CustomFit Makers and Fall Festival KAL

Update, August 25:

Before you read this post, check out this update to the Maker program. Based on your feedback, we changed the way the Maker plans work! We’re happy to give you the CustomFit experience you want to have. Read more about your options for using CustomFit here.


As of today, there’s a new way of using CustomFit.


I’ve wanted for awhile now to to create a special island of CustomFit support, inspiration, and ideas. A way to partner with hand knitters to come along on their sweater journey in a fuller way. We’ve captured this partnership in the notion of a “maker”.

You can get full details here, but here’s a quick low-down:

  • Makers get credits auto-deposited to their account throughout the year. Each credit is good for one sweater – be it an Amy design, a classic, a custom, or any of the exciting things we’ll roll out over the next few months.
  • Makers get access to the full design archive – any of my designs (or anyone else’s!) that go into the site will always and forever be available to makers. (Basic account holders will only be able to make designs in the currently-featured set.)
  • Makers get lots of support. All of my recipes will be free for our makers to download, and they’ll also get access to a special “Maker Central” portion of the site with stitch pattern ideas and inspiration, special tips, and great sweater ideas.

We’ve added 5 new designs to the site, just for makers:

alight-main arm-candy-main trimmings-main courant-main
And more will be added continuously, including some this week! (Note: The set of ‘featured designs’, which are available to everyone, will rotate every month or so.)

We can’t wait to work with our makers to bring a whole new slew of Happy Sweater Faces into the world. Join us here.

And boy, do we have the perfect way to kick off your maker journey:

Fall Festival KAL

While I’m definitely a year-round sweater kind of girl, there’s something incredibly special about fall knitting. We’re experiencing those first tastes of super-crisp weather here in New England – the kind where you reach for just a tiny bit of wool first thing in the morning to take the chill off.

Our thoughts are turning to the upcoming festival season: caramel apples and artichoke french, new yarns from our favorite local and independent producers, perfect layering pieces for cold days.

The Fall Festival Sweater KAL will take place from August 15 – November 15, and will work like our previous KALs: We’ll get started swatching and dreaming today, and give ourselves until November 15 to finish our sweaters.

Take a dive in your stash and find a gorgeous woolly wool, or recreate a favorite store-bought fall sweater. Just like with Cardipalooza and the Summer Sweater KAL, keep an eye on the blog for posts about what we’re knitting, how to wear your finished summer sweaters, and prizes once we finish up!

What am I knitting, do you ask? Well… that’s a good question.


Hey, I never claimed to have an easy time making decisions when it comes to yarn!

16 thoughts on “CustomFit Makers and Fall Festival KAL

  1. You keep getting BETTER!! THANK you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve become a sweater-knitting demon…loving every minute of knitting sweaters for ME that fit!!

  2. I joined as a Maker. Man, those Maker Pluses must be FAST knitters! I’m very excited about this. I have let my Customfit journey stall and it’s time to get back. If I lose a substantial amount of weight, I can do another set of measurements, right? Wish I could join you again this September, but I think that was once-in-a-lifetime wonderfulness.

  3. […] course now my dilemma is CustomFit has started their Fall Sweater KAL — do I continue to work on this one or do I cast on a new fall sweater with some tweedy yarn […]

  4. Add sleeves! I find living in Arizona that while the concept of a knitted tank looks appealing it is never the right temperature to wear one. If it’s hot knitwear is out. If it’s cooler I reach for a short sleeve sweater. I love the color you’ve chosen.

  5. Leave it sleeveless and wear it as a vest this winter. Then you’ll have a sleeveless tank for next summer

  6. I think I’d go with sleeves. In hot weather, I don’t think I could tolerate a knitted garment.

  7. I say finish it as is. Put it away for the winter & you’ll be all set with a new tank next summer.

  8. I think adding sleeves would give you a garment that you could wear at least three seasons a year. That being said, if you really want the tank top, then layer it over a shirt in the other seasons. It’s in my favorite color!

  9. I think you should knit some sleeves for sure! It would be too hard to wait to wear this beauty next summer! Can’t wait to knit a custom fit sweater!

  10. Keep it sleeveless. Even though you’d wear it more with sleeves…it was your original plan & you can layer it under things. It’s quite beautiful…and that color is to die for!!

  11. I vote for the sleeves!

  12. I’d like to see sleeves, perhaps 3/4 length. This might give some more wear opportunities, rather than just a summer top.

  13. Sleeve less, You can wear it this winter with long sleeved top under it and as a summer top next year.

  14. add sleeves, but 3/4 length sleeves

  15. Is it big enough to wear OVER a light Tshirt or turtleneck as a vest? If so, I would leave the sleeves off.

    If not, then add sleeves.

  16. Put sleeves on it. that is how I would wear it! Lovely color.

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