Sometimes, with no real warning, rhyme, or reason, my writing mojo is gone. I’ll sit down here at the computer, and try to work through a tutorial update, or a blog post, or fleshing out the outline for my next book, and find myself staring off into space instead. And that’s what this January has been like – my words just haven’t been there.

Thankfully, the knitting is coming along well – I’m on my 3rd sweater for the #wintersweaterkal, with swatches for the next 4 after that:




And CustomFit code has been progressing nicely – in addition to working on some big new features (*cough*a-line sweaters*cough*), we’ve done some housekeeping and updating of the underlying structure that runs CustomFit, and I finally got around to giving all CustomFit designs spiffy new cover sheets:


So now, when you download PDFs of CustomFit patterns, you’ll get pretty cover sheets as part of the PDF.

And I had a completely lovely weekend teaching and lecturing at Vogue Knitting Live – right down to the 30-person math intensive class on Sunday afternoon. (You guys win an award, and you were amazing. Truly.) I managed to snap a quick shot of the sweaters mid-clean-up after class one day:


And when I write it out that way, it seems as though January has been great! But every time I sat down here to write, I just couldn’t find the words. And that has left me feeling… I don’t know. Unmoored, somehow.

When I woke up this morning, I was excited to get moving and reach out again. Such a relief! And so I have a number of things to share with you, starting with an updated tutorial on choosing a size for a set-in sleeve sweater:


…and continuing with the pattern release for the cabled cardigan at the top of the post. So tell me – what have you been up to, these last couple of weeks? Have you been full of mojo, or has your January also been challenging on the creative front?

until next time, happy knitting!

3 thoughts on “Mojo

  1. As long as you’re cranking out knitwear, that seems like the important (and the most fun) part!
    I started taking a class in January that meets every weekday and there’s lots of homework, so that’s sucked away some of my crafting time. But to balance it out, I’ve been scheduling crafting dates with friends, where I’ve made things that I wouldn’t necessarily have made on my own. So I’d say it’s evening out in the end.

    Now the exercise mojo, that’s a different story… 😛

  2. I took the very first online class with great excitement and was so happy with how everything looked to fit. Yet, it still sits unfinished…
    Knit a lot of other things in the meantime, including finishing a sweater from 6 years ago! Then there is the cardigan from 3 years ago, unfinished.
    What is my issue with sweaters for me? Need to get over it, I know I am a decent knitter and have knit many sweaters for grandchildren.

  3. Math-intensive class? You sure got my interest – can you say more about what it was about and whether it is something you may offer again?

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