Make, Wear, Love: Online Sweater Class (spring session)

In conjunction with the Deep Winter KAL, I’ll be running another session of my make, wear, love online sweater class:


I so enjoyed the first two sessions, and I’m thrilled to offer this course again. You can read a bunch more detail on this page – here are the basics:

  • The class is great for beginners and more advanced knitters alike, and covers:
    • CustomFit itself – what it can do, what it can’t, and how to use it
    • Body measurements and Fit to Flatter principles
    • Sweater fabric – how to get the best fabric for your sweater
    • Finishing – how to get professional finishing results
    • Advanced CustomFit topics – mash-ups, stitch patterns, and more
    • One-on-one instruction – You’ll have two 15-minute personal sessions with me as part of your course fee.
  • The sessions are run live by group video chat. Amy has multiple cameras and can draw on a whiteboard and/or share her screen with you – so everything is super visible and clear.
  • This session runs on Monday evenings at 8:00pm Eastern. The dates are 01/19, 02/02, 02/23, 03/09, 03/23, and 04/06.
  • The cost for the entire class, including one CustomFit pattern, class sessions, and the one-on-one sessions, is $125

I really hope you’ll join us! You can sign up by clicking here. You’ll get confirmation email right away, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with more information.

So: Are you ready to knit a fantastic sweater with me? Here’s a sneak peek of the one I knit during our last class sessions:


Happy knitting!

4 thoughts on “Make, Wear, Love: Online Sweater Class (spring session)

  1. I took this class when it was offered on Sundays and can vouch for it being a total eye-opener and superb addition to the Fit to Flatter book and to the CustomFit software. I actually wrote class synopses for the first few classes (life intervened and I did not complete the entire series, but what I did write is in Ravelry on the CustomFit group in the Make.Wear.Love Sweater Class thread). Overall I thought it was a great value – it costs about the same as knitting a sweater, and for me, the content has translated into the production of more beautiful work right from the start without all of the hair-pulling over “am I doing this right? am I doing this best?” The class was the single most focused set of sessions I have so far had about the stages of knitting a sweater. My sweater – my perfect sweater. Thank you, Amy!

    1. Andrea, you are just the sweetest! I’m glad you liked the class!

  2. I was measured by your wonderful team at Stitches West in February. Can I still sign up for this class?

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