Summer knits, summer knits, sum-sum-summer knits…

Summer is here!

And I, for one, am relishing the chance to soak up the sun’s rays, dig in my garden, and knit on the patio. I know that summer is traditionally a slower time for knitting, but as in past years, I’m out to change that:


That’s right, it’s time for the next Year of Sweaters KAL, the Summer Sweater KAL. This KAL has a pretty loose theme – any sweater you might wear when it’s warm outside! To participate, all you need to do is knit a summer sweater – any of my designs, or one you make up in CustomFit – and share your progress in our Ravelry thread or by using the hashtag #sskal on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

I think lightweight sweaters are the unsung heroes of the knitter’s wardrobe. As someone who runs pretty constantly warm, I find that my “summer” sweaters get year-round wear – I’m much more likely to pull out a relatively light layer for most of the year than one of my super-warm woolies. My Pinterest inspiration board for summer sweaters is one of my favorite to look through:


This year, I’ve started things off with a tank I’ve just finished:


Knit out of Habu Silk-Wrapped Merino 4ply, which I’ll photograph and release next week. I’m really excited to share (and wear!) it. The A-line shape and super-light yarn keeps it feeling so breezy and wonderful.

And I’ve just decided to bow to the siren call of some Indigodragonfly Chameleon Sock to make a super happy-colored, striped summer cardigan.


There’s a teensy bit of yarn-chicken drama happening with this project, so stay tuned in the Ravelry thread to see how it turns out!

As always for these KALs, at the end of our time I’ll choose a winner from those who finish sweaters to receive two free months of Maker Plus subscription on CustomFit and a personal consult with me.

So tell me: What does a summer sweater mean to you?

2 thoughts on “Summer knits, summer knits, sum-sum-summer knits…

  1. OK, is it just me or does “summer sweater” seem like an oxymoron? I mean, when it’s anywhere over 80 degrees with humidity of over 75%,, I can’t imagine needing a sweater! My skin crawls at the idea! I know, air conditioning is the bane of some people’s existence. I live in eastern PA, near NJ. Summer means a/c, temps in the high 90sto 100s, humidity about 96%. shorts, tops a light as possible, sandals and iced tea. No sweaters for me right now!

    I will knit, especially in a/c, LOL. Usually a shawl, or washcloths, or even socks. Enjoy your sweaters, I will go back to them when the weather is more appropriate for them.

  2. I live in a warm climate therefore mist people’s summer sweater is perfect for me the 4 months of the year we have our so called winter. I knit a tee this Spring made from lace weight wool/silk on size 5 needles. It is mostly lace and it is wonderful. I constantly look for patterns such as this one. Yay for lace weight tees and cardis!!

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