Remarkable Yarns Collection, Spring 2018

(If I call it a spring collection, that means it’s spring, right?!)

Happy Monday, lovely knitters!

I’m brimming with excitement today! Firstly, because the website update is complete (this round of it, anyway) and things look shiny new over here. But secondly, because I finally get to share a different huge project with you:

The Remarkable Yarns Spring 2018 Collection is here! And I’m so pleased to share it.

The Collection

This collection is a set of three accessories and four sweaters. All of the patterns are designed to look well together, and to build upon each other: You can try out stitch patterns in smaller pieces before using them in a garment, for example. I also designed each piece to work equally well in either of two yarns: Rosy Green Wool Cheeky Merino Joy, and Crave Yarns Caravan.

Rosy Green Wool Cheeky Merino Joy is a stunningly soft, smooth superwash wool that you can feel good about. Its GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is the highest standard there is for environmental impact. The fabric it produces is soft, plump, and has lovely stitch definition. It comes in a wide range of beautiful, sophisticated colors.

Crave Yarns Caravan is a blend of fine merino, camel, cashmere, and mulberry silk – all dyed in intense, rich colors. It’s also exquisitely soft! But the fabric produced by the Caravan is drapier, and more lustrous, with sharper stitches than the Cheeky Merino Joy. I find it a little heavier and more fluid in its feel, as well. I’m working with it for another project right now, and I’m enchanted by the sheen and drape.

These two yarns are some of the best our industry has to offer – and you can’t go wrong with either of them. It was a fun challenge to design a coherent set of accessories and garments that build upon one another – here’s a quick peek at them:

The Accessories

Bayberry Cowl

I wrote the Bayberry Cowl to be super-simple and super-wearable. It comes in a mix-and-match collection of circumferences and heights. The sample shown here is in the mid-size circumference and the shortest height, and used just one hank of yarn. Purchased alone, it’s $6.

Greenridge Hat

The Greenridge Hat comes in a mix of circumferences and heights as well, depending on how slouchy you’d like the hat to be. I worked it up with medium slouch, but I have designs on a super-slouchy version in dark brown for myself, too! Purchased alone, it’s $6.

Forest Hills Wrap

The Forest Hills Wrap was my surprise favorite of the collection: I don’t usually wear wraps or shawls, but I can’t take this one off. I loop it over my arms like Naomi, snug it twice around my neck, close it with my favorite Jul closure. I even had a second sample worked up in Caravan! And I can’t wait to share that with you too – the silk is just. divine. Purchased alone, this wrap pattern (which includes instructions for a scarf, as well) is $7.

The Sweaters

I designed the Cedar Ledge Pullover and Cedar Ledge Cardigan to be easy, accessible first sweaters. They’re both a drop-shoulder construction, which is meant to be oversized in the shoulders. Even newer sweater knitters can feel confident about this silhouette, and the fabric these yarns produce elevate the garments.

I wanted to include a bit of stitch patterning, and chose the same gansey texture I used in the accessories. It gives a nice touch at the hem and sleeve cuffs, without being too fussy to work. Each sweater pattern is $8 if purchased individually.

Finally, two set-in sleeve sweaters round out the collection: The Spruce Point Pullover and Cardigan. Both are available as traditional patterns in 12 sizes, and via CustomFit. See the Pullover here in the shop, and over on CustomFit, via these links. See the Cardigan here in the shop, and over on CustomFit, via these links.

In their traditionally-written form, I gave both sweaters an easy, figure-skimming A-line shape and simple Broken Rib trim to pair with their tailored set-in sleeves. These sweaters are simple and super wearable. They’ll make wardrobe staples no matter how many sweaters you’ve knit. (If you’re making a CustomFit version of either sweater, you can change the silhouette and sleeve length up, in addition to the gauge and measurements.) The traditional patterns are $8 if purchased individually; CustomFit patterns are $12.50.

Purchasing the Collection

I’m thrilled with how it turned out, and I hope you love it too! I’ve been getting a lot of use out of the pieces, myself. You have several options for purchase:

  • First, you can purchase each pattern individually as a PDF, either via the links above or in the shop under the relevant category.
  • Or, you can purchase a collection of just the accessories, for a discounted price of $15.
  • You can purchase a collection of just the sweaters, for a discounted price of $22.
  • Like them all? You can purchase the whole shebang, for a discounted price of $30.
  • Finally, you can do the same thing on Ravelry, in my shop. The collections aren’t set up as ebooks, but as promotions – so pop the correct set of patterns into your Ravelry cart and the price should automatically adjust.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out, because I’m happy to answer them! And I hope you’ll share your finished pieces with me as you knit them, using the tag #amyherzogdesigns. I have an extra-large version of the cowl on my needles right now and it’s so dreamy, I can’t even tell you.

Until next time, happy knitting!

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