Sweater Week: I’m a Copycat

My involvement, and eventual employment, with CustomFit began because I’m a copycat.

When I saw Jackie’s gorgeous Alpha sweater, I knew I loved it. Though she’s smaller than I am, and I’m a good six inches taller, we have a similar shape — broad shoulders, a small bust, a preference for longer sweaters. Fortunately for me, Jackie was gracious enough to let me know what options she chose in CustomFit!

So I started knitting away, copying this sweater…


And by the time I finished, not only did I have a sweater I loved, but I worked for the company that created it too!


I’m not a knitwear designer, and don’t have much of a desire to be — it’s so much more fun to let others come up with the ideas. And luckily for me, I work for one! This means, nearly a year after I started working for CustomFit and Amy Herzog designs, I’m coming full circle: it’s time to copycat Amy! My third sweater for the Fall Festival KAL uses the same design elements as one of her upcoming patterns … even down to the colorway of the yarn.


And even though Amy and I have very different body types, when I tried on her sweater I was surprised by how great it looked on me! The sweater is done, but I’m not happy with the cowl, so I’ll be ripping while my colleagues are off at Rhinebeck. I’ll share final photos when I have them!  In the meantime, here’s a teaser…


3 thoughts on “Sweater Week: I’m a Copycat

  1. It all seems to be about a great fit, Lauren. For you AND the sweaters! We’re lucky you joined the team.

  2. So nice to know there are other women out there who are not so well endowed. It makes a big difference in the way a sweater drapes. Both models look fabulous!

  3. You’re right. I DO love that sweater! It’s going to look amazing on you. <3

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