Riverbank Grape Launch

The Riverbank Grape pullover launches to everyone today!

Meg, a white blond woman, looks at the camera. She is wearing a deep purple knit sweater with cables running up the arm. She is standing in a forest.
Meg wearing the Riverbank Grape Sweater

This pattern was inspired by riverbank grapes, also called frost grapes, which are native to New Brunswick, Canada! These grapes grow in thick twining tendrils near water sources and produce an intense purple-coloured grape. This sweater’s design takes inspiration from these vines, with thick cables growing up the sleeves. They’re a simple cable to work while adding great interest and detail to the sweater.

The pattern has a narrow scoop neck, which starts at the armhole shaping. It has rope cables up the sleeves, which stand out against the relatively simple stockinette body of the sweater. The body of the sweater allows for a lot of flexibility in choosing your preferred silhouette – I’ve knit an hourglass silhouette here.

A close up image of a knit sweater sleeve. The sleeve is deep purple, and has a rope-like cable running up the centre.
The cable on the sleeve is shown off in more detail

You can customize your CustomFit pattern here

I hope you all have some comfort knitting. I’m looking forward to lots of new launches with CustomFit in 2023, and hope you are too.

~ Meg Anderson Kilfoil

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