it!

  13. Stick with your original vision and keep plugging away on it to get it finished, then put it away till next summer. You’ll be so happy to have a new top, and no effort will be required!

  14. I say yes to sleeves. Very pretty.

  15. Tank! You can layer it, and next summer you can enjoy it as is.

  16. Leave it as a tank and wear a blazer over it if you want to wear it in the colder months πŸ™‚

  17. I’m inclined to say leave it the same. The mesh means you will have to layer it any way. Unless you like shorter sleeves?

  18. I vote for adding sleeves. You can always knit another tank when the weather warms up but if you aren’t excited about it now maybe a little change in design will be just the thing to spark a renewed interst in finishing.

  19. I love the colour, but to me it’s more of an autumn/spring colour, so I say elbow length sleeves. But then I love Arm candy on you. πŸ™‚

    1. Mods, please delete this post. I posted twice a few hours apart, because I misunderstood that this thread was moderated. (The other post uses the same email address).

  20. I say leave it or add short sleeves. Summer and warm weather will come back.

  21. Sleeves! I’d wear the heck out of that sweater this autumn.

  22. I’d leave it as planned with no sleeves, useful as a layering piece then which is how I like to live through winter.

  23. I would definitely add sleeves at this time of year–what’s cooler than a new pullover to celebrate fall?! 3/4 sleeves might work nicely! Can’t wait to see it on you!

  24. Make the sleeves! I would love to see how they turn out, especially if they’re stockinette. Also, being a New England girl, I think you’d get a lot more use if it had sleeves. Elbow or 3/4 sleeves would be brilliant!

  25. Keep it as intended. Warm weather will come around again. And as it is loose fit, maybe you will be able to wear it as a vest over a shirt as well.

  26. I vote for stockinette 3/4 length sleeves. Perfect for a Fall layer.

  27. Three-quarter or elbow sleeves– kind of splitting the difference. πŸ™‚

  28. Sleeveless and wear it as a vest during the fall/winter and then you’ll be all set for next summer

  29. Keep it as planned, it’ll be a nice bonus for next summer.

  30. Definitely YES to sleeves! You’ve missed the boat for this summer so now you’ll have all winter to make a tank without sleeves! xxx

  31. My opinion: Leave it as it is. No to sleeves for a silky yarn. It is a wonderful summer tank and in the meantime you can wear it as a layer. πŸ™‚

  32. Can you wear it as a tank with a shirt underneath or a Cardigan over it during winter? If not I’d probably add sleeves.

  33. I think you should leave it as planned, there’s always next year!

  34. I vote add sleeves, both because I think going with inspiration is how the artistic process works and because I think it would be a more versatile piece.

  35. Short sleeves would make this an all season garment–cool enough to wear alone in summer, but with layers wearable in winter too.

  36. If it was up to me I would add sleeves.

  37. I would get much more wear out of a shoulder season wardrobe piece than a tank. You can rock it either way.

  38. I like it better as a tank…..

  39. In the spirit of the Right to Bare Arms, I would leave it as a tank. Itβ€˜s beautiful and would make such a nice layering piece spring thru fall. Um…will we see a recipe for this soon? ;>

  40. I’d wear a sweater with sleeves much more often. It looks great so far though!

  41. I think no sleeves. You could wear the tank under an unbuttoned shirt or cardigan.

  42. As a sister New Englander,I have strong hope that winter will be short and summer here again before we know it. Go for the hope, and keep it as a tank!

  43. Keep it a tank – it’s a great layering piece. Under a blazer, as others have mentioned, or over a long-sleeved shirt. (Am I aging myself by getting all nostalgic over the fab vests I wore over long-sleeve button-down shirts in high school?)

  44. No sleeves: you’re almost done!

  45. My thoughts? As it’s a mesh front, leave it sleeveless and wear as a vest with collared shirt! Can take you from dog days of summer into Fall πŸ™‚

  46. I’m liking the thought of sleeves, maybe 3/4 sleeves, so it would be multi-seasonal… Cooler summer knits right through to warm-ish winter days…

  47. I love Gillian’s idea of wearing it as a vest. And someone mentioned wearing a jacket or blazer over top too. So I guess my vote is keep it as planned. No sleeves! πŸ™‚

  48. Since I am from the Finger Lakes (NY) which has weather much like New England, I’d add sleeves, elbow or 3/4. The suggestions of leaving it as a tank ready for next summer or for layering this winter are tempting, but I will stick with suggesting adding sleeves.

  49. I love it as a tank! I have the same problem with a plain tank I am almost finished with. I missed the summer this year, but there is always next year. Now to make myself finish it!

  50. Finish it as is and wear it on the first hot day of summer 2015!

  51. For me, I would say yes to sleeves. I would get more wear out of it that way. But I don’t have as many sweaters as you probably do. So for you, leave it as originally planned and layer it.

  52. Do the sleeves – get the instant gratification. However – I would do some sleeves that provide me with the option of layering the sweater through the colder months and wearing it in late Spring / early Summer!

  53. I think you should add sleeves. I love the pattern and think sleeves would make it more useful for you. Now, if you lived where I live, you would keep it a tank! So much for sweaters in So. Cal!

  54. Love the blue color of your yarn! I say leave it as is. It’ll be a versatile piece that you can wear over a blouse/tee or under a jacket. Then, next summer, you can still wear it as a tank. Whichever you choose, I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous!

  55. I don’t really wear sweater-style tank tops or vests, so I would almost certainly add sleeves! I love how it’s turning out, though!

  56. I’d leave it as a tank – you can layer in fall/spring and wear it alone next summer!

  57. I say finish it as a sleeveless tank. I am always finishing things “after the season” – nice to have something waiting for next year!

  58. Keep it sleeveless. Warm days will come again!

  59. I think that 3/4 sleeves would allow you to extend the use, and would look smashing.

  60. Keep it as a tank. I rarely finish things in the proper season, and it’s so nice to have something ‘new’ when the next season rolls around. If you absolutely can’t wait to wear it, layer it.

  61. I say yes to sleeves. It gives you more options to wear it and you don’t have to wait until next summer!

  62. The color is just BEAUTIFUL. I think the tank would be nice and like others have said, you can always layer it in the fall.

  63. I’d go for ΒΎ length sleeves for a nice summer into fall transition piece. That way you can wear it now with a variety of options: alone or blouse, tank or camisole underneath. And it will be a nice early spring to summer transition piece in a few months. πŸ™‚

  64. I suggest going with sleeves to make it a more multi-seasonal sweater.

  65. I would add a short or cap sleeve. It can be worn all year adding a camisole, shirt or turtle neck as needed.

  66. I think adding short sleeves would make a lovely sweater to transition to later fall, making your sweater span a longer time ,spring as well. Happy knitting.

  67. Interesting responses. If it was for myself, I would add sleeves. I am more likely to wear it, as I frequently get cool. I also need more sweaters and layering pieces to add to my closet. What works for you, and what does your wardrobe need? Are you in more need of summer tops or early spring/fall pieces?

  68. I think that you should stay with the original design. Could it be worn and a vest over other items for the coming fall? Carol

  69. That blue, that silk, it definitely needs to stay a tank. Finish it and you will love it for many summers to come.

  70. I’d add 3/4-length sleeves to be able to wear it more often but that’s just me. I’m “of a certain age” and only do sleeveless tops with another layer or wear them at home so I’d wear a sweater with sleeves much more often. That color is wonderful!

    Amy, I love what you are doing with your sweater-fitting software and Maker Central. I immediately signed up for the maker level and might upgrade to maker plus later. It’s amazing how many garments one can knit when all you have to do is knit and not worry about the fit! Thanks so much.

  71. I’d go for short sleeves. That way you can wear it for more of the year. Around here, that’d work for a lot of the summer too!

  72. If it’s mesh, you’ll probably want to wear it over something anyway, so leave it as a tank and layer it over a shirt or top for now. I wear vests layered over shirts or 3/4 sleeve shells all year! Just like the look I guess…and it keeps me from getting too warm, as it just keeps the core warm in the winter and leaves my arms free. Much more comfortable except on the coldest days…

  73. I love your summer shell, and think you should keep it as planned – sleeveless. Even if you don’t get much wear this season – it will be fresh next year, and you’ll appreciate it even more.

  74. Sleeves, definitely sleeves!

  75. My suggestion would be to complete the tank as originally designed. Then for your fall project, design a matching cardigan, perhaps with mesh panels down the length of the sleeves. The vertical lines would be flattering on you and you would extend the wear seasons for the top.

  76. As a bicoastal sweater wearer (Boston/LA) I would say leave it as planned. You can always make a nice cardi to accompany it in the winter! Always best to stay with your original plan!

  77. Keep it as a tank and wear it with a blazer.

  78. I’m not certain how happy you’d be with it becoming a full garment: most of your clothing is made to fit more closely and this doesn’t have the amount of shaping you usually implement. For summer wear I could see you wearing a less fitted tank-top in warm, humid months – I wouldn’t want all of this work to languish in a drawer!
    For myself I go w/a full pullover – for you, with this shaping β€”not so much…….

  79. I’d put in sleeves, but if you wear vests, then you could keep it a tank & wear a shirt under.

  80. I vote for sleeves–3/4 or longer. Since it is silk and has a mesh pattern you would be able to wear it in more seasons than not.

  81. I say yes to sleeves!

  82. Stay with the tank version. I always go with my first instinct. When I change midstream I usually regret it.

  83. I say keep the tank you’re almost done! Finished knitting projects are always rewarding. Use the extra yarn to make a shrug with sleeves. Or make a sweater in complementary colors to go with the shell tank. Layering is always a good option.

  84. I say yes to sleeves, while its nice to have a finished object to put aside for close to a year, the joy of getting to enjoy it in just a couple of months seems strong. Maybe shorter sleeves, 3/4 or so so it can get a fall to winter workout.

  85. Wow you’re so close to completion. I love what you’ve knitted so far and would not want to wait to wear it if it were me. Since it is getting colder, add sleeves so you can wear it now, but I would do short sleeves so you can wear it through fall and then again in the spring. Short sleeves would not take quite as long to knit as long sleeves giving you more instant gratification. Then next spring/summer make another one without sleeves.

  86. I wouldn’t alter the original plan: If I would add sleeves (despite having more sweaters with sleeves than tanks which would be a point against sleeves) I would be surprised by the next summer and decide then that I would need a tank πŸ™‚ And chances are good that would start the whole circle again. Hence, finish the tank and start a autumn sweater after that πŸ˜‰

  87. I say leave it as a tank, summer will come back next year and in the meantime, you can always layer under it for fall wear.

  88. The relaxed fit is the only thing that’s making me think keep it as a tank.

  89. I like it without sleeves!

  90. Keep it as a tank so you’ll have something “new” for the next warm season. Think how nice it will be to have something already completed.

  91. I would go with adding the sleeves. That way you can wear it in 3 of the 4 seasons.

  92. I suspect that you probably own more cold weather knits than warm weather knits. Therefore, I say, stick to the original plan. You may not be wearing it all the time in the immediate future (although you can wear it indoors!), but you will have a lovely silk tank to wear as soon as the weather warms up in the spring. Plus, you will be finished sooner and can move on to another project!

  93. I vote for leaving it as originally planned!

  94. IΒ΄d add sleeves but not full length. Or maybe if thereΒ΄s enough yarn stay with the tank and knit a cute little jacket for a twin set. That could be quite versatile.

  95. I vote for sweater with sleeves because of personal preference, but maybe the tank fits an open gap in your wardrobe. I find that I don’t wear the one knitted tank I have; if it’s cold enough for a knit, sleeves are needed. I love the color.

  96. Since I only wear tank tops underneath sweaters or jackets, I’d add sleeves. But if your wardrobe and lifestyle allow you to wear tanks without freezing in the summer air conditioning, I’d stick with your original vision.

  97. Why not give the option for both? A finished armhole for the sleeveless option and a long and lovely sleeve for those who choose it. We love choices! And we love your designs!!

  98. I think you should leave it as a tank. That’s what you originally planned and wanted to wear. This way it will be ready to enjoy right at the beginning of next summer.

  99. I’m having the same issue with my summer tank. But I decided that it will work as a layering vest for fall/winter and then I’ll still have a summer top for next year. So my vote is for keeping to your original plan. It’s going to be gorgeous in any case!

  100. I say keep it as a tank. You’ll be happy next summer when it’s all made and ready to go. Who knows, maybe you’ll have some tropical winter getaway also.

  101. Keep it as a tank. Even if you have to wait until spring/summer to wear it, stick to your vision. πŸ™‚

  102. I’d keep it as a tank that I might also use as a vest in cooler weather. But I live in the U.S. Southeast, where the climate is warmer than in New England.

  103. I’ll bet it will look fabulous under a jacket, and wouldn’t it be great to have a start on summer 2015? I’d say keep it as a tank!

  104. Love the idea of this as a sleeved sweater. More season versatile! Beautiful!

  105. No need to decide yet. You’re so close to finishing the front, then just baste the shoulders and pop it on and let it tell you what it wants to be!
    With the relaxed fit, it could be great as a year-round layering piece. Over a tank when it’s warm, and over a sleeved blouse or top when it’s cool.
    Looking forward to the FO!

  106. I think it will be a stunning tank–and just as stunning with sleeves if you decide to go that route! I like the idea of it worn over a shirt of some kind, rather like a vest–and I think you said it’s loose fitting. I’m anxious to know if waist shaping will work with that lovely pattern stitch

  107. I vote for sleeves πŸ™‚

  108. Have you thought about making a detached cowl that could be worn with the sweater and layering it? Then leaving it with a tank will give you the summer option as well.

  109. I say no sleeves, then you have the option to layer it with short or long sleeved shirts underneath. Gorgeous colour!

  110. I love my CF silk Scoop Neck Tank. Everyone should have a CF silk tank in their wardrobe. So I vote leave it. Well actually finish it as planned.

  111. Add sleeves!

  112. I would add sleeves, for sure. Probably 3/4 sleeves just because I always push my sweater sleeves up! That color is gorgeous!

  113. Keep it sleeveless. The color is gorgeous and will fit right in with our beautiful indian summer fall days. Wear it with a little jacket:)

  114. I vote for sleeves. But I’m not really a big fan of knit tanks so I may be a little biased. πŸ˜‰

  115. My vote is sleeveless. You’ll be ready for next summer and in the meantime can use it as a layer over a dress or collared shirt.

  116. Another vote for sleeves (from a knitter seaming her Jackaroo for first fall wear)!

  117. I vote no sleeves. Wear it under a jacket to wear it into early autumn.

  118. I say finish it as planned and have a wonderful “new ” sweater all ready to wear that first warm day next spring/summer. If you can’t wait till then it will be a great vest this fall !

  119. Keep the tank! It will be a wonderful jump start to the season.

  120. Sleeves make the sweater span more seasons in my way of thinking but then we don’t usually wear too many sweaters here in the the hot Southern summers. The stockinette sleeves will look really good against the texture of the body of the current tank.

  121. Being almost 70, try not to allow floppy wing arms out in the open to flap! I therefore encourage adding sleeves!

  122. I would probably add sleeves, but I might do them in the mesh or with a mesh panel up the length. Wearable in cooler weather, but not too warm in the summer.

  123. Leave it as a tank. You could wear something under or over the tank.

  124. I also vote leave as planned. If it has a relaxed fit, you might be able to wear it as a vest outside of the summer?

  125. Leave it sleeveless! I think good sleeveless patterns are really hard to find–they’re either too skimpy/sporty or too boring. This is just right as is!

  126. Maybe it’s that your project reminds me of the Carpino sweater I’m working on, but I think it would look great with stockinette sleeves. You can’t go wrong either way!

  127. Keep it sleeveless…and wear it layered under things when it’s too cold for bear arms.

  128. I would keep it a tank. You could still wear it in cooler weather by throwing a cute jacket over it!

  129. I say go with the sleeves. It would be great for summee evenings or fall/winter indoor wear.

  130. I agree that the tank would be a nice summer top and could also be worn with a jacket over it to stretch the season. The mesh part seems to lend itself to the tank.

  131. I would keep it as is. It’ll be great to have next summer.

  132. A tank in that luscious shade of blue silk would pair beautifully with a summer skirt. The tank would also look striking and flattering over a white cotton bouse or knit top paired with jeans, pants or shorts. Keep it as a tank!

  133. I love the tank, but wearing sweaters longer and through more seasons is better. Add 3/4 length sleeves, like Afterlight.

  134. Follow your original plan. It will be a lovely tank for next summer.

  135. I vote tank… I think you should keep to the original vision! You could pair the tank with a jean jacket or other jacket to make use of it in the fall/spring!

  136. Add elbow length sleeves – I think they’d be rather elegant in that lace pattern, and the yarn looks a little heavy for the sort of weather in which I wear tank tops.

  137. I say keep the tank – it seems sweaters are so traditional, it’s nice to have something different and summery in a hand knit!

  138. I think you envisioned this yarn nit up into a tank for a reason. I think you should stick with your original plan. Hopefully there will be a few Indian Summer days this fall once it’s done where you can wear it. If not, you’ll have a beautiful tank waiting for next summer.

  139. I love the colour but to me it seems more of a spring/autumn colour, so I say add elbow length sleeves, like Arm Candy (which looks so good on you).

  140. See you in Chicago! I’m taking two of your classes!!!

  141. I think short sleeves. You can wear it alone or with a long sleeved shirt underneath.

  142. I like the sleeve option, but I generally avoid tank tops anyway. Maybe not full length sleeves, though.

  143. I say stick with the original plan. Even if you don’t get to wear it this year, it’ll be like a present (or a surprise) next year.

  144. Leave it as a tank, layer it this fall and look forward to wearing it as something almost new early next summer.

  145. I say add sleeves! I would certainly get more wear out of a top with sleeves, if it were me. And then maybe you’ll get excited about it again!

  146. Love it the way it is! Just think of how versatile it is as a vest, use it to layer or wear it under a jacket! Then, come spring and summer, wear it sleeveless. I am now inspired to make one with some great silk ribbon.

  147. I would leave it as a tank, you can always later it with an open cardi over it!

  148. I say make it with sleeves, I think it would be really pretty as a sweater.

  149. My vote would be to leave it as a tank as originally planned, even sleeveless it could be worn as a vest over a longer sleeved shirt this winter πŸ™‚

  150. With the open design you’re using, I say stick with the original plan. I produce more fall and winter sweaters than summer tanks and tees. Even if the weather cools off quicker than expected, you will certainly have a beautiful item when the weather warms again. Something to look forward to then you can say, Yea Me!

  151. No sleeves and call it a vest from October 1 to March 31.

  152. I say add sleeves. I think 3/4 length sleeves would be nice for fall.

  153. Go for! Add the sleeves and make something you can wear now. Then start another tank and surely you’ll have it done be spring! πŸ˜‰

  154. I tend to favor multi-season clothes, so I personally would add sleeves. With sleeves, you can wear it three seasons out of four, whereas a tank, by itself, is only wearable for one. However, it’s your garment and your vision, so go with whatever works best for you. It’s quite lovely, even unfinished!

  155. I think your original vision is lovely, so I say no sleeves! How exciting that first warm summer day when you can pull it out to wear will be πŸ™‚

  156. I think I would stick with the original plan since that is what inspired you to knit it in the first place. No matter how much you wear or don’t wear it now (upon completion), you’ll have an awesome tank for next summer!

  157. Oops posted on wrong blog. I’d suggest 3/4 sleeves, I think they would look lovely.

  158. I also think you should continue with your original idea. Since it’s mesh, it’s already a summer or layering type top.

    Actually, if you feel so inclined, you could add sleeves, but also include directions for no sleeves, so we could choose whether to leave the sleeves off or include them on our own. Best of both worlds. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the giveaway. Those yarns all sound lovely.

  159. Leave it sleeveless. Wear as a vest over a long sleeve shirt or under a blazer in fall and winter. Sleeveless tank for summer.

  160. I’d go with sleeves, but that’s because even though I love the idea of a tank, I wouldn’t wear it! But you could layer it as a vest, with or without the sleeves.

    Thank you for the contest!

  161. No sleeves. Next summer will be here before you know it, and an Indian summer is right around the corner…

  162. Leave it as a tank! You do so few of those and I think the lace pattern will shine better in a tank.
    (come to me my pretties…. yum! Thank you for the generous prize)

  163. I would add sleeves, but I’m not a big fan of tanks… And if you add sleeves, you won’t have to wait until next summer to wear it! πŸ˜‰

  164. I’d probably leave it sleeveless, so you can wear it next summer, or as a layering piece with a tailored shirt or a long sleeved tee.

  165. I say stay with the original design. I think it could make a nice layering piece as well.

  166. I’d definitely add sleeves, but then I almost never wear anything sleeveless.

  167. My vote is for short or 3/4 sleeves, but it’s beautiful either way. I’m racing to finish a summer knit so I can wear it a few times this season!

  168. Personally, I would make the sweater as originally planned. It will be ready to go when warm weather returns, and you will probably be happy for something new to wear in the new season. And, you could always put it on over a long sleeve t-shirt for this fall.

  169. Sleeves, little cute cap sleeves maybe?

  170. I would add sleeves just because I do not like left over yarn but, if you have another use for the yarn, leave it as a tank and layer it for use now.

  171. Thumbs up for short sleeves!

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