Is it still Cardipalooza if we’re not knitting cardigans?

It’s a busy time at AHD! In addition to the Knitter’s Toolbox app coming out very, very soon, we’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes. Amy is traveling for a few big events in a row and meeting a lot of knitters. Jackie and I (Lauren) are nailing down final details for the Make. Wear. Love. Retreat next week. And everyone is knitting, of course!

But despite the fact that it’s Cardipalooza right now, both Amy and I are madly knitting away to finish pullovers. Amy’s got a very full design plate this spring, and it started with a whole slew of pullovers. She’s into cardis now, though — and here’s a sneak preview. (And if you’re at Yarnover this weekend, ask her about the sweater on the needles!)


As for me, I’m kind of a mint green aficionado. I acquire items in mint green like they’re going out of style: a rain jacket, my favorite pair of shoes, 5 colors of nail polish… and of course, yarn:


Lucky me, I’m knitting this Anzula Squishy (in Minty Unicorn, the Yarnover Truck’s exclusive colorway) up into a lacy pullover you’ll see very soon. Unlucky for me, it’s at 7.5 stitches per inch on size 2 needles. With a deadline.


(Now you see why it’s been so quiet around here!)

Amy’s working on a lacy pullover as well, as part of the same collection. I haven’t seen it in person yet, but here’s a little sneak preview to share:


This design will be released around the same time as the one I’m knitting. I think most of you will be very surprised by this design … it’s something new from Amy that you haven’t seen before. Look for both of these sweaters plus one more in mid-May!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a new Amy sweater to knit and you simply can’t wait, you’re in luck! The most recent Twist Collective features Seawillow, a boatneck. The yarn is delightful — Manos del Uruguay’s blend of cotton and alpaca, in a springy light pink that’s perfect for layering over a sundress. (Or under a raincoat, if your weather is anything like mine right now…)


Are you playing by the #cardipalooza rules? Or are you a #pulloverpalooza rebel like us? Share with us in the KAL thread on Ravelry!

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