Stay on target… stay on target…

Everyone struggles with focus, right? I know I do.

Today, I’m struggling because I’m thinking about all of the shiny new things I could be doing with my needles, rather than finishing the “tired boring old tank” I’ve been knitting on for what feels like forever.

…except, well, it’s neither tired nor old, really. I’m salivating, looking forward to wearing it, in fact. I don’t think I showed you all a close-up of the fabric the last time:


The Habu Wrapped Merino 4p is a delicious blend of a few different colors of merino, wrapped in a thread-like silk. The fabric that it’s making is just beyond amazing, refined and crunchy at the same time, and I am imagining it with at least a half-dozen different pieces that I have in my closet.

I want it to be finished right now, so that I can become the effortlessly-chic Amy that’s living in my daydreams these days.

…except, well, that effortlessly-chic Amy is standing alongside knitting-all-the-new-things Amy:


(In case you’re wondering, that’s the Habu on the bottom, and then some lovely Solitude Wool Coopworth for an A-line cardigan that I’m wrapping up, and then two colors of Indigodragonfly Chameleon Sock that I fell in love with at the April make. wear. love. retreat.)

The only problem is that those two versions of me can’t actually both exist. I can either buckle down on this tank and wear it by Monday, or I can let myself get even more distracted and work on a bunch of other stuff. I haven’t figured out how to work Hermione Granger’s time turner trick yet, so it’s really one or the other.

So tell me, as I struggle with diligence and sit down to finish the front of the Habu tank: What yarns tempt you? What’s the sure-fire way to make you abandon your current project with glee, and dive head-first into a big puddle of shiny?

2 thoughts on “Stay on target… stay on target…

  1. When worlds collide. My effortlessly-chic self battles my knitting-all-the-new-things self all the time. I must avoid those squirrel moments. I must check out that tank too. (ha ha)

  2. My absolute biggest challenge is not casting as soon as I get anything from Sundara and it’s been this way for years, hence the large number of UFO’s.

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