Knitter’s Toolbox: Now Available

Thanks to all of you, so much, for your lovely comments and questions about our preview of Knitter’s Toolbox. I’m now very very excited to share that it’s available in the iTunes App Store for just $4.99:


I hope you’re as excited as we are! We’ll be releasing videos on how to use Knitter’s Toolbox to simplify your knitting life over the next couple of weeks, but today I thought I’d just share some quotes from the people who have had preview access to the app:

“This app simplifies everyday knitting calculations. Saves tons of time manually calculating buttonhole placement and number of stitches to pick up. The shaping calculator is my favorite. I find I often have to adjust the sleeves of sweaters I knit. The shaping calculator makes it so much faster. I enter the number of stitches I want at the wrist, the number of stitches I want at the armhole, and the number of rows in my sleeve and the app calculates the spacing of all of my sleeve increases. So much faster than using an ordinary calculator. Since it calculates both increases or decreases, it will also be amazing for calculating waist shaping. I am very happy to have this handy tool in my pocket!” –Kelly

“Great app! 4 calculators in one is crazy valuable.” –Hannah

“Such a beautiful and handy app to have at my fingertips! I love to knit and this app lets me spend more time doing just that: knitting instead of doing knitting math. The buttonhole spacer takes all my second guessing about button placement away. Perfect buttonhole placement every time. The shaping calculator lets me make sweater mods confidently on the fly and even helps me check my math on new design ideas. Also use it to calculate gauge or how many stitches to pick up for perfect edges.” –Kim

“The app is great. The buttonhole calculator is very handy! And everything works like a charm.” –Kirsten

Really, no matter what kind of project you’re working on, Knitter’s Toolbox can help.

So tell us: Which calculator will you use most often?



24 thoughts on “Knitter’s Toolbox: Now Available

  1. ooooh! I can see already that I’m going to need this!

  2. I’m curious about the rationale behind prioritizing an iOS app over an Android one. I understand that releasing both at the same time isn’t an option unless you have a lot of time/resources (and AHD/CF doesn’t have that luxury right now). Was the decision based on number of users of each device (presumably in the US, since the US isn’t a representative sample of the world)? Ease of coding? Requirements/restrictions of the App Store versus the Play Store? Your personal preference for Apple products? I’ve been trying to research why there is a tendency to release apps for iOS first, but most of the articles I’ve found are woefully out of date. I’d love to know how the decision was weighed for your app.

    1. I could be wrong about this. But have read that paid for apps do better on apple than android and that they are less likely to be hacked on apple. Ive also heard it is more expensive to have an app on apple. Also it is always easier to design an app for 4 phones (6, 6+, 5s, 5) that are not that much different in processor, size etc than the many many different phones that android possess (from your cheap $40 low end display and processor phone to your expensive large processor and display $1000 phone and all the many many inbetween made by 5+ different manufactors).

  3. Your new tool is fantastic! I am a knitting teacher in Montreal and I was wondering if you consider offering a French version in a near future (would be pleased to help in the translation/validation process). I am sure that many of my “senior” students would love it.

  4. I would totally LOVE to use this app but I have an Android phone. I feel so disappointed when I see a new app advertised because I know almost for certain that it won’t be one I can use. I really hope you can release one for the rest of us soon.

  5. I, too, am disappointed that there is no Android version of this app. After all, there are many more Android users than Apple.

  6. I am also disappointed that this is not available for Android.

  7. Why does it seem that the interesting apps are all released for the iPhone? There are a lot of us out here who have Android devices (and will never have an iPhone!) and feel very left out of the conversation. I would love to have access to this app. Just how lone will we have to wait??

  8. So excited to use this app! I’ve purchased it and can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much for creating it for us!

  9. And I’m excited for you! I’ll be even more excited when there’s an Android version.

  10. […] handy new App released by Amy Herzog and the MakeWearLove team called Knitter’s Toolbox is a collection of knitting calculators that you may enjoy! Included in the app: button hole […]

  11. I’d like an android version, too. Just because I can’t afford an IOS device, Do I need to come last?

  12. Android please!

  13. I do not have iPhone, iPad, tablet, etc. I have a regular, old-fashioned PC. Would this app run on a PC?

  14. Will this app run on a regular PC?

  15. Hi everyone-

    I completely understand your disappointment! Please, first, know that since the beginning, it has been our plan to make an Android version. It *will* happen, full stop.

    But just in case you want a glimpse into why the Apple and Android versions didn’t come out at the same time, I thought it might also be helpful to share a little bit more.

    First, the technical constraints: When you’re developing an app, there’s no “make it available on multiple platforms!” button. Any app that is available both on Android and on the iTunes App store has been developed, from the ground up, twice – in different programming languages, with different ways of interacting with the touch screen, etc. Since our company has less than one full-time developer total, we simply don’t have the ability to develop multiple things in parallel. So, in fact, CustomFit has also been languishing during app development time! It needs a little more attention, and then we’ll be moving to the Android version of Toolbox.

    Second – “why did we start with Apple?” The answers to this question are boringly practical: First, the programming language used to create the app is the one that we’d already written these calculators in, for CustomFit. Since Apple’s hardware is extremely constrained, we didn’t have to do the planning and testing work of supporting layout on many different screen sizes and ratios. Finally, we already had iPhones and iPads in our houses – and not having to purchase new hardware for testing is a big deal to a company as small as ours!

    As the current version sells (hopefully :-), we’ll be able to afford to buy the several different phones and tablets that properly testing on the Android platform will require. Given how extremely limited our development budget is, I can’t make a specific timeline promise – but please know that we value and respect you and your choice of phones, and will absolutely create an Android version as soon as we can.

    I hope this helps! As always, I welcome your comments.


    1. Hi, Amy. You missed answering the question about it working on a PC….

      1. Hi there,

        It’s a mobile app! As such, it is only usable on mobile devices, like any other app (for example, Google Maps, Instagram, etc).


    2. Love you for all you do for we knitters, and all you plan to do. You have already revolutionized sweater knitting! Any Android app will be all in good time and the loyal and patient among us will be delighted when it can come together.

      1. (okay grammar edit, that should have been us knitters, but the love is the same!)

    3. This all makes perfect sense and even though I’m a disappointed Android user, I’d rather see your limited programming resources working on CustomFit enhancements which we can all use.

  16. I recently purchased a pdf for Nantasket cardigan and pullover. I can not find the directions for the open mesh lace. I printed 6 pages and paid $7.00 for the pattern.
    I can not make this vest without those directions. Can you help me ?

    Thank you. Darrah Smith

    1. Hi Darrah,

      Sorry for the delay — we don’t often see blog comments right away. As always, the best way to contact us is email. [email protected]

      Directions for Open Mesh Lace are on page 9 of the pattern.


  17. I paid for this app and now it’s no longer available. Why?

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