An even-more-important Announcement

Hello, lovely knitters!

Thank you all, so much, for your kind words and wonderful stories over the past few weeks. Knowing what a difference my designs, and CustomFit, has made in your lives is an indescribable gift.

Thanks, too, for your patience with my silence here in the meantime – there has been a flurry of activity behind the scenes since I last reached out. Today, I’m very pleased to announce:

With your support, CustomFit, and Amy Herzog Designs, will continue under new ownership.

A sun-washed brunette in large sunglasses, wearing a hand-knit V-neck tunic tank that's worked in gradient stripes. It starts with a brownish-purple at the top, and progresses through purple, red, orange, before finishing in yellow at the bottom.
Meg’s ability to bend CustomFit to her
knitting will is well-established already.
Do you recognize this design?

There are lots of details to go into here, but let me start by introducing you to Meg:

I honestly don’t remember when I first met Meg. She’s been a CustomFit knitter since waaaaay back, impressing me both with her ability to bend the site to her will and with her glorious garments. Meeting her in person at the make. wear. love. retreats was even better – an unabashed fellow nerd, we could gush over Kim’s latest colors in one breath and talk through different back-end site frameworks the next.

You’ll hear lots more from her in the coming weeks and months, but for the moment let me just say how thrilled I am to be handing over the reins to Meg. She’s whip-smart, understands both the sleeve cap logic and how it’s implemented, and – most importantly – cares deeply about every knitter having patterns written just for them, regardless of who they are or what their gauge is.

Some details on how we expect the transition to proceed from here:

  • Timing: To give time for all of the “I”s to get dotted and the “t”s crossed, everything will remain exactly as is until March 1 2021. You’ll definitely hear more both from me and Meg this month.
  • On March 1, we’ll transfer the existing site as-is: Nothing should change on your end at this point.
  • Over the course of the year, the ecommerce side of the site should get some (badly-needed) updating. After that part of the transition, I know Meg has some pretty exciting plans for core functionality updates including more kinds of accessories.

Where you come in: It’s not an easy thing to take over a business, no matter how well you know its ins and outs. It’s even more daunting to take control of something like CustomFit — that’s both intertwined with its creator and an interconnection of two passions.

If I can make one last plea of you all, it’s to give Meg every ounce of support you have so that CustomFit can not only get back up on its feet, but blossom even further from here. If you have friends who have always wondered about it, give them a pattern and walk them through how to customize it. If your online knitting group has been discussing it for awhile, convince a few of them to sign up as monthly subscribers.

I know from the outpouring of support and creativity that so many of you are passionate about CustomFit, and my other designs, living on. We have a chance to make that happen together – let’s get to work. I’ll be with you, cheering Meg on, and using CustomFit as a private citizen knitter myself.

With so much love,

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89 thoughts on “An even-more-important Announcement

  1. This is fabulous news!

  2. So glad to hear it. I know CustomFit was your “baby” Nice to hear that it will grow in such good hands!

  3. What wonderful news! I was just kicking myself for having missed the deadline for all the patterns I’d meant to adapt. Thank you so much to both Amy and Meg

  4. I’m so happy to hear this news, welcome Meg!

  5. YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!!!!

  6. Yay!

  7. I love it.

  8. I’m delighted to hear this news! I’ve only just started using Custom Fit, and will happily support you through the transition and beyond!

  9. Hooray and lots of thanks to Amy and Meg!

  10. How outstanding!!!!

  11. Good luck to Meg! I’m sure we are glad you have saved CustomFit.

  12. Oh my goodness! Yay! You have no idea how happy this makes me. You have made my day.

  13. So pleased that CF will continue and evolve with Meg! Thanks for letting us know and sharing your excitement!

  14. Yay! I am sooooo excited!!!

  15. Literally said “oh yay!” out loud when I saw the email! I’m so pleased to hear this, since it’s such a great resource for perfectly fitting garments when people don’t like to do knitting math. I will definitely keep supporting CustomFit and recommending it to other knitters.

  16. So very excited for all involved – have loved Custom Fit since my class with Amy at the Lion Brand store in NYC some jillion years ago. Will continue to be a faithful subscriber.


  17. I will get back to this. I’m tired of napkin math and yarn chicken.

  18. I’m SO delighted to hear this wonderful news!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  19. Such wonderful news! Best wishes all around, & so glad we knitters don’t have to miss out on this amazing resource going forward!

  20. That is FANTASTIC NEWS! I breathe a sigh of relief that I can stop swatching like a crazy person and unclench my teeth.

    Thanks for all that you have done Amy! Your books and a lovely retreat changed my world when it came to knitting a sweater and the faith that it would fit. I will be forever grateful.

    We will welcome Meg with open arms and I will finally become a MAKER for REALS!

    Hugs, Hugs and More Hugs,

  21. Dear Amy & Meg,
    This is news that is beyond awesome. I was so sad when the original announcement came out that the site would close. I love having knitted garments that fit me properly. I have been knitting up a storm of swatches agonising over if I would have enough time to swatch and generate patterns for all the different things I have wanted to knit.
    I am very excited to continue this knitting journey with Meg,

  22. I am a Maker Plus and will stay so and more in support of Meg as I have supported Amy, and with new inspiration I will now get swatching instead of guessing. Just in time! I am 25 lbs heavier than when my measurements were first taken, thanks to menopause and the “COVID 19” and I want my next sweaters to fit as splendidly as my previous sweaters have. The day has dawned thanks to Amy and Meg!

  23. Wonderful news! Good luck Meg!

  24. Now this is truly exciting news!! M

  25. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I was really bummed out to think I could never knit another sweater. Now I can! Thanks Amy and Meg

  26. Deep sigh of relief and huge Yay!!! from me. I didn’t have time to get swatching for all the things right now, and while I haven’t used CF for awhilel, I really appreciatednotnand had plans to use it lots more in the future. I was super sad to think it would be gone. Extremely thankful and looking forward to supporting Meg moving forward!!!

  27. Tha is fabulous! Welcome Meg!

  28. This is wonderful news! Congratulations to you both.

  29. That is absolutely wonderful news, I am so happy for you, Amy and of course for Meg, thank you for taking over.

  30. I am so, so pleased to hear this. CustomFit is an incredibly valuable resource for those of us who need to customise patterns to get a great fit. Thank you Meg and Amy for making this happen – you are amazing.

  31. Oh so exciting! Thank you Amy and Meg for coordinating this sale. I am so excited that I can continue my sweater knitting with Custom Fit. The rush to generate all my available sweater quantities are over. Woohoo, you’ll have my continued support in every way. Cheers!

  32. I am thrilled to hear this news Amy. I am not familiar with that tunic pattern but I would love to know what it is please.

  33. Oh PHEW! I was gonna try and design and download all my credits this week. Hahaha!

    Congrats Meg! And thanks for being our savior. I still always recommend CustomFit for any sweater knitter and I’m glad I can keep doing that. Cheers!

    And good luck Amy!

  34. Awesome awesome! So happy and so pleased that Amy’s brain-child and work will continue on in the uber capable hands of Meg.

  35. I am so excited to read the news. Hello Meg. Thank you Amy and Meg for making this transition happen. I can now return to non-frazzled-I-need-to-swatch-this-yarn-before-the-deadline knitting. On the good side I have 30+ swatches on the ready for pattern generation.

  36. Wonderful news. I much prefer knitting a cardigan with pieces and “sewing” those together for a tailored and well fitting garment. I believe these just fit better and last longer. CF gives me a long lasting garment that is fit for me.

    Welcome Meg, look forward to what you have to bring to this valuable resource for knitters

  37. I am so HAPPY to hear this!!!

  38. so happy .
    thanks for your care

  39. How wonderful for you that your baby will still have a good life, and for us who love to use the baby’s abilities! I’m so happy this is happening.

  40. Wonderful news for all of us!
    I’m so happy your amazing concept will live on, thrive and grow! Thanks to Meg for making that possible!

  41. Excellent news! Good luck to Meg and many, many thanks for everything, Amy.

  42. I am also really, really happy to hear the news!
    Wonderful, that our travelling with stitches will go on to new designs with this support! Thank you so much for your work and support so far and I’ll be happy to hear and read from you and your knitting 😉
    I am supporting friends, who are discovering their knitting in your designs and am really thankful, that I learned so much from you all the time.
    Proud to have three books from you here and to share all the knowledge with friends now. All my love to you and your family, Uta

  43. Thank you, Meg, for saving this invaluable service! I’m so glad I’ll continue to have excellent fitting patterns. Welcome!

  44. I am SO thrilled to hear this!!!! I love Custom Fit and am so glad it will continue.

    Thank you!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  45. This is wonderful news and it makes me SO happy!!

    Thank you!!! ❤️❤️

  46. This is great news and I hope you will enjoy your return to hobby knitting. I’ve never used CF, always afraid that all the patterns are seamed. I’m excited to see the changes that are coming.

  47. Hooray! I just renewed my Maker subscription…

  48. I am so happy to hear this. Thank you!

  49. Das sind gute Nachrichten! Liebe Grüße aus Berlin!

  50. Delightful news! I had been too nervous to make a sweater, but I am planning to get started as soon as this trimester is over in a month!

  51. This is wonderful news! Welcome Meg! I had always intended to sign up for Custom-Fit, but never got around to it, but will plan to now!

  52. Excellent! This makes us all so very happy to learn. Best wishes for success from the very start.

  53. Congratulations to Amy and Meg on a great decision. I am a Maker Plus and will defintely renew my memberships. I’d downloaded quite a bit of my files, but was not looking forward to making my own adjustments as I continued on my diet and my measurements changes. I’m quite used to the ease of generating a perfect Custom Fit pattern. Also, my macular generation has forced me to investigate using a knitting machine and that would mean all my gauges for sweaters I knit may change. So hurrah! Thank you!!! And best wishes to Meg on your new adventure. We are all rootting for you.

  54. Happy dance!!! I’m so incredibly glad to hear this!

  55. Amy, I’m so grateful that Meg is able to step in and keep CustomFit going. You do such great work teaching and designing, it’s not surprising you don’t have time to manage the CustomFit business as well. Keep up the good work, and Meg, I look forward to hearing from you.

  56. Oh, happy, happy day!!!!!! I had resigned myself to a knitting life of calculators and prayers. I had even sat back and thought about whether I could put together a collaborative to make an offer — and now this !!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!

    Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Meg!

  57. What wonderful news! I gladly gave away a few credits I had so other knitters could enjoy what I had found! Will continue to subscribe and look forward to new directions! All the best to both of you….

  58. This is the best news ever! So happy for you, for all of us and for Meg, who gets a great business opportunity. Thank you thank you thank you for creating CustomFit and for finding a way to keep it thriving.

  59. You’ve made my day – I’m doing the happy dance! This is the best news since the COVID vaccine was announced. Can’t wait to meet Meg but, sad to say good-bye to Amy and Kate. Let’s not say good-bye but, see you later.

  60. I am SO happy and excited. I had always promised myself that, as soon as I retired, I was going to knit something besides cowls and shawls using all of your information. I retired on December 31. I had been a member of your mailing list before. So, I was truly disappointed when I got the announcement from you that you were shutting down. Meg definitely has my support. I will subscribe now – today.

    All my best wishes to you. And, although I wasn’t able to “knit with you” – thanks for the plan and dream you gave me in my last couple of years of working long, long hours.

  61. Yaaaay!! Thank you very much! Good luck Meg- it’s wonderful that you have taken this over. Thank you.

  62. This is such good news! I’m just on the last sleeve of my first custom fit jumper and was sad that it might have been my last. Thanks Meg for stepping in and you must be so pleased Amy that your “baby” will continue to grow.

  63. AWESOME!! This made my day!!
    My only question at this time is…I’m paid up until August 2021. Will those monies I paid Amy carry over with my membership?

  64. I am so happy to hear this. It is also a joy to know your hard work will continue. Best of luck to you both. Welcome, Meg.

  65. Woot! Since I had stopped using Custom fit. No matter how ha

  66. Wonderful!!!! I will do my best to support Meg as she makes this site her own.

  67. Best news! Thank you both for working this out!

  68. Oh, I am so happy to hear this! I was hoping that somehow CF would be able to continue. While I am not knitting for myself right now (I have lost a bit more than 40 pounds since August and would like to lose another 50-60). At whatever point my weight settles, I will need CF to be have good-fitting sweaters! Great to know I will be able to have them! Best wishes to you both, Amy and Meg!

  69. Happy dance here in Australai and thank you so much Meg for taking on this wonderful product. I love my CF knitting and I have some credits so will now be encouring my knitting friends to try this out.


  70. Fantastic news! Congratulations, Amy! Welcome to Meg! (Am I the only one having a « Little Women » moment? When will Jo and Beth step in?)

  71. This is WONDERFUL NEWS! I’m a Maker and am so thrilled to continue. I look forward to the next iteration of CustomFit! Welcome (and THANK YOU) Meg!!

  72. So glad for this news! Lost my knitting mojo for a couple of years but want to get back into sweaters! Thank you, Amy & Meg.

  73. I am so happy to hear this. And it came on the day when I’ve finally spun enough yarn to make a sweater. I have an idea in my head of what I want it to be, and think it will be my first CustomKnit sweater. Thank you!

  74. This is such good news. I am so happy and will support Meg in every way I can.

  75. What wonderful news! Welcome Meg!

  76. Thank you, Amy, for giving me the tools to make my handknit sweaters fit my body. Thank you, Meg, for continuing this wonderful product. I will continue as a Maker Plus, and share how wonderful I find your system to get sweaters that fit the way I want them to.

  77. So pleased to hear the news, Amy and Meg! I shall try to make much more use of all your resources. Thank you, both, for the wonderful resource this is and will go on to be. All the best with your chosen path, Amy – I’m sure you will do excellent work, as you have done here.

  78. I am thrilled to know CF will live on. Not only has it been important in my own knitting exploration it has been a huge boost for me helping my friends realize their own knitting aspirations. Three cheers for Meg for taking this on and for Amy for starting us all on a wonderful journey.
    Best of luck to you both as the future unfolds for you.

  79. I am so thrilled that CustomFit will continue! As a large woman standard patterns rarely worked well, and since I’ve been using the site I’d never been happier. Congratulations on a new path forward!!!!!

  80. I am so very happy to hear this news! Congratulations, Meg, and I will happily continue my Maker Plus membership!

  81. So happy to hear this news!

  82. Fantastic news! I’m a new knitter and was disappointed to learn, upon discovering CustomFit, that it was going to disappear in a handful of days. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the delivery of my yarn so I could get a swatch done for the pattern I downloaded and can now breathe a sigh of relief. The gifts of time, reassurance and much to look forward to and learn. Best to you both throughout the transition and beyond!

  83. Best news EVER! I just got to the point where I’m not intimidated to knit sweaters anymore, so I was very bummed CustomFit was going away. Sending support to Meg and Best Wishes to Amy! I’ll be spreading the word about CustomFit to others.

  84. That’s wonderful!

  85. What wonderful news! Plus it means I can slow down on knitting swatches!
    I look forward to this new time with Meg at the helm and hope to see some new exciting innovations come along as time goes on.

  86. Yay! I’m so excited! Thank you, Amy! Best of luck to you in the next chapter of your life.

  87. Oh wow! I just found this site and have NO CLUE if it is something I would be able to do. I really hope Meg also can keep the YouTube channel up too as I was going to start there to see how this all works before attempting it…lol! I have purchased sweater patterns but have not made “custom” alternations. Just something new I want to learn to do! =) Congrats on being able to move on to your new adventures and still know that what you worked so hard to build here can still continue! =)

  88. This is WONDERFUL NEWS!

  89. I’m late to this news but am very very happy. I use the patterns a lot for machine knitting as the pattern constructions work beautifully and are written very clearly for this. Thank you Meg.

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