State of the Knitting

Hello, lovely knitters!

And happy Friday – long time, no see!


This is usual at this stage in a book, to my deep regret – but this time it’s for a happier reason: We spent last week camping at Acadia National Park, one of my favorite places in the world. Our turn-off-everything-and-hike-forever plan was just what I needed: A chance to unwind, remind myself what the boys look like, and share stories around the campfire.

Views like this didn’t hurt, either:

It was hard to leave, for sure.

I had scheduled a complicated tooth extraction immediately upon my return (I need to talk to my past-self, who DOES that to themselves?!), but enjoyed spending a hazy couple of days knitting and re-knitting the same 3 stitches, and checking out everyone’s progress on the spring/summer kal. Click the link, if you haven’t been following – there are some amazing sweaters so far this time!


And today I’m finally back to work, busily diving into the book with renewed energy and excitement. I really appreciated all of your excellent suggestions for what to include, they’ve helped focus my writing as I head into the last stretch!

Knitting-wise, the sweater samples are piling up fast and furious around here, now, and I’m finalizing the last few designs. I stole a few minutes to knit while we were away, but my knitting life is still mostly gray right now:

This sweater should be finished some time tomorrow, though, at which point I’m really looking forward to diving into some color:

…and that’s pretty much the state of things around here!

How about with all of you? What’s on your needles this weekend?

4 thoughts on “State of the Knitting

  1. I am knitting a Christmas stocking (Meg Swanson). My husband and I are sitting in our sailboat at a marina in Oxford waiting out some bad weather. Sailing is like camping but on a boat. Great time for knitting.

  2. Amy, I love reading your blog but it’s hard to read because of the low contrast between the print and the background. Any chance of improving that? Thanks.

  3. What a beautiful and inspiring trip to Acadia National Park- it is on my wish list of places to visit.
    Your grey knitting looks absolutely yummy!

  4. Amy, what am I looking at on your needles? Are you knitting in the round, or just finishing the neckline? I would love to know more about that sweater!

    By the way, I just finished my first CF sweater (Turks & Caicos), and it’s my best-fitting project yet. I am happily, excitedly and busily searching out my next one. You have helped me jump the gap from knitting newbie to full-fledged sweater knitter, and I’m so grateful!

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