Year of Sweaters: Deep Winter KAL

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to 2015!

Congratulations, if appropriate, for making it through the knitter’s toughest season of the year. Gifts have been given (and a week of mopping up “loose ends” completed), to-do-lists have been placed aside for the next holiday season, and your needles are your own again.

So we think January 1 is the perfect time to begin the penultimate KAL in our first “Year of Sweaters”:

Deep Winter KAL

Knitters get very excited about fall knitting, that time of the year when the temperature first dips low enough to consider a long-sleeved garment. And I definitely love all of the other sweater seasons too! Transitional cardigans, a snuggly vest for my best friend, a sleek shell in a futuristic non-wool blend…


…but my heart belongs to the winter sweater.


Winter is when we need our sweaters most.


It’s cold (or colder than usual anyway). It’s dark. The holidays are over and everything is quiet and still. The entire season begs for us to look inward, care for ourselves and our loved ones, and cuddle up until the spring warms our faces again.

It’s the perfect time to envelop yourself in the care and warmth of your own craft. But winter sweaters are my favorites for another reason, too:


The best winter sweaters are simple, functional, and wearable.


Winter is the time when we pull on our time-tested, tried-and-true favorites. The ones that might not be loaded with fancy stitch patterns, that might not have the most unique construction, but which snuggle us in cozy warmth and match our entire wardrobes.

So we’re packing this session of our KAL with a celebration of all things cozy, starting with a pretty jam-packed week:

  • With the start of the Deep Winter KAL, the Gift KAL has closed. We’ve got an FO thread on Ravelry here – post your gift sweater for a chance to win this KAL’s prize – a 30-minute private sweater consultation with me. Now that you’ve knit your gift sweater, it’s time to talk about what makes your sweater-loving heart sing. We’ll chat over an online meeting, and discuss anything you like. Afterwards, I’ll send off a grab bag to you of favorite yarns from my own stash.
  • Tomorrow, I’ll be posting sign-ups for a new session of the make wear love online sweater class to dovetail with the KAL.
  • I’ll be releasing a cozy new design on Monday.
  • Before Lauren and I head to the winter TNNA show, I’ll share tips on making sure your fabric and your sweater’s design live in perfect harmony.

The rest of this KAL will feature a series on creating the perfect cardigan, more single-session online classes, and the release of our first CustomFit collection.


So grab a cup of something warm, snuggle yourself into your favorite knitting chair, and create something cozy with us. We’re excited to be knitting with you!

(Of course, as usual for these Knit-A-Longs, join us on Ravelry! And use the hashtag #wintersweaterkal on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest so that we can all keep in touch.)

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