Great sweater fabric

One of my very favorite questions about sweaters is also one that’s very basic, and cuts to the heart of every knitter’s relationship with their swatch:

Will my swatch fabric make a good sweater?

This video helps you answer that question:

Have a great weekend!

17 thoughts on “Great sweater fabric

  1. Great post, Amy! Now if we can just get knitters to swatch!

  2. Wow! What a great video for determining what makes great sweater fabric. I’m already a fairly experienced sweater knitter, but had never thought of doing these tests before starting my sweaters. Thanks so much, Amy! ♥

  3. Brilliant, I will send this to all my knitting students to watch and use for future reference. I have had failures in the past that I could have avoided if I had applied the tests to my swatch.

  4. Thanks! That’s a super helpful video!

  5. This is such great information, and one of my favorite lessons from your recent Craftsy class. We hear so often to swatch, check gauge, and sometimes to make sure you like the fabric – but what is the fabric really supposed to be like? This helps answer that, so thank you, Amy!

  6. This is the best I have ever seen for determining the success of how a yarn will behave as a sweater. Thanks!

  7. Thank you, Hopeful my sweaters will turn out better

  8. Great informative video!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  9. Thank you, I am about to start my first sweater. I am honestly scared, so much knitting, I am afraid that it will no work out.

  10. You have peaked my interest but I did not receive any video. Where can I find it?

  11. Oops, I just found it! Kathryn

  12. Excellent video. I’ve knit for a long time but never have seen this info before! Thanks!

  13. Thanks, Amy!!!! I really appreciate you putting this video together. VERY helpful.

  14. Thank you!!! This is the best advice I’ve ever seen about swatches, and I’ve been knitting since my little hands could hold the needles!

  15. Hi Amy,

    I love your classes on Craftsy and have watched all of them and learned so much. Thank you for beings such an inspiration and great teacher. I have also purchased both of your books, love them too. I have joined your Custom Fit and have swatched my yarn I plan to use however my question is this: I plan to use different weight yarns on the same pattern. Do I have to purchase a new pattern each time???

    Thanks so much!

  16. Thank you! Finally I know what’s watching can tell me besides gauge.

    1. What a swatch is telling me.

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