Drumlin Cardigan

How is your Cardipalooza cardi coming along? I’m pretty excited about the one I just cast on, but I’ve actually already got a couple of cardigans to share with you!

The first is the Drumlin Cardigan:


Cardigans are such essential sweaters for most of us, aren’t they? The design for this one started when Clara Parkes and I were discussing what makes for a quintessential cardigan. I’d just received a sweater quantity of her (then-new) Cormo 2.0**, which is such a fantastic sweater yarn. We started bouncing around thoughts and descriptors:

Great indoors and out. Comfortable, but not baggy. Shaped, but not tight. Versatile in terms of layering. Pockets a plus.

I spent some time sketching, and swatching, and fiddling with my sketches a bit. The design is pretty simple:




But I’m also finding the sweater to be pretty much infinitely wearable. Our weather has warmed up a bit this week, and I’ve been wearing this every day instead of a jacket. I’ve worn it with a long-sleeved T-shirt, as in the pattern photos. I’ve worn it over a thin henley store-bought sweater that I love. I’ve worn it over a giant cowl-neck tunic, and over a button-down. And it’s risen to the challenge most admirably. (Also, the fabric is looking lovely even after so much hard wear – a little fuzzed, but not a pill in sight.) And by the way – I worked the edge shaping on this sample 3 stitches in from the edge, slanting against the edge being shaped – but of course, you can shape however you’d like.

I’ve built Drumlin right into CustomFit, so you can get your own perfectly-suited cardigan without having to worry about fit modifications or matching anyone else’s gauge.

If you were not able to purchase Cormo 2.0 while it existed, any worsted-spun, traditional wool yarn will make a great substitute. For a commercially-available yarn that will produce an extremely similar final product, try Imperial Yarns Tracie Too.

The exquisite buttons on this sweater were created by Melissa Jean Handknit Design and are highly recommended.

Are you cardi-inspired? What will you use to make your own Drumlin?

**(P.S. – in re: another sweater I’ll be sharing with you shortly, you probably want to sign up to be notified when Clara releases new yarn. Link here. Just sayin’.)

7 thoughts on “Drumlin Cardigan

  1. i have that yarn in that color. Have been waiting for the perfect pattern and this is it..Now I just need those buttons.

  2. This cardigan truly has it all and it looks like a dream!

  3. I truly appreciate your links to where you find beautiful buttons and yarns!! The buttons on this cardigan make it truly handmade in all aspects!!!

  4. I agree with just about everything you’re saying about cardigans. However, I really hate drafts on the back of my neck, so I love collars of all sorts. I’m really hoping that you create some patterns or ideas or something on custom fit that addresses this issue.

  5. Hi Amy,

    Lovely cardigan, I’m feeling an instant need to knit it.

    One point of clarification, though. You mention ‘worsted-weight’ yarn in your post about this. On the Ravelry page for this pattern it says both ‘DK/ 8ply’ and ‘worsted weight’ yarn. Here in Australia we think of worsted-weight as 10 ply. My stash and I are therefore confused about what to search for to knit this. Can your clarify please?

    Thanks so much for the beautiful designs that you share with us. One of my ‘when I grow up’ (I’m already 35) dreams is to knit as beautifully as you one day. Thanks.

  6. Happroximately how many skeins of the moorit would be needed to make a standard size small drumlin?
    Thank you.

  7. I am currently spinning up 500g of superfine shetland to knit a sweater with and have been searching for months for the right pattern. Now I have found it! Maybe this is what I need to get my spinning mojo back. Thanks Amy (and team).

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