An important announcement

Hello, lovely knitters.

It’s been ages since we’ve talked – again.

We last spoke in early March last year, just after Kate came on board and just before the COVID shutdowns arrived. I had 3 different projects on the needles, regular business travel that gave me the chance to make steady progress on them, and a corporate position that allowed for meaningful side projects.

Since then… well, 2020 was a whirlwind of a year despite me being home for the longest stretch in more than 20 years. In June, I started a new position closer to home at Travelers. In September, I started an MBA program for mid-career executives at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. All within the surroundings of an unprecedented year of figuring out how to do everything without being physically close to anyone. I now have five projects on the needles, and seemingly no time to work on any of them – nor do I have the mental energy to pursue much outside of family, work, and school.

Which is why it took me so long to notice that in the fall, Amy Herzog Designs passed the unhappy milestone of no longer being able to pay for itself. And so despite a very heavy heart, I will be closing it down, along with CustomFit, on 15 February.

I have practical thoughts about this, and more general thoughts.

Practically speaking, this means:

  • If you’re not a CustomFit knitter, but you do want one of my traditional patterns, now is the time to get them (and download any you’ve already purchased). I will try to make sure that they’re all up on Ravelry before I take my own shop down, but (a) I might not get to them all, (b) I know Rav’s new design causes problems for some knitters, and (c) I won’t have a customer support email address to help you navigate things.
  • Relatedly, there are some new traditional patterns in the shop: The last feature I added to CustomFit was the ability to create traditional graded patterns from CustomFit designs. My Spruce Point Pullover and Cypress Cove designs are currently available in multiple gauges and 12 sizes. I intend to add a few more to the shop before closing things up in February.
  • If you’re a CustomFit knitter, now is the time to create those patterns and download them. As of February 16, you will no longer be able to access them.
  • If you’re a current CustomFit subscriber, please check your email. There are specific instructions on how we’re handling the shutdown of subscriber accounts.

The ultra-short summary for list-skimmers is that since neither the shop nor CustomFit will exist on February 16, now is the time to download PDFs of all of your patterns – and create any custom patterns you’ve purchased but not finalized yet.

More generally:

Closing a business is never an easy decision. That’s especially true for one that has led to as many dear friendships as this one. I could never have predicted what a wild ride this would be when I started my first knitting blog back in 2006 – or when I wrote up my first design over 10 years ago now – or when my first book was released and I started the official company back in 2013.

I’m so grateful for all of your connection and support as I took the plunge, I can’t really express how much it has meant to me to build and run a successful company on my passions for making – both software and clothes. But it has meant so much. Thank you, a thousand million times, for helping make our knitting lives (and, I hope, the ‘real’ lives we create around and with our knitting) richer and more successful.

I’m sorry that this phase of us chatting about our knitting is coming to an end. But, assuming that there will still be festivals and events and chatting about making online, I hope that we’ll be able to stay in touch. If you see me around, please say hi and share what you’re making?

66 thoughts on “An important announcement

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re closing your business. I have been knitting since I was in 8 and your patterns are the first time I’ve been able to make sweaters that fit. I wish you luck with your new projects.

  2. So sorry to hear and wish you best of luck on your new endeavors!

  3. So sad to hear this. Your patterns were the only thing that ever truly fit. If ever you return please put me back on the list.
    Good luck and success in your new endeavors!
    Bernie Bombardier
    Manchester, CT

  4. Wishing you the best for the future! Loved meeting you in person in Kansas City, Amy. You are successful in whatever you do!

  5. Very sad to hear this but I absolutely understand. My very best to you and your family.

  6. Thank you and the best to you in the future. It was your Knit Stars lessons that encouraged me to begin knitting sweaters and being successful. Be well, be happy, and enjoy your life.

  7. Amy, I wish you joy and success in your obviously brilliant future.

  8. The best two knitting days of my life were those I spent with you in Lenox MA at the February Vogue Intensive retreat, golly, how long ago? Three years? Four? It changed my total approach to sweater knitting, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have learned so much from you. Safe travels in all your future endeavors!

  9. I am also sad to hear this. That said, were you really unable to sell your brand? You are such a well known name in knitting, and you have done so much work, I hate to see it fade away.

  10. This is such sad news – for us. But your life sounds very exciting and busy. For that I am happy.

    I am wondering if you have plans for the tools you developed? Will they be available in the future?

  11. I love your Craftsy classes and have knit and wear many of your Custom-Fit sweater designs. I just wanted to tell you I have always admired your ability to combine your passions and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

  12. I’m so sad! I have relied on you and CustomFit since it’s inception. It helped me create sweaters I love without frustration. I shall apply its principles to future projects. I wish you contentment with your decision and best of luck in
    your new venture, Sincerely , Vicki Parker

  13. Well, I am sorry to hear this. As the world’s slowest knitter I am just now closing in on finishing what I thought would be the first of many of your custom fit sweaters. I do have your sweater book patterns to complete my library of classic knit patterns. I’ll check on Ravelry for others.
    I wish you every kind of good fortune going forward, May all your best dreams come true.

  14. Is there any chance that you would consider selling Custom Fit to someone who would be able to support and market it? This has been such an amazing resource for knitters!

  15. Amy,
    I am sorry to hear this. As one of your Customer Fit testers, I learned so much about knitting sweaters from you and will so much miss your blog and CustomFit. I hope you will continue designing so we continue to benefit from your creativity!

    Good Luck with your future~

  16. This is very sad news, but totally understandable. Thank you and your team for all the hard work and support over the years. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and look fora
    Ward to seeing your name pop up somewhere down the road.


  17. Amy, what a wonderful gift you gave to us knitters. Sad to see Custom Fit go away but wishing you all the very best for your future.

  18. So thankful for you and best wishes ahead!

  19. I completely understand. I’be had to close a business too, and probably didn’t close it soon enough. I love your patterns and your knitting I was just always super slow at knitting them!

    Best of luck on your new degree, and I do hope to see you around.

  20. I’m so glad that I have all of your books and your Craftsy classes; you’re an amazing designer AND an awesome teacher! I hope that all of your future endeavors bring you joy and success. =)

  21. Hi Amy
    Funny, today I’m wearing a lovely cabled sweater from one of your patterns printed in Vogue Knitting and I took a cable course from you at Vogue Knitting Live (NYC) one year. I agree with another comment above that your patterns FIT and they are well-written and interesting enough but also not so complex that they are pleasurable to knit without fuss.

    Congratulations and best wishes for your new life direction–may you find every success.

  22. Amy – wishing you all the best in the future and selfishly hoping that future will contain a CustomFit re-birth in some form on some future date. I totally support your tough decision to let this go. You have built an amazing following as you can see from all the kind comments so far – just hours after your announcement. Maybe like the podcast Cast One, some day you will return to the knitting public in some form. I hope to see you on the teacher circuit at some future point as well because you are an amazingly gifted teacher. Blessings to you and yours!

  23. Sending you big hugs and a virtual lap-full of cashmere.
    Transitions are hard, and your work has meant a lot to so many of us…
    But most important is your own life and passions.
    GOOD for you for knowing when to shift, and for knowing that things change, and for having the courage to move in new directions.

    Wishing you joy and peace in the chapters ahead!
    Thanks for the ride, and we’ll see you around, Amy.

  24. Oh, Amy, I will miss your wonderful voice in the knitting world, even though I know it will live on in what you have taught to so many of us! Just this morning, I thought of you, as I was emailing a friend who has returned to knitting after decades away. She bought yarn and a pattern for a sweater yesterday, and is at a loss about what to do next. As I explained the importance of auditioning needles and yarn via gauge swatches, I thought of you and and how you transformed my sweater knitting, bumping it up about five levels! Best wishes to you for continued success and joy in your new ventures!
    P.S. based on your performance at Madrona that I saw (lips sealed!), I’m confident that you can always turn to the stage for another encore career!

  25. Because I was chilly I was wearing one of my Charlie’s Cardigans from your collection when I read your news this morning. I am so sorry that you have to close CustomFit. It has been a luxury for me to knit without having to worry about fit, whether I was knitting for myself or for someone else. I was also amazed at how much more yarn I could purchase since nailing the correct gauge for a specific pattern was no longer necessary. The best of luck in your future. I will dearly miss your site.

  26. I’m so sad to hear this. Your patterns always fit me best. I understand that you are closing custom fit but will your patterns still be available on Ravelry (at least the ones that are already on there)? I’d still like to continue to support you when I have the cash to do so. It’s been such a tough year for everyone and I’ll be sad to see your business leave the community as it is so amazing.

  27. Thank you so much for everything you’ve guven the knitting community.- your business eill be missed, but I hope we’ll still see you around! xx

  28. A sad change for your knitting followers, but hopefully a wonderful new opportunity for you. Thanks for sharing your expertise, and I too hope to see you in the knitting world as life permits. All the best, Lynne B.

  29. Amy, I was fortunate enough to take your Fit to Flatter class way back in the early days at Knit Wit yarn shop in Portland, ME. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and bright personality and excellent teaching. Since then I have used what I learned to make my sweaters fit. In the years since I have enjoyed running across you at various fiber and knitting festivals. You will be missed in the knitting world. Best of fortune to you!

  30. I have my access to your Knit Stars segment, which I am thankful for. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. You will be missed.

  31. Amy, I wish you the best in your new ventures. I’m so happy to have your books.

  32. So sorry to hear this Amy but fully understand if a business can’t pay for itself.

    Thank you so much for all you have done for the math challenged knitters here, I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with you and so glad I managed to attend the last Make Wear Love retreat during our world trip.

    All the best for the future and you have a lot of new opportunities opening up for you.

  33. Best of luck in the future. So very happy that our paths crossed.

  34. Wishing you all the best in your new adventures. I had the opportunity to attend one of your knitting retreats in Maine a few years ago, and had a wonderful time. It is a memory I treasure for many reasons — all the knitting tips, beautiful environment, excellent food (my first lobster bake), stellar market experience and a great spirit of comaraderie . The fashion show was also quite a kick with Patty Lyons as MC.
    Thank you for all you have offered to so many over the years.

  35. Amy, being short, you have no idea how sad I feel about this!

    Would you consider at least creating software for purchase using your library and program — or at least licensing it?

  36. Amy, perhaps sell to the knitCompanion people? they are pretty tech-savvy and it feels like it might be a “good fit.” 🙂

    In any case, it sounds like you are happy and busy and while we’ll miss you, we’ll see you again!

  37. Dear Amy,
    Such a coincidence! Today I wore my CustomFit “Spruce” alpaca sweater, that I basically drove you crazy with..changing gauge and neckline! But I love it and you were gracious to help me change things.! I also have hardly been knitting since the pandemic, I am a HS school social worker and have been overwhelmed since March ! I just finished knitting a premie baby hat and mittens…and the baby is 3 months already !! and am sorry to hear that you will be closing. I wish you the best of luck at MIT and all your endeavors !

    Meri Cutler

  38. Amy,
    I’m sad to hear you’re no longer going to be contributing to the knitting world… you’ve added so much; I’m proud of you. But, life offers so much to us, and your new path will add another element to your life.
    Enjoy, and pursue all there is…
    Thank you,
    Jackie Davidson

  39. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors. You’re a knitting ICON and I shall cherish your legacy.

  40. You have taught me a lot about fit through a few classes, your books, and one of your retreats. As so many have commented, your custom fit sweater patterns are the best fitting sweaters I have ever knit. I have just downloaded and customized a stockpile of your pattern s for the future. I wish you the best on your life adventures.

  41. I completely understand this decision, but I am disappointed for myself. You are one of the few designers who made wearable sweaters for real women’s bodies. So many pretty designs out there, so unflattering. I will miss you, but I will continue to use all that I have learned from you!

  42. Dear Amy,
    Thank you for your generosity, good fortune for this year and coming years. Your software is definitely a game changer, please keep it in your toolbox

  43. Well Amy, I am the slowest knitter around. I was just getting my act (and yarn) together to start your Craftsy class. Can’t wait to make a sweater!
    I am sorry to hear this news, but understand. I know you’ll be a success at any future endeavor ~
    Best Wishes! Elaine

  44. I am sorry to hear this–I loved your Craftsy classes and love your books. Best wishes to you and your family.

  45. Amy,
    Wishing you all the best with everything you’re up to!
    Any one of those things would be FT-busy & trying to do them all at once, especially in the current conditions — I know you’ll do great at all of it, but I can sure understand you being overwhelmed!
    For myself, I’m gutted. I’m a slower knitter now than I was; but Custom Fit has become integral in the way I approach sweater making. I’ve been following along since Fit to Flatter days and your process has changed the way I think about garments overall (so you actually got me back into sewing too 😉
    Thank you so very much for enriching my fibre-arts life with classes (in person & on-line), books, patterns, and process.
    I hope to see you again in the future.

  46. So sorry to hear you’re closing down – at least I have your books and Craftsy classes. Using one of your patterns I finally knitted something that fit and now all my hand knitted garments fit too. Best wishes for the future.

  47. Thank you so much for your contributions. As someone with a very large bust, I very much appreciated the custom fit calculations. I will repeat what others have said and hope that your custom fit technology night continue to be available in another form. Best of luck to you and thank you again!

  48. Dear Amy,
    Like all the messages above, I will miss your voice of humor and wisdom in all things knitting. As someone who went back for a Masters degree in mid-life, I understand the stresses of family and work and studies. You will always have your knitting as an escape, and we will always have your beautiful patterns and books in our personal collections. your Make Wear Love weekends are a highlight of my knitting retreat memories. Wishing you all the Best! Keep your needles busy.
    Angela Twist

  49. Amy,

    I am thrilled for you that you are so busy doing things that are meaningful to you. At the same time, I share your disappointment in having to shut down your business. Wishing you much success and sending love,

    Jan Frisch

  50. Thank you for your work, I’ve learned a lot from you over the years. Good luck with your new endeavors!

  51. I was lucky enough to attend one of your “mini” workshops at my local library. I was wondering that if… when the world reopens….you will be available to do these type of workshops?

  52. Amy, You will be missed SO MUCH by so many! Thanks for sharing your patterns and knitting love for the past years. Using your techniques, I have gained much confidence as a sweater knitter, and your patterns are amongst my favorites. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit in Santa Fe and wish you all the best as you focus on your next career goals and spending time with your lovely family.

  53. I, too, am so sorry to see you go. While I have not been a frequent participant, I truly valued your approach and design savvy. Good luck in. your endeavors. I’m sure you will be every bit as successful as you have been with Amy Herzog designs.


  54. Best of luck with school and work and everything— I love your books and Craftsy classes, and I hope you keep teaching when you can, because you’re a terrific teacher. 🙂

  55. Dear Amy,
    I’m so sad to see that you have had to close your shop – it’s been an invaluable resource for me, and helped me grow as a knitter. I’ve also been able to make the BEST fitting sweaters ever. If you ever decide to circle back to this business, or need investors, please reach out.
    Liane Weber

  56. You have created such a brilliant service with CustomFit and your voice is so valued in the knitting community. I have no doubt you will create another brilliant place for yourself in the future. I applaud you and wish you the very best!!

  57. Your classes and writing changed my whole perspective on sweater knitting, and I will be forever grateful for everything I’ve learned from you. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors!

  58. Very nice note. Good luck on your more traditional career! It sounds more stable and in some ways more challenging.

    But for fun you will have to attend an occasional woolfest.

    For some reason i remember you never wanted a big yarn stash.

    (Maybe in a book i read?) clara parkes?

    Good luck and i wish to see what you do in the future!

  59. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that your wonderful initiative is no longer to be around. I’ve been horribly lazy, buying lots of yarn (as you do…) and planning which CustomFit designs I’d like to generate for them, but I haven’t done any swatching and have just had a good hard think and realised I simply can’t get them all done and downloaded before your superb… program? mechanism? magic? disappears. Shame on me for being slothlike for way too long. I’ve always loved your designs, and your thoughts on fitting/sizing etc have been invaluable for my figure – one of those “nothing standard fits” jobbies. So now off to purchase as many of your patterns as I can, sadly not CustomFit to my bod, before they cease to be available. Very, very sad but wishing you all the best and the fabulous future you deserve! xx

  60. The end of an era. Has been a joy to work with you. Wishing you every success in your future endeavors.

  61. Thank you Amy! Best luck with school! You have been an inspiration to me.

  62. The best sweater design software out there. i do sincerely hope that someone carries it forward. it will be greatly missed as will your generous and profoundly helpful self. As an advanced knitter for over 60 years i can say with certainty that the sweater i’ve made with Custom fit are my all time favorites. All the best Amy <3

  63. Wishing you all the very best. I have two of your books and have watched you on Craftsy. You are a wonderful teacher and designer. Hope you stay somewhere in the knitting atmosphere… Enjoy your new direction!

  64. Best wishes for the changes ahead, and as you navigate the closure. As the ground has shifted under my knitting online activity, I have been grateful for books like yours. Thank you for all of the contributions and for still helping as this chapter comes to an end.

  65. Dear Amy, thanks for the work you did for knitters, helping folks gain confidence and skills. I’m bummed but I understand – my business (music performance) bit the dust during COVID and may take years to get back on track – we can’t all afford to sit around and wait it out. All the best.

  66. Hi Amy,
    I’ve just seen your news and wanted to add my voice to the chorus of thanks and best wishes.
    Borrowing your Knit to Flatter book from my local library (in Melbourne, Australia) a few years ago transformed my approach to knitting and led to purchasing both it and your Ultimate Sweater book. I regularly refer to both for the patterns and the fantastic fit and construction guidance they provide.
    Best wishes for the future and for a chance to do some knitting for just the joy of creating something for yourself and those you love.

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